Maan was all set to do, Geet was so shy not knowing how to stop him.

The room was already little dark with the closed blinds and door.

Next moment, Geet felt him opening the front buttons of her gown.

Maan..Geet gasp, holding his hand though not denying him completely.

Maan looked at her still hesitate, but he didn’t budge,keeping his eyes on her blushing face, he continued his job, he just opened few buttons only not wanted to make her embarrassed.

Geet closed her eyes feeling the wet sponge rolling on her face, he rolled it down on her neck, then pulling her gown a little , he bare her both arms , Geet holds the gown on her chest, opening her eyes slowly, she couldn’t meet her shy gaze with him that again closed it.

Maan smirk playfully, while he continued to do his work, with pleasure.


He cleaned her both arms, armpit, the sponge went below on her chest and both gasp, started to takes high breaths,

Maan turns his gaze away , while taking care he didn’t hurt her in a process, the room was already dark that not much was in a view.

As he gently clean her there, once done, he wiped her softly, Geet was breathing high with her closed eyes, Maan steady himself knowing he have to do it, for he won’t let anyone touch her that closely be it nurse as well.

He took another sponge after wiping her, he then open her lower buttons, pulling up her gown little thereby baring her bandaged stomach.the blanket was already on her bare legs .

The sight before his eyes, just wrench his heart as he saw her bandaged tummy.

He softly caressed her there, is it paining, darling??

Geet opened her eyes feeling his hands on her tummy, then hearing his words.

Hm…little bit..

She whispered holding him from his shoulder,looking into his pained eyes.

He carefully clean the area below her tummy, wiping it he pulled down the gown again and button up her whole.

GHSP 154 HD_2798

He left a deep sigh completing his work, Geet was in no state to meet her eyes with him, She sat with her lower head.

Maan quickly got up and opened the blinds and the door, washed his hands and splash some water on face calming himself down.

He comes out to see her still in a same posture, it could hurt her wounds, he thought, walking near her, he sat beside her again.

Next moment, he pulled her closed in his arms, wrapping his arms around her, Geet just crushed herself in his chest feeling so shy.


It’s all right, Darling!! Nothing to feel shy from me!! He patted her back to make her relax.

I have already seen you, haven’t I?? He teased her , his voice was husky, his hot breaths blowing on her neck making her shivers , she again blushed furiously , Maan..plz..

Just relax..he pulled her apart, giving her one peck on her forehead, he made her lay back on the bed.


You know, I can’t let anyone touch you, ?? He confessed yet again, Geet just shakes her head silently, having no words to speak at the moment.


She was already shut with his actions and possessiveness behind it.

I will just call the nurse for your dressing.

Saying so he rushed out to check the reports with doctor as well.


Doctors were already inform about MSK and his stunt, no one dare to interfere between him knowing his power and scare from him.

They went inside, only after getting his order, doctor did her routine check up, asking her few questions.

After they were gone, Nurse did her dressing, Maan waited outside, not wanted to give her more trouble by embarrassing her further.


Just like that two weeks passed, Geet was being taken care by Maan everyday like some glass doll from that day.

She was feeling bless to have him near like that, when she was feeling so alone, but with his presence, he never let her feel alone.

He was there for her like a true soulmate. Both came more closer with this by passing time.

She was recovering well, and was going to discharged soon, this news makes both of them happy, not only them but all , her fans, her associates, even Dhanraaj was happy to know the news as he can start the shooting now soon enough after she recovers fully.

It was the day of her discharge, Maan completed all the formalities for her and brought new dress for his lady love.

Geet smile delightfully seeing him there  , she changed into the dress given by Maan, it was loose maxi making her comfortable in her current state.

Both walked out greeted by every other staff and people in the hospital , followed by buckets of flowers and cards.

Maan helped her to walked outside from backside, towards the parking.


This news was kept hidden from the media because for the safety of Geetakshi.

Once both get inside the car, she left a deep sigh putting her head on her shoulder.

Maan holds her closed wrapping his arms around her, he looks at her face and was lost in her only when he heard her next set of words.


