What happened to her?? He wonders as he walked upto her, finally standing right behind her.


She was startle hearing her name being called from Maan. Maan!??? He is here, she turns to him with her saddy face with those pouting lips of her.


The look on her face made him to just gaped at her. His throat became dried, with those hungry desires began to brew again in him.


The words died in her mouth seeing her hubby’s wet looks, his wet dripping hairs, with bare torso, she gulp hard and stood up to walk out to rescue from the situation as well as to bring him new coffee but she forgot the cup there itself on the bed.

But before she could, Maan caught her wrist from behind stopping her. He comes from behind wrapping his arms on her belly,he whispered in the crook of her neck, kya hua??

Copy of tumblr_mh9fmqWRg41ruc7t3o4_250

His hot breaths made her shivers like a dry leaf, he sensed it and kisses her there on her neck.

Maan… She holds his hands which were on her belly, while her neck tilted on it’s own accord, giving him access.


Hmm… Sweetheart..

His hands went inside her sari caressing her bare skin at front, Geet was losing it in his arms, while his mouth devours her soft neck, he shower down wet and hungry kisses on bare parts, pushing down sari from her body.

Geet, couldn’t able to take it , turn briskly in his arms hugging him tight.

Hx19Q (1)

Maan hugs her back, feeling her all over roaming his hands on her back,

Geet, her condition became worse, feeling his bare body, her hands started to caressed him everywhere , she became daze.. love me.. plz…

Her words pulled Maan out of his lost state, he parted her softly though she was not willing to ,but the force which he applied made her to do so, she looks at him hurt.

Why were you looking upset?? He asked trying to avoid the current situation.

Geet tried to gauge his expression but he hide it very well behind his stern face.

And then she was reminded about her coffee stunt, she became sad again, nervous that she forgot about his behavior in a blink.

Woh..I.. leave it..I was just going to get you, your hot coffee!! She stammers and then complete her sentence in hurry that made Maan to think , something had definitely happened.

He looked at her, how hurriedly she run towards the bed wrapping up her sari on her body, she fetch the cup giving him silly smile.

Maan found her all behavior, or antics amusing, smile comes on his M shape lips though he was really sure now she is trying to hide something from him.

I .. just coming..

She was about to rushed out again but he stop her again from behind, wait a minute, sweetheart!

Geet closed her eyes trying to hide the empty cup under her sari pallu for she don’t want to faced his teasing, and drown herself in embarrassing situation.

Yeh tum kya chupa Rahi ho muzse, without wasting a minute he walked straight before her, and his eyes caught the sight of something which was hide below her sari covers. It didn’t take him long to guess , it’s his coffee mug only.

GHSP 364 HD_5973

Geet was not having any words, she looks at him with wide eyes and mouth, trying to think..when he suddenly caught her wrist making her gasp, and next moment her silky material of sari slips off hiding nothing to his eyes, he could only smirk, Geet didn’t notice it, she was lost in her own, that his hi save herself from the upcoming teasing.


She stammers with her began to burn already, with his hot piercing gaze.

What is it!? He took the empty cup from her hands, and took a view of it, he was confused, you brought me empty mug??

He asked, but later seeing her puppy looks and reminding about her all behavior he caught the thing.

Pleasant smile spread across his face, realizing the whole thing, but soon enough he saw her face, she was about to cry out seeing him laughing on her now.

Sweetheart, it’s all right!!!

He quickly takes her in a bone crushing hug, stopping her tears in her eyes only.

I won’t tease you, Geet!!

Her eyes widen again hearing him, how did he again read her mind??

No one will say you any words, why are you being upset just with this small thing??


He cups her face pulling apart.

Geet blushed again, woh..I couldn’t control, the smell was so good..

You know, baby loved it.. she chirp again, telling him about the new habit of her baby which she just discovered, he smile whole heartily listening her excited talks about their baby. Her eyes shine, while wide smile was present there on her beautiful lips.


Achcha?? You know?? She nodded her head in acceptance like a small kid, aur kya kya pasand hai baby Ko…??

