He picks up her call, only to hears her concerned voice, Maan , aap kaha ho?? Please, come here at once, are you fine? He sighs feeling guilty now suddenly for fighting with her in the morning. He just hmm in response, before adding.. I am fine.. and cut the call.


Geet just watched her phone in disbelief, she was so worried for him and he just cut her call, she don’t know, what to feel, angry or sad or worried for him. She impatiently waited for him, don’t even know if he was going to come here to meet her or not. Be she waited, nurse tried to feed her soup as she needs to take medicines as well but Geet denied.

Maan entered inside her room only to see her pushing away that soup bowl, he turn frustrated to see her neglecting her health like that. Geet looked above and gasp with happiness on finding him there, she got up at once and crawl down from the bed that stumble in her steps, before nurse supported her and Maan rushed from other side holding her in his arms protectively that nurse have to left the couple alone.


Why aren’t you eating anything? Wants to make your health worse? Or do you just wants to trouble me, he scoff trying not to look into her innocent eyes, those shows pain and anger, and something else, which he not wanted to realize now.

Geet looked at him hurt and tried to wriggles out of his hold without uttering any word, which makes him more frustrated, answer me??

He jerks her closed again giving her pain that she hiss with a pain holding her tummy, Maan in a swift move lifts her in his arms and lay her down on the bed softly with care, Geet had her eyes closed feeling his touch and slight pain, are you fine, she hear his soft voice to which she just nodded in response and opened her hazel eyes to drowns in his chocolate eyes, both share a eye lock for a moment.


He comes out of it feeling her fingers trailing down on his forehead on the bandage, are y fine? Her soft voice fill into his ears making his heart flip flops, he sigh before humming in response. He makes her seat back on the bed and fed her the soup, both didn’t broke the eye lock asking many questions to each other silently, that’s how pinky found them, lost in the eye lock, she chuckles making her entry inside.

Pinky clears her throat bringing back both of them, Maan quickly got up putting the bowl on the table, while Geet stutter, on her place feeling caught.

Are you okay? Pinky asked taking seat beside her, while Geet shakes her head softly, she turn to look at him and there goes again in the intense eye lock, pinky again broke it off this time asking to Maan, hello Mr. Khurana, How are you?

Hmm.. fine..

GHSP 452 HQ_8438

Are you really fine?

Maan gave her a look..

I mean.. just look at your forehead..

Maan touched it and shrugged off his shoulders, it’s nothing big.. it’ just her crazy fans and there crazy LOVE for her, he mocks eyeing Geet, who in return glares him this time, she was trying to be humble till now, but now she had enough of his taunting and accusing session.

Yes it is, pinky! Don’t you know , how much they LOVES me, she too gives him back this time looking back into his eyes directly, you will also experience it soon, Mr.Khurana! She added seeing him silent, pinky was just looking at both not knowing why this tashan going on between two.


After that both didn’t talk with each other, knowing if they would, then there will be fight begin, Maan talked with his Dadima, again manofying her with the current fiasco, she really started to curse Geetakshi now which he didn’t liked a bit, whatever it is , it is between both of them , he don’t gives anyone right to come between them or even blame her, it’s only his right, to do so, only he have right on her, thought Maan possessively keeping her phone down.


He went back to her , only to see her sleeping peacefully on the bed, snatching the peace of his mind, he sigh looking at her beautiful face, she was looking as if some angel while sleeping peacefully, probably feeling safe when Mr. Khurana was there beside her which both of them were unknown of this fact.

Again after a while he saw her twisting and turning in her sleep, muffling silently with her closed eyes, he just dash towards her, and lay on the bed beside her, seeking his warmth she roll in his arms but Maan makes sure, he didn’t hurt her tummy, he engulf her dearly feeling relief to his otherwise stress body, just with her beautiful structure in his arms, after a while both were sleeping peacefully, drowning in the beautiful pool of dreams of their togetherness.

