I told you umpteen of times, Samrat, that she is in very fragile condition, don’t pushed her through more stress.

both men stood ashamed , guilty hearing from doctor.

Look! Samrat, I am regretting to say that her condition has worsen now to the extent, she needs to be away from any stress, or it can be harmful for her life or baby!! if you cant take care of her now then, there are chances that you might loose one both of them.

NO!! both Maan & Samrat shouted together dreading to hear that from her mouth.

It won’t happen, doctor! we really would take care of her well henceforth! Samrat assured her coming back from the shock while Maan was still lost in the words which doctor uttered.

please, try to keep her happy in every way possible.

we will make sure!


Samrat assured her, while looking at her pale face, what a poor soul and what his mother did or he even is not forgivable and adding to their guilt they couldn’t even keep her happy. he sigh turning his gaze towards Maan who was lost as well looking at her. His eyes were moisten holding the pain for his sweetheart.

they had admitted her immediately in the hospital as per doctors advises, she was still unconscious  making both worried.

let her rest here for a while. you can take her back after she get her conscious.


Maan directly took her to the airport where their private jet was ready to take them back to their home. he couldn’t risk to took her back to that haunted place where she had suffered enough.

Samrat send him her few documents along with their divorce papers.

Maan looked at her  as she was still silent, didn’t utter even a single word. she was lost somewhere in her own pain. from the time she had woken up, he was observing her that she was just keeping mum not even she bide bye to Samrat or sulkshana properly, they were left heart broken to see her condition.

Are you fine, sweetheart? he asked softly placing his palm on her as they are ready to take off, he knew she needs him now, it must be her first experience.

Geet, who was lost till now, gasp suddenly holding onto him she buried her face tightly in his chest clutching his shirt in tight fist. It’s alright.. I am here. Maan tried to console her hugging her tight while his palms rubs on her back giving her soothing sensation.

yeh kya ho raha hai.. she finally uttered in her shivering voice making Maan chuckled hearing her sweet voice after a while now.

We are going back to home! he whispered in her ear sensuously giving her currents of pleasure through her whole body, she snuggle closed to him when words make senses in her mind. She pulled back softly looking at his face in disbelief , he nodded softly giving her smile that assured her, and make he smile in tears, tears rolled down freely like river on her damp cheeks, he quickly wiped her face giving her one stern look.


no more tears! he warn her, she pouted crying more seeing his stern looks,Geet, please , sweetheart. for baby’s sake. he added and that work she quickly wiped off her face with her sari pallu making him sweetly surprised. oh so you can do anything for baby but for me, nothing?? he teased her for he was really jealous now.

aisa kuch nahi hai. Geet really took his teasing seriously and tried to convinced him.

toh kaisa hai.. he asked huskily looking at her passionately but she was lost manofying him.

aapko kya chahiye, tell me.. I will do. she asked innocently really feeling bad for making him upset like that.

muze toh bahot kuch chahiye,Geet, for now just give me one kiss. saying so he pulled her more closed touching their noses, Geet now get his teasing and tried to pushed him but he licks her lips making her moan, Maan.. yaha nahi.. she whispered clutching his shoulders for now he was almost holding her on his lap.


hmm.. next moment he got up holding her in his arms and made their way to the bedroom in the plane. Geet was awe looking around, yeh plane hai??

Geet asked innocently like a child as she vaguely remember when the climb inside, Maan looked at her amazed hearing her innocent question, he wanted to laugh but that would have drift her apart again, so he just kept his mum nodding  at her. when they entered the bedroom. Maan closed the door behind  before asking the air hostess for one juice glass for Geet and his black coffee, when her next question came making him smile.

toh plane main yeh room kaise?

I have it arranged for you, how do you like it?


humare liye?? she was blabbering like a innocent child and Maan was loving it.

hmm.. now give me my reward  and before she could grasp what did he meant, he took her lips for passionate kiss, Geet opened her mouth giving him access while he kissed her hungrily drinking her sweet saliva making her dizzy with the effect.


he put her down on the fluffy bed that left Geet astonished again with the soft feel. it was not like even her palace bed, it was more soft and fluffy, she thought pressing her palms on the bed, as they broke the kiss, Maan looked at her thrill expressions, that innocent smile on her lips, new glow on her face just after they had got out of that haunted Palace, he thought.

they heard the knock on the door and he opened it , taking the stuff on the door itself , he lock the door. Geet blushed seeing his passionate kiss as he walked near her with the trolley.

Geet took her juice and medicines and  walked around the room checking around with her curious eyes like a small girl, just seeing her like this make his heart bleed realizing how much she had missed in her life. probably her childhood.. her innocence .. now it was coming out with him .. only him.. he was proud of that fact and happy in his heart to let her free from that golden cage.

sweetheart, come here! Maan stood up putting his cup in the trolley while he saw her peeking out of the window and she stumble back with the effect, feeling dizzy.

