Who dare to do it??

Maan was burning like a lava and next moment he dash out of his mansion only to be halted on the door as media was already waiting for him to showered questions at him.

His face was hard, anger rushing through his veins, his bodyguards surrounded him helping to go through the media crowd who was by now pushing on him like a bee.


It was not ended there, there was hug crowd waiting for him outside, Dhanraaj’s office.

You tried to kill our Dream girl..

Maaro use..

And screams and yelling followed by that one stone hit him hard, he was mad with rage thst he own to himself, he won’t leave that person alive who dare to drown him into this mess.

His bodyguards help him again through, while there was also police force present controlling the crowd.



he blasted furiously, as soon as he was inside, making all shoot up from their places.

No one dare to raise their voice for now in front of injure lion as they were very aware of his huge persona and status , he even will dare to snatch their job if the do so.

Mr.khurana, plz calm down.

You are asking me to calm down, in this situation. ?? Have you lost it??

Mr.khurana, the spot boy on the set had given statement against you, as Khan reveal it , Maan was hell shock , furious beyond limits.

He told us, that he had seen you there changing the knife.

Now it was last stroke, Maan said in low dangerous voice, how dare he?? Bring him here?? I want to kill him!!

Calm down, and hold  yourself, Mr.Khurana, that’s where you are doing mistake again.

Khan stated as he still couldn’t believe, MSK could tried to do such a thing, in those few days, he had studied him well.

few guys rushed to check his wound on forehead, which he had got because of the stones, they bandaged his wound while scared from his anger and rushed away instantly.

Maan glared him furiously, when he continued, hadn’t you warned Mr.Rohit to kill him??

Now with this question every one were shocked as they given him a look.

So do you mean , I changed that knife.?? Maan asked again keeping his anger in control.

The proofs are saying it, Mr.Khurana, I am not.

So what have you decided, are you going to continue your search for real criminal or it is over?? Asked Maan very dangerously with his voice cold as ice, shivering the people inside room, as they really thought him as a criminal now.

For now, you have to come with us, Khan stated but before he continued further adi barge in with some papers in his hands followed few high officers and advocates.

It will not be needed, Officer, here, take a look.

Adi give him those papers which was having all the proofs, that was proofing Maan innocent.

Maan smirk looking at all now, he had already arranged everything in the car itself through his drive from home to office.

Adi, being his loyal employee, couldn’t let his Boss to stuck in that mess, he really done his work perfectly in a time.

Hmm..from the points below, it is clear that you were never there on the set or nearby even, infact you were in your office at the time knife changing happened as per the records .

Khan looked at him stating the point, though it was truth, as he had made an entry afterwards when the scene was going on.

Yeah, he came later on , almost at the time of shooting, when Geetakshi and Rohit were doing that scene.

Dhanraaj clarify giving Maan one look.

And what about the spot boy, Khan asked with his stern looks, with his piercing gaze on Khurana.he wanted to know his power and how he had managed to rescued himself.

Call him inside!!

Adi orders , Maan doesn’t needs to speak even , he had already taken a seat on the boss chair observing the henceforth drama now.

And to everyone’s utter surprised, the same spot boy comes who had told the police about MSK.

Shashi, tell us what is the truth? Khan asked giving one stern look to Maan , Maan was not at all affected by now he was in peace.

Shashi fumble a bite, (the same spot boy)

Don’t be scare from anyone, we are here , just spill the truth out.

Woh sir, I mistakenly, told you his name, Shashi pointed at Maan saying to Khan who look suspicious now.

Are you really saying the truth, beware , if you lie, consequences will not be good. Khan tried to make him scared but the poor boy was already scared.

Yess..ss…I am saying the truth only..

He was not the one, I didn’t even see his face but i just did it for some money and popularity..he given me money and said me, you will be popular, come on TV.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Maan got up from his chair and dash towards the boy, he held his collar tight fisting it almost jerking him up from the floor.


All rushed towards him, to saved the poor boy.

You idiot, just for some rupees you did this, you dared to mess with me, the MSK! I won’t leave you!!

He strangled him but the force at his back pulled him back and rescue the poor boy who was laying on the floor now, coughing badly.

Who asked you to do it?? Khan asked, but boy was still scared from the furious glared of Maan who was just ready bash on him anytime. It was adi , who was holding him, trying to calm down his boss.

