Next day,

Adi reached again at Geet’s door as per his boss’s order, Geet was even more surprised on finding the reason behind behind his arrival as he disclosed it to her.

But why should it shift to hotel when I have my own home, Geet was so shock hearing him, as he inform her to do so, it’s maan sir’s request.

Geet looked confused again, when further he added, for your own safety. Geet was reluctant but it was not in her heart to denied him, she never knew the reason but she was not ready to denied him and makes him upset, so she just nodded but wanted to make sure from maan himself, so she calls him before Adi only.

mishty, please, go for few days, I will not ask more! there was longing, urging in his voice, her heart did a flip flop seeing him requesting, she felt bad, so she just shook her head in yes, forgetting that he cant see her but was listening her on the phone.

Miss Geet, he can’t see your shaking your head through the phone! said adi with his signature laugh to which Geet was embarrassed, she pouted and later on gives him a glare shutting him.

maan chuckles, feeling her every gesture though, on the other side, so it is, mishty?? maan asked lovingly, for he knew she can’t denied him for anything, even now, he realized it just today.


Geet again nodded her head like a small child making maan laugh out a little, I  know you are saying yes, but i want to listen it from your mouth.

yes, i will.. she blushed saying so and cut the call quickly not wanted to embarrassed herself further before other person.


GHSP 364 HD_5702

miss Geet, you can stay here just for few days, just call me, if you need anything! Adi said as soon as they entered in her hotel room, sasha as well as was there to accompany Geet.

she just hmm in response, while adi went away leaving both friends alone, sasha yawn lazily making herself comfortable on the bed.

it was night, when Geet got the msg from maan, she was surprised after reading it, he wanted to have a video chat with her.



Aren’t you busy, MK?? she asked, seeing his handsome face after a day now, it made her heart flip flop in happiness, satisfaction, just seeing him before her eyes.


I just want to talk to you mishty, he confesses lovingly adoring her, are you happy with the place? he asked further lost in her, only two of them , hmm.. it’s nice, but not soon, to his dismay, sasha pop before his eyes on the screen, all of a sudden, hey handsome.. hey handsome, it’s beautiful though i really wonder why did you sent us here?

miss shameless, why are you still hanging around mishty?? he was really irritated, his all mood get spoiled, seeing that irritating creature before his eyes, when there was only two of them before.

if you are homeless,  I can bring you another home!! he spitted frustratingly giving her angry looks.

just Adi comes to him giving him few reports to check, there by breaking their conversation.

on the other hand, sasha was fuming to no extent, Geet did try to calm her down, you know it’s bad habit, sasha to poke in someone’s conversation like that, Geet said with her pouting lips, guessing the reason behind maan’s anger and his rude words, definitely, he didn’t like that.

Image result for sasha geet hui sabse parayi

sasha became more furious on Maan, listening to Geet, now her best friend also taking his side, i won’t leave him, thought Sasha giving one glare to Geet, who just pouted her lips, giving her puppy looks for she got stuck in between two.


Maan finished one meeting and thought to just go and visit her once, he knew she must be little upset with this shifting thing that too all of a sudden, but it was for her own safety he arranged it, to mislead the stalker for a while.


at hotel,

 Sasha was just waiting for the chance , just then the door was knock, and she rushed to open it only to find the reason of her anger before her eyes, don’t you have any manners, always comes to meet my friend.. you better stay few feet away from Geet!  she blasted making him angry as well.

He glares back to her furiously, just then tow bodyguards of him comes from behind and almost drag her out, making her shock and furious,she gives him few curses, you don’t know me, MK!

she was screaming from behind, but maan was careless about her, he just want to see his mishty, he entered inside her bedroom, only to see the beautiful sight, there was she sleeping like a small kid cuddling into the blanket, with one small doll, hugging it closed to her chest.

mishty, you are still like child. he murmurs, dragging his feet closed to her, he sat beside her on her bed just admiring her, does she feels insecure.. he wonders seeing her sleeping like that, as he caressed her head lovingly, she suddenly got up calling out for her mother, mom.. and hugs him , hiding her face on his stomach.

maan was so shock with a sudden move from her, her next action just made his eyes pot out, as when he got up , she just rubs her head on just above his main point.

umm.. she moans further adding more fuel to his condition, Geett.. he was by now panting furiously, with her move, she was still daze, lost in his now that he pulled her apart, she was still so sleepy, never knew what was happening around her, he made her lay down back, she opens her half eyes and smile cheekily again going back to sleep, thinking it as if her sweet dream and

Maan just rushed inside the washroom to take cold shower.he stood inside for a while with his cloths on calming his nerves.


It was next day, it was maan who was waiting for his mishty today, knowing she must be upset with him for yesterday incident. he was sorry as well and had made beautiful rose arrangements for his mishty knowing how much she love red roses.

Geet arrived just on the time as per every day, and went in there schedule area in the roses farm, as soon as she comes on the gate, the path before her was full of roses petals, she was mesmerized just with the view, her eyes shine in delighted,


WOW!! she smiled cheekily, and went inside putting her each bare step on the soft petals, feeling goosebumps just with the idea of meet him at the the end of the path, and after few steps she could able to see him, stood with his arms cross on his chest waiting for her desperately, she walked up to him, and just as she reached before him, there start shower of flower petals above their head, drenching both of them in it.

the smile on her face was worth watching, he admired her for a while before pulling her in his arms, Geet gasp with a sudden pull, she looks at him feeling shy, he just pecks her head lovingly,lingering his lips there for a while, no words were needed before them, both understood each others gestures in a silent talk of their hearts, which were beating for each other.


12 thoughts on “MSK’S LOST BRIDE PART 11

  1. Superb update dear.
    Maan is taking care of geet. Maneet incident was funny
    Poor Maan! But they meet again.
    He done all preparations to make happy.
    Finally they r holding each other in embrace.
    Update soon dear

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  2. Superb cute update…
    Oii saasha😂
    Geet is such a cutieeezzz…♥
    She can’t deny him and do as he says…he is making all arrangements for her safety,as someone is behind her
    Their video chat and phone convo is ❤
    Their past is beautiful,how he manaofy her and then them in their world…

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  3. lovely update
    they are understanding each other without any words
    and the video chat also amazing
    hope sasha will not trouble too much manneet now
    geet is very innocent and didn’t know how she make maan to take cold shower it was hilarious
    maan is so romantic how he manoafy her

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  4. Superbbb update the way maan was worried for geet safety was nice…poor girl cannot deny maan..that too when he requests to her. ..sasha is gonna be bashed for interfering maaneet talks their past is turning up well waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  5. I really hope that Sasha does not leak anything to the media!!! She doesn’t know the danger Geet is in…And it would be good if Maan & Adi explain things to her and get her help in safeguarding Geet…

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  6. Superb update maan ask geet to shift in hotel n she can’t say no to him n ready to shift in hotel n maan is taking care of her security n maan angey on sasha for interfering in their conversation n thnxx for pm me

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