I am finally going back to home!!

He only hmm in response, hearing her, in this two weeks , she became inseparable part of him that he never wanted to let her go even for a second, he concluded, hugging her more closed.

Geet looks at him feeling his hold, she could really understand his unspoken words.

Even her condition was the same , but they have to maintain some distance before the society at least.

And he didn’t really confessed, what he wants actually from this unnamed relation or from her. They needs to give the name to relation at least . Although she never want to force him but he should confessed it to her by his own heart.



she cups his face, he gives her one look and closed the partition between driver and them.

And before she knew, he took her lips in his own for a soul searing kiss leaving Geet shock.


After a while she started to respond him with the same fervor, Maan kissed her deep almost bending her head backwards, he lean over her on the seat behind, taking care that he wouldn’t hurt her in a process.


Few days passed, Geet was recovering well, Maan was always on her door , at her house, it seems like he was not able to live without her anymore.

Geet was more than delighted, to find this sweet change in him although she was worried for him, seeing this madness of his but she was helpless to couldn’t do anything.

Finally Dhanraaj decided to at least start from Maan’s side, he talked to him for his photo shoot for the movie, which was necessary to introduce him as a new lead.

Maan was at the denying mode , first of all he was not into those things, and secondly, Geetakshi!!


How could they thought to proceeds with the work of the same movie which was of Geetakshi??

Dhanraaj finally decided to talk with Geetakshi about this, only she could makes him agree now, he concluded, knowing about their secret relationship.


How are you, Geetakshi??

Feeling all right, now!! I am sorry, because of me you have to stop your work .

No, Geetakshi, how can you said that?? Don’t be sorry, dear!! It’s not your fault and we are family, aren’t we??

Dhanraaj’s warm words makes her smile, she just hmm in response.


In fact, do take care of yourself well, you have to be fit and fine girl  soon enough, so that you can handle the new work.

Geet smile hearing him.

You know, without you nothing can be done??

Geet chuckles hearing him,

Arey yaar, you laugh as much you want, here our condition becomes worse??

Why?? What happened now??


Maan?? What about him??


Geet was quick to react, dhanraaj smirks from the other side, knowing he did hit a right cord.

And he told her about his denial for the photoshoot, you know na, how much it’s important for the movie, but our hero is already Denying, he said he won’t till the time you won’t back recovering fully.

It made Geet tense, she knew how much it is important, and one should wouldn’t rely on other, in work there should no compromise, she knew the importance of the work.

I will talk to him!!

Please, make him agree, it should be done as soon as possible, already this movie is taking time to start even properly, we haven’t even done the launch party.

I will, dhanraaj, you don’t worry!

Thanks dear!!

All right!! And she cut the call determine to make her POSSESSIVE lover understand.


14 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 29

  1. He is taking care of her very well,she is happy to see him like that

    Days r passing,she discharged,now the health also improving,in all these her is there for her all the time..

    Both wants to be with each other,she is waiting for his confession too

    Mk is denying to do photoshoot ,the director tells this to geet

    Now how will she handle and make him say yes…


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  2. Hi dear,
    HAAY…..YOU DID IT , SIS 🤗😍
    Ok, coming to the story, finally Geet is well enough and Maan is not able to leave her for anything.( we know that Maan ☺️☺️).
    So here comes the photo shoot of Mr Hero❤️
    Hey, I wanted to read more.How is Geet going to persuade her Mr Possessive??
    Waiting dear.

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  3. Superb update
    Maan is taking care of geet.
    He is soooo possessive. I really like their lovy-dovy moments.

    After conversation of dhanraj and geet….. What will she do?
    How will she convince Maan?
    Update soon.
    Take care.

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  4. Wow there is always a good thing In a bad thing geet being injured made us worry but that itself was a positive sign for making understand each other happy that their relationship is progressing well now this dhanraj hell bent for completing his work will maan agree!! Waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  5. Maan is changing and he likes those changes. Very nice update. Sorry for late reply. I was busy with something very important. thanks for the update

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