“Any result on what I asked you to check? Why was she struggling all of a sudden?” 

He sigh painfully waiting for Adi to reply..

“While our roses were delivered, kisine miss Geet ko tulips bheje the, at her office.”

Maan was listening, while Adi continued seeing his boss still silent, “it’s form Sameer Singhania , the son of Singhania’s . but Miss Geet’s colleagues have never seen this person before.”

As Adi revealed it to his boss, Maan turn his face as sideways, there was a devilish smirk tug at his lips. “That’s interesting, Adi. he is her boyfriend, but he never shows up.” he scoff while Adi continued.

“He and miss Geet were studying at same university, he is her senior.,” Adi reveal further, “as per the info we got from the detectives. he will soon be engaged with the daughter of chopras.”

Maan was turning furious now, guts of that guy!! when he heard Adi further, “but sir, he still sent flowers to miss Geet. I don’t understand what he is thinking..” Adi added his question making Maan furious.

“He is thinking to have two girlfriends at the same time, Adi!”


Maan busted with his clinch teeth, he was mad with rage hearing this new info.

Adi was scared with his anger now,  he doesn’t know yet what to think of whole matter, as he looks at his boss who was burning in rage.

Next Morning,

Geet, who was sleeping till now, woke up with the continuous ringing of her phone, she lazily put the phone on her ear, “hello, who is it? itni subah subhah koi phone karta hai kay??” she pouted answering the call, still with her eyes closed as she yawn further spreading her one arm.

“Geet, you didn’t come home last night?  kiske sath bhag gayi tum??”

Sasha screams from other side making Geet shoot up from her sleep, she was wide awake now, phone slip from her hands almost.

“OMG!! how much do you screams, you are making me deaf,” Geet cutely complaint, putting the phone on her ear again, while Maan who had just entered inside saw her talking on the phone, he made his way towards her bed and sat beside her on the stool admiring his mishty silently while she was lost in the phone call. as he was gazing at her that’s when realized , her saree had fallen down on the bed with the blanket was down as well, she was just in blouse now on her torso, his eyes pop out, he immediately move forward and took her saree pallu in his hands wrapping it on her chest, pulling her in his arms and he wrap it further on her back then pulling ahead on her front completely wrapping her inside like a doll.

While he was lost in doing his task, Geet lost it, she completely forgot about the phone call and was just looking at his face so closed to hers, she inhaled his sweet aroma, his bread graze with her soft cheeks making both of them shudder, and both looked at each other getting lost in the eye lock.

“GEETT!!! are you there?? where were you last night??” both come back from their romantic eye lock hearing Sasha’s screaming, even Maan could hear her now as he was seating so closed to Geet , on the bed. she was almost in his arms now, putting her palms on his chest, holding him while she pouts hearing her scream, “I am now in the room of city hospital, I came in yesterday.”


Geet cutely clarified when her sari was again going to slip down dew to silk material, but Maan held it in place on her chest, Geet’s eyes almost pop out, she looked at Maan to see him giving her passionate looks and she got lost in him again, his hands rub on her place giving her pleasure, she moans with the effect.

“WHATT!!” Sasha screams again bringing her back , wait for me there. I am coming. and she cut the call, worried for her friend.,


Geet, her face was worth watching as she continued to just gap at the phone in her hand, she knew her dear friend, and how much she was possessive fore her, Oh God! now what will happen.

Here Maan, who was watching her, wanted to laugh loud seeing her making baby faces, but he control himself and that’s how she caught him, “aapko Mazak suz raha hai.. aur bahot hasi aa rahi hai..”


She pouted blaming him, while he gave her his charming smirk before jerking her in his arms, so close that even air couldn’t pass through both, their noses touch each others, breaths mingle together, her sari again fallen down, revealing herself to him, he looked down at her chest, her breaths turn labor with their closed proximity, giving him magnificent view of her raising up and then falling down chest. he left a deep sigh before bending down and placing his lips on her soft skin,

maan.. she moaned with the effect, as he kissed her deeply on her cleavage, lingering his lips on her upper chest giving her sweet torture.. maaan..plz.. she again moans igniting the fire inside him and sucked the skin there hard making it turn red, she hiss with the effect , pushing him away slightly feeling so shy, she chuckle feeling ticklish in his arms, as his hands rolled over her bare skin on her waistline tickling her, she broke out in a sweet giggles making his heart thudded in happiness seeing it’s because of him, only him, only he have the right on her to make her happy or sad.. he wont make her sad anymore.. but will bring that naughty smile on her lips always, he own to himself playing with her waist chain, that was making cham cham sound, like a anklet.


