It’s been 2 days that she was looking lost much to his dislike.she didn’t go outside anywhere just kept confine in her own room and there was that Aditya always beside her.that anger maan more .he did try to contact with maya but that too never happened. Don’t know where that women went disappear again leaving her daughter alone to suffer here.

As he thought that his gaze went on her room and his legs brought him towards her.
He push opened the door of room little bite to see her again that lost seating on her bed staring nothing at particular.
He thought to go back his heart did opposite to his thoughts .
Slowly she looked up to see him standing there on her door maybe asking permission.
Something stirr in her heart and she just flew up from the bed straightway going into his arms.as if he was waiting for this his arms caged on her protectively hugging her tight.


And he heard her weeping, then crying loudly. He closed the door with his foot and take her in his arms softly.
She cried her heart out in his arms as he continued to rubbed her back to sooth her.he rest his back on the head post whereas she layed on him burying her face inside his chest.
She …she…again…went…leave. ..leaving…me…ALone. ..he heard her between her sobs.

His heart went for the little girl craving for her mother.his eyes turn moist for the first time in his life to see her crying like this.he hugged her tight promising her that never to leave her alone anytime.

It was next morning that she opened her eyes lazily crawling on her bed.as soon as she saw herself in the mirror, her face turn red remembering last night.

She smile and then laugh out loud keying on her back feeling that new awesome feeling .she did forget her all miseries last night only.


Lehraayi Jhoom Ke, 

Masti Kya Chha Gayi

I’ve started dancing with excitement,

enjoyment/mischief is spread on me

Dekha Jab Aaina, 

Main To Uff Sharma Gayi

When I looked at the mirror, 

I felt abashed

As he entered inside the mansion he heard that song of hers and he knows now she is back.
His whole fill with sudden happiness with the thought itself.
He take a seat on the nearby sofa and waited for mam’s next order.
And she descended down the staircase his breath stuck in his throat finding her cute and sexy at the same time.


Badla Ye Roop Mera Aise..
Badli Mein Dhoop Khile Jaise…
Pehli Bahaar Ka Nasha Hai…
Aankhoon Mein Pyaar Ka Nasha Hai…

My guise has changed in such a way

As if sunlight has come out after a cloud cover
I’m intoxicated for the first time
It’s an intoxication of love in my eyes

All servants stop dead in there places and continue to gawk at her as if she is some alien.
It’s not a moment when he just ran towards her seeing her sari falling down from her front.


What are you wearing ? His teeth greeted as his husky voice send shivers down her spine.
Don’t you know ? Are you that dumb? she asked back in her own attitude .her hands trying to pushed him away.


Arghh. .you hippo get away from me..it’s really hot..in this sari. she commented trying to pushed him but he didn’t moved a bit instead continue to hide her in his arms.

Soon she heard laughter sound and pop up her head from his shoulders to see all servants are laughing at her.
Aaahhh. .how dare you all…she scream her lungs out in his ears and he just pushed her harshly from himself in the effect of it.his ears buzzed and it turn numb for a moment.



Arghh. .she pouted seating down on the floor.she made a cry face at his angry glares.
All servants rushed from there before she burst on them again.

Mujhe Aise Tadpaaye
Oh Mujhe Waise Behkaaye
Mujhe Aise Tadpaaye
Mujhe Vaise Behkaaye
Mera Dil Dhadkaaye
Mere Hosh Udaaye

The one who takes away my consciousness

He tortures me

He makes me lose my senses

The one who makes my heart beat

Maan turn to go furiously. His ears did started to pain now.this mad girl he murmur furiously holding his head.
Now where are you going ? She complained cutely and he had to stop after hearing her sweet voice.
He turn to see her pouted face wearing that short top and skirt and her saree was laying half on her legs and half on the floor.

Ho… Saajan, O Saajan
Aayega, Aayega, Aayega Saajan…

That beloved of mine will come

As he step near her she forwarded her hands to take her like a baby.
From where you get this idea of wearing sari ? He asked her taking her in his arms.

From Niks..and his hold tighten on her.that girl for sure giving you false directions..he murmur.

Hey don’t talk like that about my friend. She pointed her finger at him.
Yeah..whatever..he clasp it in his mouth much to his own surprise.
Hawww. .leave my finger.she struggle and he leave it slowly sucking it .
She turn vulnerable as she continued to watch his lips doing magic or moving it is.
Geet..he saw her lost and chuckle.
Hmm.she response coming from her lost state.


Do you want my help in wearing sari.? He asked softly making her to seat on her bed.
Ummm. .what ? She Astonished looked at him with her wide open eyes and opened mouth.


You know ? She managed to asked.
Yes ..very much. He reply proudly crossing his hands on his chest.
How..she asked again not believing him.
I know everything. .he reply curtly.
Achaa. .she asked totally lost in him.
Humm. .he move forward and come above her ..his breath fell on her face and she shiver coming out of his effect.
Ummm. What are you doing. .she pushed him slightly and stand again on her place.
I will stay outside..saying so he try to go as she didn’t answer his question.
No..no..Wait.geet thought for a while and set her mind to take help from her bodyguard. It’s her new assignment of sari and if she will not known of this at the studio all will laugh at her that bring girl she don’t know this simple thing.
Simple thing ? Is it ? No…
Maan saw her lost somewhere. He patted her shoulder and she jerk back to reality.
Hmm.lets start.saying so she brought her sari and kept that in his hands.
Oh teri..I just forgot to wear my matching blouse ..she said out loud and he stop dumbstruck hearing her..he come to know now..he did a big blunder of accepting to help her himself.



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