Geet clutch his neck tightly sticking to his bare body shivering in cold water. Maan just hold her closer in his arms protectively giving his killer smile to Aditya and Karan standing there burning in anger to see him holding Geet in his bare arms.
Are you fine..he asked her worried making her stand as he grab his shirt from niks covering her wet self with his shirts. Her cloths has become see through sticking to her body like second skin.
Adi and karan rushed towards her worried sick for her.
Are you fine  baby..adi asked her as niks come forward coming out of her shock .
Geet just nodded silently still in the effect of her drowning. It’s scared her as hell.she has fear of that water ..
Babe. .you just left me in shock , niks commented to geet but eyeing all three boys.
Let’s get change .Let’s go..niks hold her and take her towards her room boys followed wearing there shirts much  to maan’s dismay.
He groan in anger as goes for outhouse to change his cloths.
It’s turn late evening turning dark atmosphere everywhere .party was on its way of completion. Maya still didn’t return. Seems like too busy to came home.
As he came down he followed his gaze at where she was going wearing her shorts and silk top.he look mesmerize by her beauty that when his trance broke hearing the bullet sound.
Shit…. he storm towards her pulling her in his arms he jump behind one secluded corner there holding her protectively in his arms .she was going to scream that he hold her mouth preventing her for doing so.
Niks and boys didn’t get what happened suddenly they just hided themselves behind one of Pillar. Little remaining guys or girls ran for there dear life .
Just get that handa girl fast…move fast.one of mask man order his 2 other fellows.
Geet gasp in his palm that was holding her mouth as that man shouted loudly to be heard by everyone. Maan slowly remove his hand finding her little shock.
The men’s started to do there work finding her as they continue to find her from one corner to another.
Geet turn so scare at the sudden happenings that she hided herself in his arms clutching his shirt tightly .he hold her closed patting her head softly .he take out his gun making it ready for his task he hold her from her waist. Her waist chain made some sounds attracting mask men’s attention. Maan groan in anger and her eyes widen in fear.she look at him like scare kitten.
Just stay here.i will look after them.he assured her softly  unclasping her hands from his shirt.
No..she nodded silently stopping him from going away leaving her alone here.as she hold his hand.
Geet .just stop here.don’t come out..he order her sternly forgetting she is his boss.
Before both of them knew what happened she got pulled harshly from his arms landing herself in of the mask man.
Aahhh. .she scream her lungs out fearing hell that the man who has hold her leave her closing his ears with hands and other two came running towards his direction to get hod of her fast.
Her friends came out of there hiding for there dear friend along Maan rushed towards the men holding Geet.
Leave her..he shouted furiously not liking the sight of her in other men’s clutch.
Oh yes .New Bodyguard of The great Geet Handa.
That sentence leave her friends in great shock  of this revelation as they look at Geet hurt or in anger to find out this truth.


  1. Wonderful updates. Maan is getting affected by geet and her antics and so is geet but both are not ready to accept it yet for their own reasons. Loved their moments. Geet is such a kid at times and maan is right that she is surely an antique piece. But all the servants are very fond of geet and cannot see her sad or in pain including nakul their head. Geet craves for her mom’s love but her mother is so busy that she cannot give time to geet, which makes her more rebellious and frustrated and all the frustration comes out on maan as somewhere he has started effecting her and also maan is getting very possessive for geet and jealous when geet talks to her male friends. Eagerly waiting to see how their journey will progress and when will they realize their true feelings for each other. Thanks for the pm and password dear.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww…. How to say in some words how much i loved it… It was awesome, super cute, cool, lovely, emotional, funny, action packed, romantic and much more… Loved it a lotttttttttt.. Geet is soo funny and crazy.. She is a cutie pie.. A confused soul.. Geet’s cries are epic.. Loved jealous maan a lotttttttttt.. Soo possessive.. Liked maan and geet’s little romance.. I wonder y Maya is not showing her love to geet.. What’s the use of that love if u can’t show it to that person how much they means to us.. I hope geet gets to know her moms love soon.. I liked geet and ad’s friendship.. They are cute.. Loved all updates soo much

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Glad she is saved… aww maan really jealous and smiling to have saved geet and have her in his arms … geets life is really in danger… opps… secret of bodyguard revealed in front of her friends…

    Liked by 1 person

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