He buried his face in her neck smooching her there, Geet was startle with his sudden move, Maan..


Maan was waiting for Geet impatiently outside while she was being  checked inside by the  gynecologist with whom Maan had already schedule an appointment. He was so restless now, as it was taking too much time, because of few tests, as it was her first visit after coming here in Delhi, it was taking little longer time.

Once done, doctor comes out followed by tired Geet, maan at once stood up and rushed towards Geet making doctor astonished with his concern as he was looking hell worried for his wife.


Are you all right?? Maan asked concerned seeing her tire face, she looks little shy, gives him sweet smile as he holds her by her shoulders and walked to seat before doctor who gives soft smile to the couple.

she is absolutely fine, Mr. Khurana! doctor assured the couple as soon as they took a seat, Maan left a sigh of relief while Geet as usual was looking happy, she was so shy and excited with this visit with her husband.

Doctor further checked her previous reports and prescribe some new vitamins and medicines for her.

after a while both came out, Geet was looking really happy and satisfied, though little tired With all the poking and prodding and the uncertainty of test results, it is bound to get any mom-to-be nervous, so she was little, but with maan at her side, she was carefree like a little girl! 


Maan looked at her smiling face, and he gives her small smile back , her smile makes him relax, though form inside he was little tense for her, their baby, doctor had asked him to collect the reports at evening.


Leaving Geet back to the mansion, Maan left to his office, Dadima caught her bahu as soon as both were alone,

so what did doctor said, how is our little angel, angel’s mamma? asked Dadima excited to hear some news about her daughter in law’s pregnancy, she was waiting impatiently for her great grand child’s arrival.


Geet blushed furiously, for it was all new for her , those talks with dadima, she said everything fine, still maan is going to collect the reports at evening while coming back from his office, Geet spoke so meekly, hell nervous, while her eyes downcast , face red.

Dadi first listened to her very sincerely as her voice was really meek, later burst into loud laughter, seeing Geet’s condition,

Geet just pouted her lips forgetting her shyness, as she looks at Dadi frowning cutely,

oh.. Geet.. you are going to be mother soon, ab toh itna shrmana chod dijiye.. she teased her making Geet embarrassed again, as she steal her gaze from her.

don’t know how Maan deals with you, jab aap itna sharmate hai toh.. how are you going to be mother.. i really wonder..

Geet, her eyes pop out almost hearing Dadi’s so open talks, she was whole red, Dadi!! she gasp.. turning so restless now seat even there, Dadi’s teasing gaze with naughty smile either not helping her, so she just crushed herself into her arms, hugging her tight there by hiding herself in her chest, Dadima.. plz.. she whine cutely making Dadi chuckles.

GHSP 223(2)_6184

Geet beta.. relax.. okay look… i am no more teasing you, but you don’t need to be so shy with me at least, you can talk whatever you want to share with me without any issue, be comfortable beta, she patted her head, making Geet emotional, Geet pulled apart look at her with her moisten eyes.

Dadima.. you filled the place of my parents in my life, Geet confessed innocently giving Dadi one kiss on her cheek lovingly, Dadi was surprised, overwhelm with her sweet act and words, she patted her cheeks lovingly.

thank you, dadima!!

Don’t thank me,  but you should thank your dear husband for this, and she winks again making Geet smile sweetly with her adoring blush.

Both spent their time chatting, dadi continuing her teasing making Geet’s condition worsen, Dadi was pampering her to no end, asking servants for her fav, dishes every hour, as Geet was tasting each new dishes frequently, most maan’s fav Italian food, as her taste buds changing.

Dadi was enjoying it a lot, but poor cooks were hell tired by this dadi- geet drama.

later at evening both walked into the Garden, Geet was enjoying soft wind, smell of beautiful jasmine, the magnificent view of red roses, just then his car followed few cars entered inside the gate of khurana mansion.


As Maan walked out of the car towards where dadi and geet were seating, Geet rushed to him and hugs hims dearly, engulfing him in her warmth, gush of her sweet scent engulfs his whole, making him calm, peace rushed through him as he closed his eyes securing the feel and so her in his protective cage of arms.



