mishty… open the door! the door bell was ringing continuously , followed by his shouts.

coming.. wait a minute.. Geet screams from inside holding her cute shona in her arms, she makes her way to open the door.


Geet gasp coming face to face with MSK, her eyes widen in delight, which shining Maan didn’t missed, he smirk happily stood in front of her on the door with his signature style. soon his eyes landed on that little creature who was snuggling in his mishty’s arms, which he hates the most.


Next moment, Geet found her shona being snatch from her arms, her eyes widen in horror to see Maan holding it in his hands roughly, almost hanging him , her eyes moisten at once feeling the pain of her Shona.

“what are you doing? leave him!!” her voice quivers, she gives him one glare as she saw her puppy struggling in his hold, it was definitely scared, you are scaring him, MK.

she went ahead in a attempt to get back it, but Maan jerk it back giving back it one glare, Geet tried again fail,

stop trying, you can’t reach it with your short arms, he teased her making her fume, Geet pouted angry with Maan, when he continue,,

you can’t reach it unless…he left it in mid giving her devilish smirk, unless what?? Geet spitted giving him angry glares, trying to reach it again, as she comes really closed to him that their faces touch each other, giving both of them shivers, his beard cheek rubs on to her soft one, Geet gasp taking in large breaths, what do you want?? she whisper close to his face, looking at him with her dazzling gaze.


Maan was spell bounded with her dazzling looks, he whispered back, if you let me kiss you, i will return this creature to you.

Geet, who was lost in his, jerk back to reality hearing him calling her shona as creature, don’t call him creature,okay?


She pointed her forefinger at him, angrily, Maan has to step a back. it’s shona!! she added trying again to reach him but Maan again jerk it back making puppy squeal out now.


she gives puppy looks to Maan , he gulp hard as he was really melted with her looks, but kept his straight face not bending down.

okay, just a once.. don’t play smart..


she pouted giving into his demands, as she closed her eyes ready for the kiss.

Maan bend down really closed to her while puppy was now tired of struggling that he thought to just be in his arms, as it was also comfortable for him, he makes himself comfortable in his one arm, snuggling close.

Maan looked at her cute little face and chuckle before placing his lips on her pink chubby cheeks and he kissed her there lovingly.


Geet was surprised with his act as she thought he was gonna kissed her on her lips, she blushed furiously, realizing what she was imagining. Maan caught her act, and get to know about her thinking seeing her blushing this much.

what!! do you want lip kiss, mishty? he jerk her closed in his arms holding her waist, Geet shiver with his rough hold and his words.

no…um… she nodded her head in yes making maan’s smirk widen, Geet opened her mouth wide thinking what she is doing, as she looks at his victorious smirk.

Maan just smack his lips on her , taking her open invitation, Geet was so shock to react as he was kissing her furiously, with such a passion that she melted, her hands went up holding him closed from his shoulders, while she didn’t know when she started to response him back.


both broke apart after a while feeling breathless, both steady their breaths, Geet looks so shock, she was whole red, not able to meet his eyes.


maan was just looking at her lost seeing her red face that too because of him, he was so happy to know that, how much she was affected by him.

Geet was lost in a moment, not able to looked at him, she was only looking at the floor when her reverie breaks with his husky baritone, seems like, this creature doesn’t want to be with you, look how he is comfortable here, with me!

Geet looked at him then her shona who seems really comfortable in his arms, it was actually sleeping, she pouted to see the scene, give me back my shona, she tried to get him back, while Maan was again protesting, when Adi comes there from behind, sir,we should leave now, as there is one work waiting for you.

Geet was quick to react, you just came here a moment before and going so early?? she pouted making baby face to him, Maan’s heart melted again, she doesn’t want him to go away from her, it was true, Geet was feeling really amazing and secure around him, she started to liked his presence around her, and he had just step inside a moment before, then how could she let him go that early.

Miss Geet, we really have heavy schedule ahead, which is fixed, cant be modify. I am very sorry, Adi replied in a humble way.

Maan patted her head lovingly, don’t just believe anyone, okay?? he cautions her, making her confused, anyone, who comes on the door, he added while she gaped at him confused,


Maan was really worried for her seeing her innocence, his heart was denying to let her go here, but he have to for now. Maan left a deep sigh, while Geet nodded her head, giving him sweet smile, he gives her puppy back, have to leave, he pecks her cheeks lovingly making her blush,


don’t miss me too much, and her eyes widen hearing him, she gives him accusing looks, pouting her lips like saying him, she is already missing him.

Maan gives her his dazzling smile left from the door along with Adi.


Geet snuggles closer her puppy more into her, sniffing maan’s scent which was there on puppy, umm… shona I am missing him already.


Maan restless again with the thought that someone is behind his mishty, the person wants to hurt him , so he had decided to hurt his close ones, and he knows well , who’s MSK”s close one.

He asked Adi to arranged bodyguards around her, secretly that she doesn’t get scared and so person also wouldn’t be aware.


He wasn’t in any peace, he closed his eyes, resting his head back on the chair, he was lost in his and his mishty’s sweet memories, her beautiful smile, her soft laughter, how both of them used to hang out in the Hoshiyarpur.

Do you know mishty, how much I love you. yes, you knew it, mishty, just forget it, you forgot me, mishty, his heart cried bringing unshed tears in his eyes.


it’s all my fault, if i never left you??

Maan remember those beautiful days of his life with his mishty,

it was after their school, Geet was waiting for him in the roses farm, which was own by Khurana’s only. his Dadima had already known about both of their friendship that, Geet was allowed to roam here in his property.,

The only place which had attracted her was this, ROSES FARM. her Favorite flowers. she felt daze.. lost.. dreamy just standing in between those beautiful flowers.

Just like today, she was lost again, it was afternoon, lunch time of the workers, that both maneet decided this time to meet here, getting privacy to them, although, they always get, as most of the farmers and workers remained in other side of the farm making there work done on the first farm before afternoon leaving maaneet, this place alone for them.


time was slipping, and she just realized that it was an half an hour, she was here but there is no sign of him, instead of getting angry on him, she was worried for him, as he didn’t became this much late before, then why today.

Dadima, who was inform by her servants about Geet’s arrival went to called her for lunch, Geet was her fav. lovable child, she was craving for girl child, and seeing Geet, her wished got fulfilled.

GHSP 111 HD_8977

Geet bete, when did you came, come inside and have a meal with me.

Geet was startle hearing her voice, she just gives her small smile, refusing her politely.

no, Dadima, I am not hungry, Dadima, Maan kaha hai??

oh bete, he has gone for some of my work, i had sent him, dear. he will become late , i guess.

Geet’s face fell, hearing it, which was not gone unnoticed by Dadima who knows how both of them were attached with each other, she walked near her and patted her head lovingly, don’t be upset dear, it was necessary unless, i haven’t sent him.


no, Dadima, it’s not like that. don’t say sorry. work is must done on time, we cant ignore it. i am fine.

then come inside, Dadima patted her cheek, she was so understanding.

Geet was not in a mood now, when she couldn’t meet her maan, “nahi dadima, I need to go. maa must be waiting for me,” she refused while Dadi again tried but Geet again makes a same excused and rushed away from there .


PRECAP :- Past continues.. I definitely won’t bore you guys with the past, that’s why id dint given before, also my any stories are not having this past and present stuff, here it will be more beautiful than present…


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