Next morning, Maan was the first one to woke up this time, he just lay still looking at her serene beauty, really wanted to know her reaction today, he wouldn’t tolerates it today, he decided though keeping her ill condition in mind.


Geet slowly opened her dizzy eyes, feeling caged in iron grip, she wince slightly as her tummy aches feeling stiff, relax.. darling..


He whisper huskily in her ears patting her back lovingly, her eyes widen realizing she is again sleeping in his arms, while she felt shiver in her whole feeling his soft breaths teasing her senses, umm.. she moans with the effect wanted badly to snuggle closed in his warmth but restrained herself and tried to pull out, he willingly let her go when she blasted again as expected, what’s this? Don’t you know? He fire back getting up as well, I know but how dare you, again…she was really frustrated today, first his taunts yesterday, no one did it before, then her health issue, already she was hell tired being in the hospital whole three days. it’s only few days now, she have to stay here more, the thought itself makes her sick and this man, adding more fuel to her miseries , she thought.


I dared, so what will you do?? He replied in most dangerous husky voice of his, coming closer to her, he jerk her in his arms, this time taking care of her wound, his eyes bore passionately on her face, looking at her intently, making her silent all of a sudden, she couldn’t think much with his closed proximity, her breaths turn labor, not knowing how to react at that moment, and what to answer to him, you won’t do anything! Hain na Geet?? his hands roam all over her back holding her hips making her gasp, she looked at him shock with his advance today, in the hospital, her cheeks burn in shyness as she stutter, leave me.. Her voice was so low that he even doubt, did she really speak anything?

Geet clutch his collars tight in fist feeling herself at losing side like this close in his arms, his warmth was so demanding, she couldn’t resist, her eyes droop down with the effect, she put her face on his neck below his chin feeling him, taking in his masculine scent, you can’t do anything, because you liked it..

He husked again passionately, caressing her soft hairs, tucking them behind her ears, he kisses her passionately on her cheeks, leaving her dazzle, but she come out of her lost state hearing his words, and pushed him back forcefully with the left over strength she had, You can’t just use me whenever you want, the way you want, she blasted on his face. Maan turns furious with her pushing him away and then her words, how could she think like that,



He again pulled her closed, this time she yelp in pain drowning tears from her hazels eyes. He loosen his hold a light not letting her go either while she wriggle slowly, giving him accusing looks for his behavior, I can even use the same words for you, MS. GEETAKSHI! He mutters furiously in his husky voice, glaring her.

She was still crying silently, feeling pained but more pain for the humiliation she was getting, first time ever in her life, she just hate this man to the core for this. She concluded.


14 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 27

  1. Their fight is still on…
    What should do with these two..
    They can’t do anything without seeing each other,and when together they starts to fight,
    Now waiting to see how this will go further…

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  2. The start was really good poor geet was worried for maan but he is showing attitude to her for morning incident.. finally he came to hospital to check her maan cannot bear to see geet in this state hope maan realizes his feelings towards geet before it’s too late..geet is naturally expecting his care and love for whole life y can’t maan understand that waiting for the next update ❤️😘

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  3. I feel very upset with Maan and the way he is treating Geet dear. He is hurting her so much with his words and action so much. Why? Is it so difficult to admit that he loves her? And Dadima is cursing Geet unnecessarily not knowing anything…And he is not doing anything to sort things out with Geet…Feeling so sad…I want to knock Maan’s head hard…And ha I katti with him too….

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  4. Superb update n geet is so worried for maan n maan feeling guilty for morning fighting n showing attitude n geet is expecting his care n love but his hurting her with his words n his actions n dadima is cursing geet without knowing anything her n hope maan realize his feeling soon n thnxx for pm me

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  5. This maan is soo bipolar.. One moment he is caring and loving and another moment he turns rude and aggressive. Feeling really bad for geet.. Geet’s accusations are not wrong.. When he is not accepting that he is in love with her he don’t have the right to behave like a lover

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