Tell us, who given you money, who asked you to take MSK’S name ?

I don’t now..I don’t know anything, plz saab ji..Hume chod dijiye..the boy pleaded now making Maan infuriated as he wanted to know the person .

Tell us the name, and we will let you go!! Khan tried to managed the situation.

I really don’t know, sir. I don’t know who was he??

Let me give him my peace of mind then might be he will operate his mouth for answer!! Maan yelled in pure rage scaring the hell out of everyone.

Wait, Mr.khurana , he is speaking! Khan said again asking him.

He had wore mask with almost his whole body was wrap inside black tight cloths!! I don’t know who was he, definitely he must have changed the knife to kill our Geetakshi mam, the boy reveal further realize, he must be criminal only.

All were silent for a while contemplating on his words, means criminal was there only but now one got to know.

They asked him further few questions after that and they taken that boy in custody for trying to manipulate the police taking wrong person name and luring to them as he given false statement.

Things were clear making Maan sigh in relief, even coming out , Dhanraaj and Khan tried to calm down the violent crowd of people who were crazy fans of Geetakshi.

They clear to the crowd and media about MSK’S innocence, making the crowd to back up and they were really guilty for doubting the the same person whom they had seen taking care of Geetakshi as their pics were going viral , unknown to both as both were lost in each other to see those things.

Maan made his way to office , he was in his car, when he took out his cell to check, and got sweetly surprised, seeing so many miscalls of Geetakshi.


The name brought back the memories of there morning fight, her rude words and behavior, or is it him??

Whoever at fault, but she had started it, and if she doesn’t want me near her, then why the hell I do care?? His heart was restless, he wanted to call her back , might be she had come to know about the whole fiasco.


She must have been worried for him that’s why calling him..his heart said.

Worried?? For me?? Really is that?? His mind taunt, she can worry for everyone other than me!! He mutter to himself furiously.

Should I call her at least?, informing her that everything is sort out now. His heart again turn restless with the thought, he was in duel thoughts.. mind and hear was playing hide and seek.

Finally his restlessness got answered with the ringing of his cell, he give it look only to know that it’s HER!!



finally done with it, it was so difficult for me, had updated as per my little knowledge, do forgive for mistakes guys.. do give reviews.. I wanted to finished this fiasco just in one update, so now can give maneet updates as I know in last few updates other things are happening , now henceforth there will be only maneet😉❤️

Also do you guys forgot, the shooting still has to start with Maan’s entry in the movie of Geet!! 😉❤️❤️

Do wait and watch.. how the twist and turns unfold off course with Maaneet passion..as the story proceeds further.

13 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 26

  1. People become furious
    He managed all the fiasco very well
    She called him,his heart and mind says different things,he is restless
    Waiting for them,their meeting😍

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  2. Omg what a twist everyone doubting on maan by the witness of a spot boy…maan was really like a injured lion… thank God adi came at the right moment now as per the spot boy proofs who is the person I m really curious to know who is that day by day ur update make me think who it can be….poor geet what happened to her why she called maan hope everything is going well waiting for the update 😘❤️

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  3. Super exciting update dearie:):):) It was very exciting…Was shocked to see Maan being accused. Thank god Adi came in time with the proofs. Who is this mysterious criminal I really want to know. Now he is targetting Maan. Poor boy was so traumatised by Maan’s handling of him. I guess Geet must have seen the media coverage on Maan being targetted as the criminal…She must have been so terribly worried about Maan…Maan & his ego na! Just feel like knocking his head…Couldn’t he call her back…Poor Geet…Now I really wonder how their relationship is going to be…


  4. Superb update n was shocked to see maan being accused n maan was liked a injured lion n thank god adi came on times with proof n now maan become targetted of mysterious criminal n geet is worried about maan n update nxt part soon n thnxx for pm

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  5. I wanted to ask something in 24th part and I forgot.. How did maan got to know that someone entered geet’s room.. I was confused at that time.. I loved the update.. For some time I really thought maan is having multiple personality disorder 🤣🤣🤣.. Wonder who is the criminal.. As always loved the update

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    1. Thank you😊
      Well , Maan get to knik from securities , guards got to know about it later on after the Aashiq sneaks out, got it??
      They informed him in the fear to later getting caught off..


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