Both were lost in a fight, just then nurse came inside with the stuff to gives Geet sponge bath, she was startle to see them in that position. Maan gives her one dreadful glare keeping Geet still his strong grip who was nervous now .

oh..I need to give mam sponge bath.. nurse got the courage to speak seeing Geet’s small smile, but Maan was much more furious, he just blasted on the nurse,


LEAVE!! and next moment , nurse made a wild dash out of the door, scared to death with his roar.

what is this?? leave me!


Geet blasted seeing his behavior as she continued her struggles in his arms. Maan left her and dashed towards the door locking it making Geet gasp, as she takes her steps back seeing him walking towards her like a true predator.

Geet was so tired now, feeling pain in her stomach, she sat on the bed, completely ignoring him, which irked him the most, he forgot in his own ego and anger about her health.

He walked near her taking the soaking sponge in his hands in intention to give her bath by his own hands.

Geet was lost in her own pain, didn’t realized when did he approach her with what intention, she was clueless.

It was when, Maan closed all curtains of the room making it little dark, she did notice him and her eyes widen to see the door dark, and she was alone with him inside the room, what are you doing? asked Geet, little afraid, she was startle with his move.

I am going to give you bath!!

WHATT?? her eyes widen, while her face twitch in pain giving him signs of her pain she was bearing because of him, he kneel before her, taking her hands in his own, I am sorry! words left from his mouth on it’s own accord, even he didn’t get to know, he was really regretting to see her condition, just when he realized, her eyes flew out the tears which she was holding till now showing him strong, but now she broke down again listening his sorry.


You should be, for you have given me so much pain! she complained cutely like a small child wiping her eyes and nose, she totally forgot about all other things around, just lost in him, only two of them.

Maan actually smiled softly, although her hurt eyes gives him pain his heart, making him guilty for what he did in his own ego, I know,  I shouldn’t have.. he wiped her tears, and got up giving peck on her head, melting her all insides thereby.


she held his waist putting her face on his stomach, she closed her eyes, finally at peace.

let’s start.. 

she pulled out hearing him, and looks at him confused. What??

your sponge bath, he replied shamelessly, with straight face but soon small smirk appear on his lips seeing her wide open eyes and mouth as she gaped at him, maann.. she whined.

what? come.. let’s start baby.. he makes himself comfortable on the bed before her with her necessary stuff.

Maan, you really don’t need to do it, nurse hai na, she tried to make him understand but he gives her one glare while his hand was approaching her gown.

maan , nurse knows it better, she spoke in hurry clutching her cloths together.

I will take care,  I won’t hurt you darling, he assured her opening first two buttons in raw making Geet gasp, Maan plz.. what plz, Geet… why are you pushing me away, now. I asked you sorry for my rude behavior.

Maan.. it’t not the thing, Geet whispers looking away from him, for she was too shy to meet her gaze with him,

then what? tell me, I need to know what is bothering you, he speaks urgently, wanted to know the reason behind her denial for he didn’t like it.

Maan, nurse will do it, why do you wanted to know?? she spoke in low voice, making him frustrated, he softly pulled her close, holding her both arms not hurting her anymore,


darling, I can’t let that nurse touch you, he whispered so close to her face, being so passionate and possessive that makes her shiver  as she raise her shy eyes to look at him shock with his confession.

Maan..she couldn’t believe her own ears what she heard, she did it before as well, it’s her work, besides, I cant help myself and she is here to help me, she clarified softly, looking straight into his eyes.

Not anymore, I am here to help you, he said more possessively sticking her more closed, almost their noses touch each other, his breath fanned on her face making her heartbeats raise manically, she left a deep sigh, listening him and feeling his breaths.

Red hue spared across her cheeks feeling his possessiveness for her, she felt bless to have him near her at this crucial moment, his words soothes her burning heart, the thought itself makes her overwhelm, he was there besides her when she needs someone the most.

her heart did somersault feeling his possessiveness for her, it scared her a little, but more than that it gives her feeling of belonging, it makes her heart happy.

You don’t need to, besides who will look after you company, if you will be here with me? she played along, really liking this talks with him, her face downcast, she played with his shirt buttons.

Maan, who was watching her face very keenly, observed her each expressions to know what she must be thinking, he knew she loved it, loved his dominance on her, loved his possessiveness for her, love his authority on her, loved him saying those words to her, only for her.


Her face looks mesmerized with that blush adoring her face, with her small smile tug at corner of her lips, making her looks breathtaking, he could just keep looking at her all his life, he left huge breath, watching her face closely, his fingers tug her soft tendrils behind her ears which were blocking his view, you don’t need to think about it, for me you are on the first place before all things, and next he heard her loud gasp, as she jerk up her face looking into his eyes unbelievable, his eyes looks sincere,telling her that he was saying the truth, her eyes moisten feeling overwhelm.


He loved that smile of hers, then her blushing.. her turning emotional.. all about her was just breathtakingly beautiful just like her own self, he realized yet again. how deeply he is falling for her, her every damn thing.


Geet crushed herself into his arms , making him startle wetting his shirt. Maan felt chock with emotions himself, he holds her closed, closed to his heart, so tight in fear to lose her, his heart sock with those undefined feelings, her pain, her tears makes his heart bleed, her small smile, her blushing, makes his heart flutter in rejoice, making him realized those unsaid feelings he behold in his heart for her , only her, only she reside in his heart.

Geet have nothing to think more, she couldn’t asked for more, she doesn’t need to know more, for she know now how much he loves her,  she had makes her place in his otherwise isolated heart, even he cant denied nor he can pushed her out now, for she knew she reside in his heart now.

to be continue..



16 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 28

  1. Superb update…

    Happy that they patch up for now…

    He is falling more and more for her,she is relax that now she knows wt she is for him,now she don’t need any confirmation from him…


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    but it was the most beautiful moment when Maan apologised to her in such a straight way.
    I m so happy that Maan was able to keep his ego aside for the sake of his love.
    yeah, he has started to realise that his heart only belongs to his Geet.
    and the shameless way he wanted to give her a sponge bath….gives goosebumps.
    poor nurse…he doesnt spare anyone near her.what will happen when he get to know about the mistry man in Geet’s life?
    the precap is interesting.so I think MSK is going to play the role of the hero.but why is Geet being restless?
    will wait ,dear.

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  3. Fantastic chapter n maan apologised geet n maan realize that his heart belongs to geet n maan both gave her sponge bath n update nxt part soon n thnxx for pm me

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  4. Finally maan realized his mistake that how much he hurt her the way he behaved made her scare darkness of the room added more to it…our MSK apologized to his sweetheart I just loved his possessiveness the way he loved each of her expressions was well written loved the update waiting to read more 😘❤️

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