Words left from her mouth, as soon as the person became clear in her view.She gasp with undefined happiness. Full smile brighten her cheeks making his lips spread as well in a small smile.

He rushed forwards at once, hearing his name from her mouth, he died millions of deaths just hearing about her, then seeing her in this condition.

I hate you!!

He chuckled hearing her cute complaining voice as he engulfs her fragile body softly in his arms, securing her in his warmth from which she was deprived those days.


I love you!!

He whispered huskily kissing her cheeks lovingly, making her blush, both had a long hug before pulling apart.

Why did you do this much late, she pouts her lips as he made her lay down back.

I am sorry, but here I am now beside you, aren’t I?

He patted her pale cheeks lovingly, hiding the real truth from her of him being hospitalized.

you are fine, na?? She suddenly asked touching his forehead which was having small scratch, his bandaged was already removed.

Yes, baby, I am all right! Don’t worry!!

Maan assured her pecking her palm lovingly.

He looked at her bandaged wrists, then saline connecting her veins.


And why did you do this??

He questioned her almost getting angry on her behavior for hurting his own soul.

Geet was crying by now with the reminder of her marriage, as she pulled her hand back from his clutch, feeling guilty for the sin she was going to do, for becoming someone else’s.

I am sorry.. I…


She couldn’t speak more, words stuck in her chock throat,

Maan looked at her in a accusing way, how could you thought of leaving me, going away from me??

He bent on her, his voice was dangerously low making her shiver, he was talking about her cutting wrist, trying to took her life while on the other hand Geet was talking about marriage, she thought he was angry on her for this.

it would be good, if I would have die!!


He was so furious, his eyes became red in anger, that he jerks her up holding her both arms, Geet cried out seeing him so angry just because of her, Maan was seething in anger to hear her words when her next words left him shock, aur nahi toh kya…sob… i couldn’t have became someone…sob.. else’s but yours! she sobs hard telling him the reason behind her suicide attempt which she never did though, it was only in her mind.

Maan looks at her lost, not knowing what to say to his innocent baby doll at that moment, whom he just continued to adore her.


Maan wiped her tears softly, nodding at her for no, you shouldn’t have taken this step,baby, he cups her face dearly, his voice turned soft, I really wasn’t ready for this marriage but mum… her words stuck, as he stop her putting his forefinger on her dried lips.


I know, you shouldn’t have, for you loved me insanely, you crazy girl! and he pecks her lips lovingly, licking it in the process making it wet.


I am not crazy, Geet pouts, frowning cutely making Maan chuckles, then what is this?? he holds her bandaged wrist softly, his voice turned heavy again, eyes moisten, seeing her small hands, she looks so pale,

How did you managed to hurt yourself.. he whispered painfully looking at her.. with your delicate self.. you looks so fragile! he accused her yet again for the pain she had given him, because of her act, WHY GEET?? WHY??


I haven’t!! she blasted.. looking at him painfully as she got those horrible memories again, she felt tremendous pain rushing through her veins again just reminding about how Karan cuts her wrist, Maan looked at her astonished for her denial to the act, he waited for her to speak, while Geet continue, with her moisten eyes, I didn’t do it, Maan but he! she confessed making him shock, he was dread shocked with the realization later on that someone tried to hurt his baby doll.

Maan became very furious, just with the thought as he looks at her with red angry eyes waiting for her to just reveal the name of the person and he will just kill him.


who did it!! his voice was dangerously low, scaring her to the hell as he waited for her to speak out, Geet was so shock to see him this much angry, just like that day, when he had slap her.

she couldn’t speak a word seeing his anger, Maan became so restless, furious seeing her mum, answer me, Geet, who did it with you? he again asked holding her both arms, keeping his anger in control, her silence was making him more furious.

Karan.. Geet whispered, she felt shivers fills with terrors in her whole body just as she utter that name, because their previous encounter did scared her a lot, making her remind those painful  flashed of her dreadful past.. her childhood, she again shivers, becoming numb with the pain and fear.


Maan was beyond furious, burning with rage, to hear his name, how dare he,how dare that boy?? he was already aware of his intentions, still he left her there in between this danger, that monster, why??? why?? he couldn’t forgive himself for that, by god’s grace she is fine now, but what if..?? he couldn’t even complete his thinking..


