Maan walked downstairs, with his grumpy mood, he shuffled his shirt cuffs up to his elbow and gives a dangerous glare to his lovely wife who was now in teasing mood.

Geet just twisted her lips and turn her face away, with that nose ring touching her upper lips making him red now , he took his seat beside his Dadima and therefore coming face to face with Geet as she was seating just before him, on either side of Dadima.

Maan eyed her nose ring , the way it was touching her petal lips, then her eyes, as if indicating her to remove it, but she looks away from his face, her eyes widen to see her favorite dish before her eyes, wow! dadima!! parathas!! aapne humare liye banaye?? she asked like small child beaming with happiness.

Ji ha bete, aapka favourite dish, but not made by’s Nakul, Dadima disclosed smiling softly at her while Geet thank Nakul heartily, 

Thank you, Nakul bhaiyya!!

All three people were amazed with her modesty, Maan adore his sweetheart.

While before Geet could start to eat, Geet heard Dadima, Geet bete, you didn’t removed that ring, it would hurt you dear, while eating.


Geet stop & looks at first Dadi, then Maan who now looking at her with devilish smirk, giving her looks “now what will you do?”

Geet gives her a nervous smile before removing the ring as she don’t want to disappoint her, also it was khandani jewels, needs to keep safe and fine.

Whereas Maan was so amused with her easy act of removing it without any fuss to his Dadi while on the other side, he became angry on her for she didn’t listen to him but his dadi.

He glared at her dangerously before all start eating, not a minute more when Geet stood up clutching her mouth with her palm as she felt to threw up,

Maan ran behind her worried, as he entered behind her in their new room downstairs, he patted her back while she threw up all she have eaten in the afternoon.

Geet was totally exhausted after this, she rest her head behind on his chest ,as he was already there holding her in his arms.

He washed her face, and wiped it lovingly, Geet gives him small smile seeing his worried face, hum bilkul thik hai!!! She assured him.


Maan just hmm taking her out while he look around the room, it was arranged well, he looked at Dadima who had just entered inside the room, he thank her heartily for this arrangement.


They were again at the dinning table, this time, Geet demanded for some pasta , which amazed Maan but seeing his looks Dadima explained him, about changes in taste buds of women in pregnancy.

Both looked at how happily she completed eating her whole dish of pasta.


Geet was in Dadima’s room after dinner, while Maan made a appointment with their family doctor, about Geet.

He sighs in satisfactions, just then Geet entered inside the room taking his attention.

Geet was hell tired after whole adventure of the day, her face shows it all, that’s the reason, Dadima send her to thier room back.

Maan was little worried to see her this much worn out, he walked towards her and picks her in his arms surprising her.

Geet was not in a mood to talk, she just gives him sweet smile and put her head on his chest holding him closed, he walked up to the bed putting her down.

Geet had her eyes closed, he pecks her forehead lovingly and joined her on the bed wrapping them inside the blanket.



Next day, it was a new dawn for her, she lazily open her eyes to found Maan staring at her lovingly,

Good morning,Maan!! She wished him seating up before him face to face with a sweet smile on her face.

Good morning, sweetheart, and he slams his lips on her shocking her, soon both were kissing each other hungrily.

Geet put her hands around his neck kissing him back sweetly, he pulled out her sari, while his hands started to roam on her body freely, making her moan in the kiss.

After a while both breaks apart, Geet was so shy to meet his gaze, before she think further, he lifts her in his arms surprising her, he took her inside the washroom making her gasp delightfully.

Related image

Whole washroom was decorated beautifully, with the scented candles all around making it illuminated with candlelight as lights were off. The sweet scent of lavender engulf her senses, while her eyes shine with the view of rose petals in the bathtub.

Maan was satisfied seeing her reaction, he knew she loved it, he placed her on the floor, helping her to removed her other clothes, Geet was hell shy but she couldn’t have in her to denied him after his lovely efforts.


Maan adores his shy sweetheart, and placed her softly in the bathtub, Geet gasp with the sudden contact hiding her whole in the rose water mix with the milk.

Maan smirk as he started to removed his cloths before her, she quickly closed her eyes with her both palms, Aap yeah kya kare rahe hai??

Planning to join you in a bath!!

images (10)-1

His reply made her gasp with shock as she removed her palms hurriedly from her eyes but regret to do so, she again placed them back, Maan...she whines but before she knew , she felt him pulling her closed as he too joins her in the tub.

His hands started to roam freely on her body teasing her senses, she moans with his sensuous touches while he was enjoying it fully.

Geet at once turn in his arms hiding her in his chest, Maan groans with the effect, he at once jerk her head back smacking his lips on her delicate petals.

The kiss was hungry, sensuous, taking her breath away, she rubs her palms on his torso feeling him, just like he was doing to her.

His hands cups her br**** making her dizzy with the effect, his fingers pinch her nipples, enjoying the play in the water.

After a while both comes out after their sensuous bath, he wipes her with the fluffy warm towel, making her sigh, she help him to wipe him, he wrap the towel on his waist then, wraps her in the towel like a doll and carried her towards the bed.

Geet was so delighted to see him pampering her like that. She clings to him like a child.

Maan makes her wear her sari, then her wedding ornaments, he bend on his knees taking her feet on his knees to make her wear her anklets, Geet was so overwhelmed now, don’t have to do it.

Not a word, he gives her stern look seeing her moisten eyes. Let me do it or it won’t be good for you, sweetheart, he literally warns her, Geet shivers with his tone, Maan felt it and he kissed her feet softly, Geet was bewitch now,Maann..

She tried to pulled away but he held it tight, giving her glare, Geet had to oblige, he made her wear her anklets, and again kissed her feet.

It’s my right, you can’t deny it nor me!!

giphy (36)

He stood up holding her firmly in his arms, his voice was dangerously husky, coated with high possessiveness for her.

Geet shivers, looking into his passionate gaze which was not ready to leave her, soon both of their lips met for yet another passionate kiss, Geet felt tingling on her wrists, she broke apart to see him pushing  bangles on her wrists.

She smiled cheekily eyeing it then him, he holds her closed, seeing her happy glowing face, it gave his heart satisfaction, he buried his face in his neck smooching her there, Geet was startle with his sudden move, Maan..

to be continued…

Precap :- visit to the hospital..??





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  1. That’s superb😍😍

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  2. Awesome chapter n maan is really crazy for geet n geet likes the way his pampering her n maan make her ready n taking care of her n geet is very happy n thnxx for pm me n pls send me password of this story as it need a password pls

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