Geet was horrified to see his condition as she saw his bruise face, he was brutally beaten and she just wished her guess not comes true about the person behind it.

Maan.. she yelled and ran straight towards him, Maya and others looks at her astonished, Maan smiled warmly spreading his arms for his babydoll and she rushed into his opened arms. Maan.. what happened to you..


she cried out hugging him tight that he wince softly , she pulled out to have look of his wounds, Maan admired his babe who was checking his wounds with a sad pout on her lips. by now rain had started to pour crazily on the love birds giving them accompany in there pain.


I am fine.. just as he whispered when both felt pulled apart from either side, both felt as if there breaths are being snatch from there body.

Geet screams loudly wriggling hard to get out of their grips, when her gaze met his, he was so clam unlike her, she suddenly stop her struggle as they were pulling her back inside while she saw him going away from her, she was horrified seeing his silent, is he going to ditch her and her love??

take care, baby. I will come to take you!!

Hearing him her lost straight as of comes back rushing into her, she again struggle hard when heard her mother’s voice, GEET, GET INSIDE, RIGHT NOW!! and it didn’t took a second more for her now to know her mother is the one who was behind his condition and this partition between them.


she screams her lungs out being mad at her mother now and turns to looks at her Maan but he was gone, now she broke down violently as lady guards drags her inside before her mother who seem not her mum anymore to her but the great politician MAYA.

before she could think more, Maya gave her tight slap across her cheek, ahh.. she yelp ready to fall down but two strong arms hold her preventing her to hit the hard floor. she was in a daze, at that moment she thought, it was her Maan who is there like always to saved her but soon her illusion broke into pieces hearing his voice which she started to dislike now.

aunty!! plz.. Karan tried to pretend as if he is hurt but inside enjoying this drama, there was hidden smirk on his face which no one notice, you deserved it, darling, for the pain and starving you had made me to go through. He thought caressing her arms in the process which no one notice again not even Geet, lost in her own pain.. while his eyes ravished the sock beauty lustfully.


Maya asked the servants to get her inside her room , Geet was now numb with her mother’s ruthlessness, she just walked inside her room like a robot followed by her servants, who were crying silently by now to see there baby in pain. maids wrap the towel around her as she was socked from head to toe, dripping wet.

bitiya, don’t worry, sab thik ho jayega. nakul tried to console her patting her head as she walked inside like a zombie.

while maids wiped her wet curls, but there was no emotion on her face,

kuch nahi thik hoga, kaka. her painful voice buzz inside the silent room making them aware of her condition.

aise na kaho, bititya rani, humara dil tutata hai. other one tried almost crying along with her.

aur jo mera dil tuta hai, uska kya..


she sat thud on the bed clutching her cloth on her chest, she felt betrayed by her own mother today.

fikar na karo, geet didi.. maan babu will come .. didn’t he told you before going away.

and that work, she as if get alive again as she shoot up from her seat, he will definitely come na, kaka.. she asked like small child holding his hands , Nakul just nodded in response with wet smile on his face seeing her getting back to alive again.

yes bititya. he will definitely come for you.. to take you away.

others also started to manofy her saying the same thing assuring her crying heart, Geet as if turn mad now just chanting the same thing again and again.

Karan who was there on the door saw her madness and only smirk, and was just gaping at her wet beauty, she was looking ravishing in her wet cloths which was now sticking to her body like a second skin.

He had come here to meet her alone, of course with the permission of MAYA as how can he disappoint his future mother in law, she granted him permission knowing he needs to be there for her now to console her, that could make there future relationship work.

unknown of the fact that he is not some angel to cure her daughter but the devil who had come to destroy her, and she unknowingly pushed away the angel herself from her daughter’s life who was there to protect her daughter for his all life, thereby, making an entry for the devil named Karan in her daughter’s life.


He will not come, darling, I will make sure of it. he smirk again before entering inside her room.


His men along with Adi, bodyguards all rushed to him as soon as they saw him laying almost unconscious on the road, they make sure first he is alone now. so all rushed to take him. as before as per his order they were bound to hide out and just wait for his order.


Geet.. Geet.. he was just muttering her name with his dizzy eyes, from head to toe hell sock with the furious rain. all take hold of him and pushed him inside the their car and rushed off from the place.

Adi made a call, sir, he is badly injured, in worse condition now.

bring him here, saying so the person on the other side cut the call.


Servants make a face seeing that guy, they started to dislike him already reasoning their Geet bitiya’s pain.

All exited the room leaving both alone as all knew Maya’s anger if they go against her.