He engulfs her cold body in his arms, crushing her dearly to his chest, his eyes moisten again, for the pain she had to go through all alone, he was not there near her and that was the reason, on the first place she had to go through this much pain, he thought.

I am sorry.. I am so sorry.. baby..

Geet broke down in pull of tears listening his sorry, she hugs him back, take me away..from….here… I..I.. don’t want to sob…sob… be near… that… bastard….

df10f-tumblr_mk0dqgerrj1s24pnzo1_250 409193_219342854814629_2125126137_n

Maan, his heart twitch in pain listening her painful words, his heart fear to hearing her words, while she continue, I don’t want to marry him.. she cried,when Maan pulled her apart cupping her face, he wiped her tears, did he tried to do….his words remained in his mouth as Geet nodded her head in no, I didn’t let him…. she confessed yet again, with her throaty voice, feeling disgusted , just with the thought.

that’s like my brave doll,  He combs back her hairs lovingly, wiping her face again, he pecks her forehead, i was just thinking of the suicide, then.. maan looks at her shock.. surprised while Geet turns her face away, being angry on him and her mother, don’t give me those looks, what would you thought, i should have done at that moment, when i was stuck in that moment?

Maan have no words to answer her, he knew he was at fault for not being there with her, when she needed him the most.

He listened me, and knew all about us, i don’t know what is his intentions, but I started to feels scare from him, Geet innocently confessed making his heart twitch in a pain, hearing her.

you don’t have to be scare.. from him or anyone..


He took her again in a hug, as he continue.. now i am there with you, you will?? forever?? Geet asked unsure, for she feared still like those seven days and seven nights he was not with her, she bore all alone, faced it all alone, she doesn’t want to lose him now, when she had got him back again.

his heart could understand her each unsaid thoughts, her fears, he felt guilty, while he engulf her more closer, promising her , FOREVER, BABY!!


Maan already had planned, was having everything ready, for he didn’t want to leave her here, in any dangers more, he pulled her up discarding her saline bottle, Geet winces in pain, he kissed her arms lovingly, sorry baby, but it is necessary, you know, don’t you?? Geet just shakes her head in yes, for she too wanted to run away from this place, away from all, alone with her Bodyguard.

Maan.. but how will we get away from this place? Geet asked worried, holding onto him, there was guards, doctors.. whole security outside, she don’t know , how will he manage for them to fly out of this.


you don’t be tense, I have everything set!

to be continue..


How will they manage…?


  1. That Karan! What’s his real intention??
    Whatever, now that MAAN is besides Geet , we are at peace for now.
    So , Maan is ready to go away with his doll and has set up steps for that.Can they escape from there?
    Will Maya let it be so?
    There’s still so many questions to be solved… what is Maya’s past?Who is Maan actually? Why did his father sent him to them?
    Hope the love birds are capable to fly away. Waiting for the next.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Superb update dear.
    Geet was going through a lot.
    And how can anyone do that? Karan cut her wrist!
    Poor Geet!
    Maan was not there, her own mother was not understanding her.
    But that incident brings Maan back.
    Now they are going to run away.
    But is this possible in the tough security!
    It will be interesting to read…
    Update soon dear.
    Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am happy that he is there for her now…
    Their scenes r always❤😍
    Finally he knows Karan is the one who responsible for his baby’s condition…
    He promised her that he will be there for her forever💞
    Aww they r going to elope from there, waiting for that…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hurray… finally her bodyguard arrived Happy that she is completely fine and confessed all the truth about that Karan..maan is feeling guilty for leaving his doll all alone hope maan takes her away ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Finally reunited!!!! Now that Karan will pay with his life for his evil thoughts & deeds!!!! Am so happy Maan is taking her away with him!!!! Finally finally….But I do hope that all when they are away from all these…Maan would reveal who he truly is and how he came to be her bodyguard…the whole truth….

    Liked by 1 person

  6. That Karan intentions are not at all good… Finally Maan geet reunited… Is Karan also involved in the attacks on geet… Maya herself brought geet danger by allowing Karan… Hope Maya get to know truth about Karan before its too late…

    Liked by 1 person

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