Maan walked near her silently taking seat beside her on the bed. Geet was just staring him silently. He took the bowl of soup , filling one spoonful of it he offered her , Geet looked at his face and both were lost in the eye lock.

You care for me so much, that you came here just to feed me??

Her soft voice make his heart restless with the sweet pain, it was her sweet taunt, he could he make it out.

Yes!! I come here, so that I can have my dinner with you!!

He replied straight not playing around, making her astonished as well with his answer.

AAP?? Aapne Aapne dinner nahi Kiya Abhi tak?? You should take it on time..never miss it!!

He shakes his head only offering her spoon again and she took it willingly.

Maan orders himself from the canteen , Geet giggled seeing him making faces ,

Why didn’t you ate at home,

I wanted to accompany you!!

Pinky was there for me!

Yeah you were having your friend, I made a mistake by coming here.

He got up to go, when Geet held his wrist stopping him.

Maan, main toh majak Kar Rahi thi. She tilted her neck to have a look at his face.

But I don’t like it, he turn his face sideways really frustrated hearing her.

It’s okay, Maan! You can have dinner with me.i am hungry!!

Is it??  He turn back taking the seat beside her again , then why were pushing it away when pinky was feeding you.

I was not in a mood..

So now you are in .?? His gaze was teasing,

Yeah..it seems like..

Don’t play around the bush..just spill it out, you do like my company.

I do.. she was quick to reply

His food come till then and both had it silently, in between Maan helping her as she was still having pain in stomach, it was difficult for her have it.

after dinner, Maan gave her medicines, and made her lay down putting her blanket on.

Are you fine? Feeling pain??

No!! It is just little.

Hmm..take care..he went and lay down on the sofa making her astonished.

Maan, you are not going home??

No, I am here for you!!

No..Maan…look..I am perfectly fine this way..you don’t need to..beside pinky will be there early morning.

I am not asking you, but it’s my own wish to stay with you here for your safety.


No more arguments!! He gives her stern look showing her his forefinger to be silent that she shut her mouth and lay back making faces.

Soon sleep engulf her because of medicines and her fragile health.

In midnight,

Maan was quick to got up hearing her soft muffles , he walked to her bed to see her wriggling in her sleep, probably feeling pain in her tummy.

Geet! Geet!!

He tried to wake her up shaking her softly , she was deep in her sleep couldn’t opened her eyes.

Leaving a deep frustrated sigh, he slid beside her on the bed engulfing her softly in his arms without giving her more pain.she cried in her sleep for a while holding on to him , then soon was snoring .


Maan cursed the person under his breath  who is the reason for her current condition. Her soft breaths tingle his senses, after a while he slept off engulfing her dearly in his warmth.

Early morning, Geet wake up first and with her moment Maan was quick to wake up.

He looked at her questioning face and replied her, you were not able to sleep yesterday. So I decided to just give you comfort.

His answer somewhat not went well with her reminding his yesterday answer to her small proposal.

She was definitely frustrated which he could make out the way she turns her face away.

What’s wrong. He definitely didn’t liked it .

I don’t like it..nor I approve.

She blurted waiting for him to got up and he did not willingly but shock with her blunt words.

I had done many things before..infact we did.. that time..this all you do liked??


Geet closed her eyes in shame, he was definitely making her embarrassed, that time things were different!! She spitted facing him.


What was different now and then??

He blasted, his eyes spitting fire as he held her arm tightly giving her pain.


Just I said, I don’t loved you, Miss Geetakshi bahot Bura laga?? Miss Geetakshi’s ego got hurt big time!! Is it GEETAKSHI?!!

He was so rude, that left Geet in big shock hearing his words, WHAT!!??

Aisa hi hai na, Geet??


Ha..you wants to add me in your crazy fans list, who can do whatever you want..loves you dearly..

He shook her hard forgetting about her health.

Maan..she wince with the pain of both her injuries plus his rude and mean words.

Maan then realized what he was doing , he left her abruptly gazing into her deep painful hazel eyes.

You think so low about me!??

It was more as a statement rather than question as she gave him one mocking smirk.

Maan couldn’t find more words after that to talk seeing her smirk.

If it is, then I don’t want a FAN like you for me. I have enough!! She added gulping down the painful knot.

