He broke into fit of laughter hearing her innocent words of praise.


Geet was all red by now seeing him laughing on her like this. She buried her face in her palms, hiding her red face from him.

Ha…ha.. funny are so cute..

He added making her more embarrassed, but she didn’t stop there by continuing further.

You looks so good, you are the goodness!!

Maan stops suddenly hearing her, he looked at her she was still hiding herself now in the blanket.

Mishty, come out quickly, hurry up!

He demanded, clearing his throat, waiting for her.

I don’t want to!!

She replied meekly from her hidden place, that is below blanket now.

Mishty, if you don’t come out just in a minute I am going to come to the bed and kiss you!!

He warned her dangerously, smirking to see her antics while really want to kiss her now seeing her cuteness.

Geet was horrified hearing him, she couldn’t believe what he just declared,he isn’t serious, is he??

She thought peeking through her blanket that Maan caught her and smiled feeling mesmerized with her cute antics.

So you don’t want to come out, right??

Then fine!! I am coming !!

Next moment her eyes widen in shock feeling him hovering onto her, she pushed down the blanket from her face to have a look.



Seriously, get down!!

Her eyes widen in shock to see him so closed to her, he was laying just above her giving her his signature smirk.

His breath fan onto her angelic face, he couldn’t control the temptation northern she as her hands went on his shoulders holding him, Maan continue to glared at her beautiful face , he was drown in her beautiful Hazels soon, his fingers trail down on her pink chubby cheeks, pushing back the curls from her face down behind her ear, making her shiver with the sweet sensation.


Maan… Sweet moan comes out Of her mouth, making him sweetly surprised to hear his own name from her mouth after a long time now.

And that’s it, he slam his mouth on her slightly open mouth as if inviting him.he suck her soft lips hungrily, chewing on to him, she continues to moan in his mouth out of pleasure, her fingers trail between his thick hairs giving him sweet pleasure.

He pushed his tongue inside making her open her mouth, he kissed her senseless leaving her breathless.

Geet was fluster after the kiss, her second kiss that too with the same guy, she thought, laying still on the bed with her close eyes, trying to calm her uneven breaths and rising heartbeats.

Maan watched her red face, he could see her condition and just continue to admired his mishty , he was mesmerized seeing his effect on her.

Geet slowly opened her eyes, still coy after what transpired between both. He couldn’t be blame when she also responded back.

Plz get up.. you don’t want people to see you liked this!??

He heard her soft melodious voice pleading him, oh how could he have denied to his mishty.

Okay!!  Ok!! I won’t tease you more!!

He replied honestly before getting off, Geet was just awe with his reply. She too sat back looking at him as he adjusted his tie perfectly. She sat adoring him, when he asked suddenly,

Do you remember what happened at your school your school!!

Geet pouted behind him as he was facing his back towards her, she was confused , why he was asking her suddenly that, she tried to remember those days and finally blurted,

Offcourse, It was so stressful, as I have to given exams every other day!! She pouted answering him making faces, for that was so horrible, so stressful to study everyday , she thought making faces behind his back.

Maan turn behind and looked at her adorable face as she was still frowning cutely on the name of study.he chuckle before getting back to his questions,



Do you remember anything other than your studying? He asked with a small smile tug at a corner of his lips seeing her adorable face, seeing her still confused, he added further, for example, people?

People? Her eyes widen in great confusion, she tried to remember looking at him too innocently that he wonder, how can anyone be too innocent, after those years also she intact that quality in her.

Yes, can you remember any?? He asked keeping his emotions in control.

Well, I can!! She replied cheekily blinking her eyelashes and his heartbeats stop for a while in anticipation, he turn excited to hear her next when she replied,

Pinky! She was my closest friend in school, and we would just played a lot and have lot of fun.. you know, hum ek dusre se kuch nahi chupate the.. tell each other everything. She went on and on while maan’s face was worth watching, his all expectations died a moment.

Oh! That’s great!


He mutter behind his grinding teeth, keeping his anger in control. His face fell, then..what about the red duppatta?? Do you really not remember, mishty?? He asked again hoping after hope.

Red dupatta?? Red Dupatta? She kept repeating to herself trying to remember that thing, he had asked that from her before as well.. why again asking?? So many questions.. but she was not able to get the answers to her blurry images.

Maan was looking at her intently, watching her confused expressions, she was turning hyper somewhat, then she held her head again clutching her curls with her eyes closed tight.

Ahh.. it hurts!! Her head again started busting in great pain, GEETT!! He rushed forward holding her head ,she was still wriggling in great pain that he engulf her in his arms, I am sorry, I am sorry, mishty! I am sorry that I made you to go through this pain!!


When did you started having this pain?? His heart wrench with the thought of her going through this pain without him being there beside her. Has it been hurting all this time??


I don’t know! It’s been many years already. She weep silently in his arms, I heard from my parents that there was too much stress on me that time. I used to worked much more , that I ended up with this problem. She mutter in her small voice making his heart twitch in pain. What did she meant??

He didn’t get much time to think as Adi knock on the door just then, SIR!!

Maan peck her forehead lovingly patting her back, wait for a moment, mishty! He left her there on the bed and come out closing the door behind.

Adi.. so how was the meeting??


Asked Maan facing his back to him, while Adi have much interesting info to gives him.

Sir the client was not there on when we reached at that place, so I sent people to contact.

Maan turn his head sideways hearing it, his eyebrows twitch in confusion, oh, that’s interesting adi, he mock asking him to continued, we found out that someone contacted our client under some pretense and had changed the location.

You mean that someone is pretending to be us!! Maan was fuming by now to think on this, as he knew who would dare to do it??

Adi informed him further about the fraud people who had left till then, maan make a fist of his palm in anger while adi took out some proofs he had got and show them to maan. Maan checked everything, and he was thinking deeply, after a while he asked him, adi, check secretly, if there is a spy on our team. I want to make sure that nothing will happen. Yes sir.. sure!!

Maan sighed before asking again, do you think my brother did this? only two of us are here, say anything, what do you think?

Maan asked facing his back still to adi, adi was nervous, but he really cared for his boss, he had opened up, I am not sure, sir. But he is the one knows so much about you. He must be someone close to you.

They had more discussion on it ,, after a while he asked again, by the way, Adi.. he turn to face him, any result on wheat I asked you to check? Why was she struggling all of a sudden? Maan asked really worried for his mishty, seeing her state he was curious to know what had happened in her past after he left her.

He sigh painfully waiting for adi to reply..


So what do you guys think? How will that be..??

Thanks a lot for you comments and likes , friends.. do leave your likes and comments on this one.. waiting.. as always..

16 thoughts on “MSK’S LOST BRIDE PART 7

  1. Awesome update 👍
    I m first 😍
    Maaneet and their never ending romance unknowingly Wala 😂
    Who is pretending to be maan
    Geet memories loss she didn’t remember him

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  2. lovely update
    their Kiss is awesome and geet’s childishness is very cute
    but who is that pretending to be maan ? is his brother? is he same as maan ?
    hope maan is solve this puzzles soon and help his misty to recover her memory soon

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  3. Both r cuties
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    She don’t know why she is getting this kind of pain…
    And who is plotting against him….
    There is a lot to the story…
    She is such a cutiepie ❤
    Waiting for further…

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  5. Beautiful update n maan is adoring his misty n her cute antics n maan n geet both are romancing n geet didn’t remember maan h her past n maan want to know what happened in her past that she does not remember anything in her past n who is pretending to be maan n thnxx for pm

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