Geet!! he called her with his husky voice sending shivers down her spine, she shivers and looked at him little scared as she knew him and already felt impulsive, some kind of strange fear, dislike form his touch or closeness that’s why had kept him away from the beginning but who know that time he is going to be close to her now.. so close beyond limits.. she shudder with the thought.. what the hell is she thinking?? she is not going to marry him.. never. no one other than Maan.

MAAAN.. she remember him again. his state.. her heart cried .. so did her eyes bringing the hot tears on her chubby cheeks. how many dreams they both had weave and what is happening.. she had dreams to be his bride, dreams about there marriage, she was remembering now about Lisa’s wedding where how much she enjoyed with him, they almost got married with him just in her friends wedding. yes she is his.. his forever. already her god had bound her with him, now she couldn’t marry again, after her first marriage..

I DO !! those words buzz in her head getting flashes of there Christian wedding.. it was Lisa’s but they did took vows together sealing the promise to be with each other with that kiss.


she was so lost in her crying and those beautiful moments of their togetherness that forget when Karan comes so closed to her, he was by now standing behind her.

Geet.. he whispered and she become shock turn around briskly that she bang on his hard torso, Karan put his arms around her waist in the pretense to save her but he pretend to stumbling on his steps there by falling back on the bed taking Geet in his arms.

Geet was so shock to react, as there lips touch each other for a Nano second, Karan sigh painfully with her touch.

and that’s how Maya saw them, laying in each others arms.

to be continue..

Precap : ????


  1. Little bit emotional,they r in pain,their seperation 😭
    That karan😈,he badly needs medicine from maan, waiting for that
    His words of saying he will come back to take her is the only solace for her
    Maaya is not understanding who is good and who is bad
    No one is there for her to console her,the people works there only trying to make her calm,they really loves her…
    Waiting for further….
    Superb going😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh no very emotional update dear the way Maya behaved towards maan was out of tolerance poor geet cannot think anything apart from her maan…Maaneet became separated hope geet gets all strength beside her this idiot Karan wish to kill him maan will for sure do that in his bare hands 😘❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So so so sad & upset my dear…Can we just kill that lecherous pervert dearie? I hate that @#!$%&! pervert! And he is so close to her with the intention of destroying her…Luckily Maya came…But what is going to happen now? Geet will never trust or love her mum anymore…not after what she did to her & Maan…Luckily for Geet, Nakul Kaka & the rest of her staff members love Geet so much and are trying to boost her. morale. Maan will come for her in all of his MSK glory to take her away rightfully as his…But in the meantime who will save Geet from this pervert? I always had my suspicion on him…somehow I feel that he is the one behind all of the attacks on Geet so far…I am very intrigued by Maan’s identity….Who is Maan? Who is Geet to him? Why did he come all the way leaving everything behind to safeguard her? So excited to find out the whole mystery dearie….But in the meantime pls get this pervert killed…I really can’t stand him…the way he looks at Geet…his evil intentions towards Geet….pls pls pls…

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  4. URGHHH😣😡
    This Karan!! How can he treat her like this ?
    After all, he was her friend!!
    And the great Maya !!She is behaving like she was expected.She can’t see her daughter’s real happiness, neither she is besides Geet whenever she needs her mom so much.It’s not that she doesn’t love her daughter.
    But it seems love has different meaning in her dictionary,
    Maan has to go away from her baby doll for the first time.He just kept mum in front of Maya and let them hit him.
    He knows, as a bodyguard, he has somehow crossed his limits.
    But , then they love each other more than anything.So he promised Geet that he will return, will return to take her back with him.
    Whatever, it seems Maan has some other identity. He doesn’t seem to be a mere bg.
    Who’s he?
    I don’t know actually as I couldn’t read the chappies in between.
    Hope the love birds meet soon.
    Keep Going 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks di 😊
      Yeah…updating all FF from the beginning..
      It will complete posting in few days..will share you guys link then..do wait..


  5. awesome update
    geet shocked seeing maan state
    Maya seprate maneet but maan promised geet he will come back
    Maya cannot see that her daughter happiness lies in maan
    true Maya made big mistake by throwing maan out and fixing marriage with karan
    servants consoling geet that maan will definitely come
    karan and his evil intentions hope maan will come back very soon
    seems like maan has another identy he is not a mere bg let’s see
    waiting for next

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😊
      Just wait for a while..it has just started..
      Twists and turns are going to come in the story… revealing more than what you could thought..


  6. i was afraid of dis only…………but dere is something hidden……whos maan …….whts his true identity…………..something is fishy……………..feeling bad fr maan n geet………….god boil dat karan in oil in hell………..

    awesome but painful update…………….

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  7. Nice update n maan n geet both are in pain n both are separated n Maya is not understanding who is good n who is bad for her daughter n maan said he will come back to take geet with him n waiting for nxt update

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