That hit his ego again but kept his silent reasoning her health, just then doctor rushed inside for her check up followed by nurse.

How are you feeling now, Miss Geetakshi??

Feeling much better, doctor.she replied all the while keeping her accusing gaze on him which he couldn’t bare and turn away his own gaze.

Don’t give much stress to your stomach, you must lay down and take rest most of time..and we guess for that what reason you are going to be her for a month.

Doctor finished off giving her warm smile, Geet returns that back with own sweet charm.

After a while both again were left alone when he was ready to go , he heard her


Just don’t make things difficult for us specially me!! Her voice coated with pain, husky, eyes wet urging him, as he turn to give one last glance and dash out.


Geet cried out as soon as he exited, her tummy pained and she had to control herself pressing the buzzer for the nurse.



The day couldn’t be more worse than this, MSK thought looking at the headlines in the newspaper as he threw it angrily.


Maan blasted on the phone, the whole game turn around now pointing at MSK.

How dare??

Who dare to??

His eyes spitting fire, he could just burn the whole world for this..

Precap:- What Is it??

What do you guys think.. I want to know it from you guys now, do you guys guess?? What is the twist here..what happened??

Give me fast replied .. waiting…

I had enough of requesting you guys, for likes and comments.. here i am updating regularly just for you guys.. and what i am getting in return.. so less likes and comments.. after two years of mine now.. 

I have no complaints against those who always do comment and like regularly. 

now till the time my comments and likes doesn’t increase .. updates will be short for this ff.. for pwd protected parts.. silent readers who are not ready to response don’t ask me for pwds.. first comment and like on all parts of ff then ask for specific part pwd..

 I always give in to your requests.. not this time. even some disappeared after getting few parts pwds.. never shown up again..

18 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 25

  1. U always stops at wrong time
    His ego hurts,she tells her decision
    Now how the table is turning…
    Wt is in the headlines..
    How it all turns to him
    He is really not understanding her at this stage…
    I seriously don’t know who is the one behind all these…
    Excited to further…😍💙❤

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  2. Oh nooo what I expected what has happened everything Ulta I thought maan will confess today the way he reached made me think like that but now I feel I have to wait more for it….poor geet already hurt now he is pouring oil to it by his egoistic behavior MSK cannot think emotionaly…he had done the damage now hope he realizes soon before it’s late now curious to know what is in the headlines☺️😘❤️

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  3. Hi,
    AWESOME is the word for this latest update.Ok ,so MSK accuses Geet that she wants him to worship like other fans of her . Oh man, you just don’t realise your own feelings and then hurt others with your big Ego!!This was just like the original MSK.He just can’t see himself in love … because this is the stuff that normal people do, doesn’t go well with the reputation of great MSK!!
    And you know, I just loved the way of answering of Geetakshi.When asked by Maan, she straightly said that she liked him around her. But Maan hurt her with his blunt attitude, she said that she doesn’t want to have him like a fan.She felt much agony, but couldn’t take up the accusation of Maan.
    Now, what is the new newspaper fiasco that enraged MSK again ?
    Waiting for new update.

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  4. Superb update maan really hurt geet bcoz of his ego n rude behavior to hide his own feelings n maan not realize that what damaged he had done n geet felt much agnoy but couldn’t take t up the accusation of maan n hope maan realize his feeling that he loves her n update nxt soon

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  5. Superb update dearie:):):) Loved the way Maan wanted to be be with her all the time, taking care of her, looking after her & her needs…protect her…But what happened to Geet suddenly in the morning? Is it true that Maan does not love her? I don’t think so….but that ego of his! Why is he hurting her so much? By throwing such hurtful words on her? Is that what he thinks of her? Doesn’t he realise that she loves him? And he too? But his ego doesn’t allow him to admit it…So he hurts her like that? I katti with Maan….My heart aches for Geet…I can feel her hurt and pain….

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  6. I loved their teasing at the start… Maan was very caring. I also loved geet’s reaction on finding maan in same bed with her in the morning. What to do maan expect from her after telling her he is not in love but just care for her.. I think he really thinks low of her that she will let anyone touch her. Maan was really rude.. Geet’s answer to the fan comment was nice.. He even hurted her physically.. Feeling bad for geet😢😢😢..

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