He lifts her in his arms while Geet became lost in her cute analysis about their unborn child, he put her down on the bed softly, listening her , while he remembers about Doctors words, when he had visited her while returning back from the office to collect Geet’s reports.


Mr.Khurana, I just checked her previous reports and then after tests, I can say, she is too weak to manage this pregnancy.

Her words makes him shock, What??

Yes, mr.khurana!! I didn’t said it before your wife because she looks so happy to carry the child, that’s obvious, every woman like to bore the pain.

But she looks under weight, it would be little risky for her and baby too..

She couldn’t finished seeing his angry gaze, she just put the reports before him, here, take a look,

What must be done, Doctor?? he too did notice her looking so slim.. losing her he cursed himself for his ignorance.


He mutters, feeling his strength going, just with the thought of losing one of them even, he couldn’t think, his throat chock, he gulp hard maintaining stern look on his face.

We can’t abort the baby now, it’s in his second month now,

Maan was hearing it patiently though from inside his heart breaks in zillion of pieces hearing something like that about his baby nor he was in a thought to lose his Sweetheart at any cost. He wouldn’t lose her for their baby, he won’t.

Just make sure, she remains stress free, needs lots of nutrition’s and proper care to stable her pregnancy.

Maan nodded hearing her, he would don anything to keep both his precious possessions safe.

And no sex, at least till the time , she became stable in this..

And further she added the lists of does or don’t ..

Maan got up go when she added, Mr.Khurana, just keep her Happy and healthy, nothing to worry much then!!

I will!! Thank you!!

And he went out from there with heavy heart, he realized today, it was his punishment for the pain he had given to his sweetheart.


Two weeks passed, Geet was by now started to feel at home, she became habitual of everything at her new house.

Though Maan’s behavior always left her confused, hurt, but she would ignored it with the presence of Dadi.


Maan, on the hand was turning frustrated with every passing day, he would drown in the workload, and came late at night just to avoid the confrontation with Geet. He was in no state to faced her accusing or sad eyes though she would forgot it with other things and specially with Dadi but at nights, she couldn’t control her cravings.

In the beginning, Maan denied, but seeing her sad face he himself would pulled her in his arms , and she would sleep happily leaving him sleepless.

He was holding himself for her non the less never fail to take care of her, her every need, her health, or her diet as per doctor’s advice, he was there for her for every routine check up, for hospital visit.

He was really worried for her or scared to lose her or baby but he didn’t shown it on his face , keeping himself strong for his sweetheart.

He hides about the reports and risk thing cleverly from his Dadi and Geet not wanted makes both tense.

He had owe to himself for making Geet fit and fine to bear this pregnancy, he would do anything to keep her safe with him.

to be continued..

Precap :-

2.Geet on a mission to do something for dadi…but what??

3.Maan on a mission to take care of his Sweetheart.

So tired to type more… Will add more in next Chappy…


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  1. It’s beautiful…
    Problems in her pregnancy, hoping he will succeed in taking care of his sweetheart and baby,want them be happy..He didn’t tell dadi and geet about the reports..
    She is now fully belongs to there,dadi presence makes her always at ease..
    She is confused of his behaviour,but forget that with other happy things around her…
    He is now in stress,as report is not find,he can’t lose any of them..He is doing everything to take care of his sweetheart…

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  2. Woww starting with romance…loved the way geet expressions for hiding the coffee mug from maan…but he found out…now there are complications in her pregnancy hope everything will be fine maan will sure make geet healthy waiting to read more ❀️ 😘

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  3. Oh dear….But Maan should not hide it from Geet & Dadima…They will take extra good care and Geet will definitely do her nest to become strong & stable to go through her pregnancy successfully…I am hoping that Maan would be honest and tell them both about what the doctor advised…

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  4. Awesome chapter n love the way geet expression on hiding coffee mug from maan but he found it n geet has some complications in her pregnancy n hope everything goes well n geet do her proper rest n thnxx for pm me

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