Geet!! he rushed forward holding her from behind. hum bilkul thik hai! she assured him while dragging her feet again forward to have look outside.

Maan though was worried for her he let her do what she wants, he couldn’t snatch that right from her, he wanted to see her happy, make her happy, when he next heard her shrill of excitement.

WOW!! Maan!! See the clouds.. we are in between the clouds.. she blabber like a child showing him turning her face to him to watch his expressions then back to small window, poking it .


The smile on her face.. that glow.. that excitement .. the shine in her hazel eyes everything was just amazing. beyond any beauty for him. he continue star at her , she was lost in that small moment .. what was a big deal in that for him.. what was there so special for him in that clouds or this plane but for her she found huge excitement in that small thing, talking with her baby, showing him as well.

She almost jump to have a clear view of it, in her excitement and wince slightly. ouch.. holding her belly.

sambhal ke.. Geet!!


He held her hand and lead her to the bed, abhi bhi dard ho raha hai! he asked concern, nahi.. she replied curtly and then her face was red in embarrassment realizing that what was she doing, she felt ashamed of her behavior. tears sting to her hazel eyes, he immediately  cups her face, kya hua.. dard ho raha hai.?? she shakes her head in no not able to speak anything. toh phir?? he was going impatient.

woh.. hume who.. waise behave nahi karna chahiye tha.. she pouted completing and her face was again red seeing his surprising gaze.

it take a while for him to realized the meaning and he left a heavy breath, you don’t need to feel shy. at least with you understand? he tired to make her understand cupping her face. her statement just stir his heart with the great pain, he never wanted her to conceal anything with him even.

It’s your right, sweetheart. this plane is yours.. our..

Geet gasp hearing him , her eyes widen in surprised, sachi..??!! she asked like a child.

yes, sweetheart, it’s ours, private jet.

achcha? who kya hota hai?? again come a question making Maan sigh, it’s our personal airplane, we own it, you own it being Mrs. Khurana!! hearing him she blushed crimson red and chuckle softly seeing her shying now and then.

you can do whatever you want, koi tumse kuch nahi kahega.. don’t feel shy, sweetheart!

hearing him Geet hugs him dearly with all the love pouring out from the hug, I love you! I really do.. lots of.. with my life..


Geet tried to convince him for she felt so small of herself in front of him now.Maan guess her emotional turmoil from her craving hug. don’t feel small of yourself, Geet. hearing him she was again surprised, he pulled out looked at her face, she had her eyes down caste still feeling low, he cup her chin in between his fingers made her look at him.


look at me Geet, he demanded, she couldn’t deny and looked into his chocolate eyes those were warm feel with the love for her.

it’s your right to live your life as you wish, hai na?? he asked lovingly and she nodded. then do you really think , you did something wrong ?? she nodded again. it was what you wanted from childhood, wasn’t you? she again gives him short nod, then why are you feeling like this now, don’t be hesitate.

she was not that shy..hesitant.. before but living with Rajmata and Samrat.. in that palace.. in between their instructions.. fear.. pain…sufferings it make her feel the way she was feeling now.

I am doing nothing to make you happy, in the return of the pain I have given you and its not because of that but I really loves you Geet!!

she smiled in tears hearing his confession, while he continue,you are going to give me most precious possession in this world.. you have already given me the magical thing .. your beautiful heart. he poke on her chest saying so making her blush.. so don’t feel low about yourself. you have this Maan Singh Khurana with you forever.. you own me Geet!!

his words left her speechless and she pulled him for a soul searing kiss feeling overwhelm.

Precap :- Geet’s entry in the Khurana Mansion.

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  1. Awww finally geet is being released from her so called cage….their moments were so lovely in the plane poor geet gets so excited in the plane maan’s heart is getting wrenched…seeing her innocence and thinking she missed her alot in life next update I m so excited MRS.MAAN officially❤️😘

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  3. Such a beautiful update dearie:):):) Super loved it:):):) Finally they are away from that dreadful place and from the evil clutches of that witch Rajmata. Now they are free to live as Mr & Mrs MSK:):):) And on the way to their home:):):) Yippppeeeeeee:):):) Me doing my happy dance. Its going to be all well for them now:):):) Super super happy:):):) I love Geet’s innocence and cute antics….And also the way MSK can read her thoughts and feelings without her even uttering it:):):) Looking forward to their entry in KM and for their journey in life as Mr & Mrs MSK:):):)

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  4. Awesome update n geet is so cute and innocent n maan n geet both are going to start a new life n like they want n geet is so excited seeing the clouds n asking questions to maan n maan taking care of geet n now they are free from palace n waiting for nxt update n thnxx for pm me

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