Dadi smiled seeing the scene and went inside leaving both of them alone, all left from there leaving both alone, just then there starts small drizzle of rain making both pulled apart.


Geet smile looking above enjoying the feel of whole, soft cold wind, drizzling rain drops on her face, with that maan’s presence near her, she was smiling whole heartily, maan was so mesmerized by her, he took her in his arms silently without a word.

hume bhigna hai.. Geet whines cutely holding his nape, he gives her stern look making her pout her lips shutting her mouth at instant, you can’t now, don’t you understand this?? his words hurts her making her angry, she started to wriggles in his arms being mad at him, her face looks grumpy, while maan was holding her still tight as he walked inside carrying her.


chodiye hume..

maan ignores her completely, walking towards sofa, he put her there very softly,  Geet turns her face away from him being upset, maan only adore her cute antics while silently making his way towards their room, making Geet frustrated.

she was so mad now, he didn’t ever said anything and just walked away like that.

Dadi called her to take his coffee to their room, like yesterday, but Geet clearly refused, giving her reason of being angry on him, Dadi unhone hume barish main bhigne bhi nahi diya,. he gives me taunt and showing attitude.. just walk away like that,

images (6)

Geet twisted her lips making complained to Dadi of her own grandson.

Dadi chuckles before saying, Bete, but he was the one who carried you inside being tired himself, wasn’t he?? on that Geet looks at her, she felt bad, as she realized it,while dadi continue, you are carrying another child, dear, so take care of it, you can’t drench in rain now, it is not good for your health and today only you both visited the doctor, don’t know still what are the reports, results, what she said about your health.

Geet listens her carefully and understand her own fault, she was being so careless while maan was only being little stern only for her, to care for her, her health and baby, she put her one hand on her little baby bump.

next set of words from Dadi makes her little emotional, and makes her realized.

you have to take care of the life inside you, but he needs to look after both of you, it’s his responsibility, and he is trying, he is taking care,. isn’t he??


dadi patted her cheeks lovingly explaining Geet lovingly.

Geet nodded with her wet eyes, as she realized the depth of her each words, thank you dadima!! she holds her hand which was on her cheeks.

don’t thank me but him!! and she winks at her giving double meaning through the sentence making Geet blushed yet again.


Subpost 1 - @dhamidrashti baby _heart_decoration__heart_decoration_ - DrashtiDhami - SilsilaBadallteRishtonKa

Geet stood in the middle of the room for a while waiting for her hubby dear to come out of the washroom,so that she could give him his black coffee , but her wait was never ending, she finally sat on the bed with the hot brewing coffee in her hands, the smell was so good, she sniff it for a while, tried to control herself, she gulps hard trying to make herself understand, no, geet.. this is for maan, he must be tire after office work, whole day busy..hai na.. she makes sad face talking to herself passing the time.

poor him.. he have to work whole day in the office, then taking care of me and baby.. she patted her tummy, hume maaf kar dijiye baby.. humne aapke dada ko gussa dilaya.he must be so tire.. she pouted while the smell of brewing coffee was just so engulfing her senses, finally she lost it and took one sip from it stealing few glances at the door of washroom to see if he is coming or not..


like this tasting sip by sip she finished whole coffee mug, once done she realized what she did, she actually drank his black coffee which she dislike the most previously, but today because of her mood swings, changing taste buds, she desired it.. but now what will she do , as it was for maan, he must be tire na?? he needs it baby.. she pulled her baby into the conversation as  she makes baby face , sad for her maan…as she continued to look at the empty cup, just how maan saw her as he walked out of the washroom with his towel hanging on his neck with just pants on, he walked towards her seeing her seating like a doll on the bed looking at the cup in her hand with sad expressions, there was cute pout on her lips.


he really wonders , what happened to her??

to be continue…

Really wonders, what will happen now.. his reaction..reports.. talks with the doctor..???

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  1. Superb update dear.
    Everything is so nice.
    Geet is happy.
    Her bond with dadi is very cute.
    Because of mood swings she drank maan’s, coffee.
    Will Maan give punishment to geet? May be it will be cute and romantic punishment
    Update soon dear.

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