He stops at the door awestruck, to see his Sweetheart deck up beautifully like a true goddess. He couldn’t take his eyes off from her beautiful face, which had turn completely red with his piercing gaze.

Geet couldn’t meet his piercing gaze,that downcast her lashes,

Dadima could only smirk naughtily seeing the ongoing drama.

After a while , Geet couldn’t take it anymore that she ran out of the room feeling extremely shy .


Both Dadima & Maan shouts from behind seeing her running like that in her current state.

Geet at once stop in her steps once coming out, realizing what she was doing, she had her one hand rest on her tummy, she mutters quick sorry to her baby.

Geet bete, AAP thik toh hai?? Dadima walked behind her , Maan was really mad now seeing her carelessness for already he was frustrated before.

Geet just shook her head stillย  stealing her eyes from Maan.

Go to your room and take rest, you must be tire by now with adventure of the day. Said Dadima putting her hand on her shoulder. Maan watched and heard them silently.

Maan,you also go and freshen up first then both come down for dinner, I will look after the arrangements.

Maan just nodded his head,and went from there giving her one last glare.


Geet was oblivious of her hubby’s anger, asked Dadi, Dadima, hum bhi chalte hai..hum kar denge.

No.. Dadima almost raise her voice, you don’t need to, dear. I will manage.

But Dadima..

Humne Kah diya na?? You just take his black coffee , Geet pouted for she don’t know his taste or how to do it.

AAP fikar mat kijiye, Nakul , our head cook will make it , you just give him, Ok.

Geet nodded her head and follow Dadi downstairs.

Reaching downstairs, Geet saw that one room was being cleaned, furnished , she looked curiously at it then asked dadi,

Dadima, yeh kya ho Raha hai yaha??

The new room for you!! It’s not good for you to walk up and down the stairs in this condition, so it is better you both shifts here for a while at downstairs.

Geet was awe with the concern and her thinking about every little thing for her, she was overwhelm with the love, her throat chock,


Even Rajmata never thought about this before, she even blamed her for that strip on the stairs.

Aapko Hume thanks etc , kahne ki jarurat nahi hai, it’s our responsibility to look after you, it’s my right, isn’t it Geet??

GHSP 95 HD_4250

Geet shook her head with her moisten eyes, for she couldn’t speak with her chock throat.

Dadima drags her towards the dinning table and made her drink water, Geet sips it silently looking at dadi like a small kid.

AAP itna kyun emotional hote ho, bete, it’s not good for you, jante hai aapke mood swings..she Chuckle trying to make the atmosphere light and that’s brings shy smile on Geet face.


You look beautiful with that sweet smile of yours.

Dadi patted her cheek lovingly, when both heard Maan’s roar from upstairs,


And then there was hustle bustle in the kitchen, Geet almost gasp loudly putting her on hand on her chest, gaping at Dadima.

Dadima just shakes her head looking disappointed with her grandson behavior.

Chaliye jaldi se, aapko unke paas jana chahiye,

Geet look confused little shy, when she heard Dadima next.

Woh AAP ki aur unki black coffee Ko miss jar rage honge, that’s why this much anger, and she winks at Geet making her red again.


Geet, with her thudding heart, reach her room with one maid accompanying her as per Dadima instruction,

Ab AAP ja sakte hai,

Geet said , and that maid was gone leaving Geet alone on the doorstep

Geet slowly peek inside opening the door, there was no sign of his, not even any sound,she walked inside taking in the view of the empty room.

Subpost 1 - @dhamidrashti baby _heart_decoration__heart_decoration_ - DrashtiDhami - SilsilaBadallteRishtonKa

Maan..Maan..she softly call and next moment hear the sound of door locking behind, her eyes widen as she knew he was behind her,

Maan, who was waiting impatiently for his Sweetheart,has really turn mad with this wait, it’s been months now , he was with her most of the time, that he became habitual of her presence with him, her innocent and selfless love for him, only for him

Today it was the first day ever after few months he was back to his regular routine that was office and work but he missed her badly, it was first time she was away from him after those months of togetherness.

It really making him mad, as it was not in his nature to wait and keep patience.

Hearing her soft tingling voice of anklets, and her waist chain, he knew she was on the door, even her natural scent couldn’t hide her from him .

Next her soft voice calling out to his name, broke his last string of control,

Geet couldn’t dare to look behind , she felt tingling sensation in her abdomen, felt restless with his hide and seek game.