He rolled his long fingers on her soft marble skin all the while looking at her beautiful face so close to him, she by now had her eyes closed feeling amazing in his arms, his warmth that was giving her undefined pleasure, she couldn’t named the feelings, but it was so familiar with this stranger.. she couldn’t dare to asked to herself, couldn’t dare to think more, wanted to cherished those beautiful feelings, with beautiful MSK.

She continue to moan feeling his fingers doing magic on her stomach, waist wondering there , feeling her, teasing her senses, and he pinch her belly button making her snap opened her eyes and she pouted seeing his signature smirk.

“You are beautiful, no one can match the beauty of my mishty!!” he whispered so huskily that left her shiver , she felt goosebumps all over her body just hearing his passionate words, red hue spread across her whole face making her look delicious to eat.. Maan thought licking her lips .. Geet was enjoying his attention, his passionate moves.. he was so different and never before she had felt this kind of feelings, though it was always familiar with him.

She soon remember about Sasha, she must be here any moment, what would she tell her about Maan, and Maan.. ?? she was little scared for MSK.

“You should leave now, or you will be in trouble, when Sasha will be here.” Geet whispered on his lips slightly trying to pushed him back. but he didn’t liked it and jerk her more closer , now almost crushing their lips together, neither he liked her mentioning about his friend , at this moment when they were so close, lost in each other.


“Are you worried about me, mishty?” he whispers on her lips after their short kiss which left her almost dizzy as it was all so new to her, she was still innocent by her heart which was so fragile like a bud.

hmm..?!! she was lost just hmm in response looking at him with hazy look, he wrap her sari back and order new dress for her, she couldn’t notice anything, just lost in his care and love.

he cups her face, “you looks so lovely when you wake up, that I couldn’t resist..” he left his words in mid giving her yet another teasing smirk that left her blushing like hell while his hands yet again went on her waist giving her goosebumps.. she giggles yet again making him surprised, “leave me,, I am so ticklish..” she said between her soft giggles, while his fingers plays with her waist giving her more tickling, she broke into small laughter leaving him mesmerized with the view.


“oh plz… Maan put your hands away.. oh my.. plz..” she tried to talk between her laughing session that brought tears in her eyes and her voice was also like she was crying.

and that what Sasha heard and thought her dear friend is in real trouble, she was totally mad now with the person who dare to trouble her dear friend, she turn like a real bull burning red in anger as she pushed the door opened really hard, both maneet looked at the source , shocked with the person’s entry.

“you baster, take away your dirty hands from her body..” Sasha busted seeing them so closed and that man holding her forcefully while Geet was holding his hands trying to stop him, that’s how Sasha had caught them, took the things in other way.

“tumne suna nahi, maine kya kaha.. I told you to take your hands away!” next moment she threw her handbag at his way.

to be continue..smiley15


6 thoughts on “MSK’S LOST BRIDE PART 8

  1. Super loved the update dearie:):):) Loved the Maaneet moments…Maan’s presence and love feels so familiar to Geet…Its a matter of time that she will regain her memory. But am seriously disgusted by that Sameer! He is such a cheater yaar. How dare he use Geet like this…Making her think that they will get married…But two timing behind her back…What is his motive for all this? It must be something big if not why would be risk it…Something that he needs from Geet…Or is this his way of not letting her get her memory back? Did he do something with her family & her? which maybe Geet has forgotten due to trauma? Did Geet witness something that he did which she should not have? This is getting super super intriguing my dearie:):):) OMG:):):) LOLOLOL:):):) Sasha is all out to rescue Geet from Maan without know anything about their romantic encounter:):):) Now I am eagerly waiting to see how Geet is going to explain things to Sasha:):):) But am also curious to see how Sasha can help Maan uncover Sameer’s true colours and also if she can help Maan with the truth of what happened with Geet & her family…So excited to read on dearie:):):)

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  2. Awesome update n maan n geet both are busy in romancing n maan’s presence n love feels so familiar to geet n hope geet regain her memory soon n sameera is such a cheater n cheap n playing with geet emotion n her feelings n waiting for nxt update

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