Maan walked near her sticking his body length completely with her back, she shiver, her breath hitch in her throat,his hands snakes on her hands, making her shudder with the contact.

He carefully, took the coffee mug from her hand, and put that on the table at a side.

Geet couldn’t hold herself more as she turn swiftly in his arms crushing herself into him.

Hx19Q (1)

Maan held her tight, from her delicate waist, pressing his palms there enjoying the feel of her soft skin, Geet moans with his touches.

I missed you, sweetheart!!

He whispers huskily in the crook of her neck, her necklace comes in between and he removed it softly without hurting her delicate skin. Geet closed her eyes, feeling his fingers trailing on her neck, soon it was replace with his warm lips, as he continues to gives her hard smooches making her moan in his arms, he went down on her belly, and removed her waist chain softly making zingling sound as it falls on the floor, his hands roam on her little bump, as he tried to feel his baby, he gives a little peck daddy missed you too,

And he stood up, cupping her lovely face, she slowly opened her eyes looking into his chocolate ones, his eyes admired her for a while before proceeding towards her lips. He was just about to took her lips but her nose ring poke him, he jerk back feeling irritated, next he heard her melodious laughter.

Geet broke into sweet laughter watching his irritating face, she couldn’t stop, after a while she was feeling so light today, with that beautiful atmosphere around her, so calm and serenity with Dadi around, like some heaven.

Maan continue to watched her lost in her charisma, soft smile tug at his lips seeing her happy today, he felt satisfied seeing her opening up , he would have stop there itself just looking at her but the knock on the door broke there session.

Geet opened it , there was one servant calling both of them downstairs as per Dadima order.

Geet replied back with a sweet smile on her face that they are coming down and closed the door.

She looked back to see him sipping his coffee.

Arey AAP Abhi coffee piyenge toh dinner kaise karenge??

It was you who became late to bring my coffee, Maan given a taunt faking angry though he had already melted seeing her change of persona just in a day.

Geet pouted but before she could speak he said with a little smirk on his face, but don’t worry about me, I know how to eat and what to??

Ji?? Matlab ?? Geet was so confused with his words, she didn’t get he was teasing her, as before he was showing angry.

Matlab ki.. he drag his words pulling her in his arms , Geet looked at him waiting for his answer very sincerely, I am damn hungry!!

He whispered huskily, giving her Passionate looks, while his eyes roam on her red lips, he rubs his thumb on her lips wiping off her red lipstick, and bend again to removed her nose ring this time, which was actually making him so jealous as when she would move her lips to speak it was touching her delicate lips taunting him as if that it could touch her freely but not he.


Geet, her eyes widen hearing him and with his move, dhattt.. she suddenly pushed him back and takes steps back smiling shyly.

First remove that hell of a ring!! He blasted really frustrated now.

Geet looked at him with her widen eyes, with his used of words, AAP aise kaise baat kar sakte ho..?? It’s our family’s traditional jewelries,


She pouted angrily, but her words makes his heart skip a beat as she so easily accepted his family as her mentioning it’s as OUR. he knew how much she was craving though for the same family and he was glad today to see her glowing like this because of this.

Soon, His eyes stuck on her beautiful pink lips, his wholeย burn in jealousy as it again comes on her lips.

First remove that,

GHSP 364 HD_7218

he glares



Geet declared clearly keeping her both hands on her waist giving him challenging look.

Geet!! He warned her

Bilkul nahi.. and she rushed out tucking her tongue out teasing him.

Maan didn’t know laugh or be angry on her antics, he sigh and went to cupboard to take out his cloths.

Precap :-

Uff yeh Nose ring…kabab main haddi

How Maan will remove it or..will Geet let him??





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  1. Superb update…lovely ,cute one
    She is living her life to the fullest, dadimaa is giving all the love and care
    Ohhh hoo maan and his jealousy that too with the nosering ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    Precap is really a laughter ride๐Ÿ˜
    Waiting for further…

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  2. Superb update n geet is living her life to the fullest n dadima giving her all the love and care which she didn’t get in her past relationship n maan he really love her

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  4. Awesome update dearie. Am so happy to see Geet finally get her rightful family & love…Everything that she has never had in her life. How beautifully Geet accepted everything as her family tradition…no questions asked…that selfless love & acceptance…unconditional:):):) Maan is so cute:):):) He is truly gone Romeo over his sweetheart:):):)

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