Geet woke up lazily in an afternoon feeling so lazy to even woke up.she stand from the bed with messy hairs coming on her face irritating her.however she was lazy and irritated she don’t forget to look herself in the mirror every morning she woke up from her lazy sleep.


As she look in the mirror she just gasp and her eyes widen open leaving her all sleep and laziness behind seeing some horrible creature in front her.
And loud scream escape her mouth seeing it feeling horrible.


Ahhh. …mamma. …mamma. ..
She screams her lungs out .
Maya and Maan from other sides of stairs come running towards her room looking scare and confused at each other.
As both reach her room they stop dead on there place where they were. As look at funny creature in front there eyes and looked shock with open mouth seeing it.
And whole mansion buzzed with the beautiful laughter..


Geet look at her mother laughing her heart out freely looking all beautiful. It’s first time she was seeing her laughing like this leaving all tension behind leaving that fake face.even Maan stand there amused seeing Maya laughing first time.

He too can’t control his laugh but soon join her and later all the servants came running only to burst in big laughter seeing there Geet memsahib looking funny with her as usual messy hairs but to add this fun there was all dark color apply on her face looking so horrible and funny as well.


Geet just got out of her staring session at her mum and started to became red fuming on all standing laughing on her.she put her hands on her waist and glared at the every person standing in front her laughing on her.
And the monster’s who did this act to fume her cam from there hiding laughing holding there stomach…
Ohh.geet..babe you are looking. ..horrible niks poked her cheeks playfully laughing.
Baby you are looking too cute…adi came forward holding his stomach laughing loudly pinching her cheeks.
Bura na mano holi hai..Both scream in between there laughing..
Karan as always standing there staring her innocence and cute looking ..with his other friends.
Maan catch that and his whole burn in jealousy to see that..he just wanted to throw this two guys out of mansion but can’t do that. And how they just came in her room.his fist tighten to think on this line.he came out of his thoughts hearing her loud scream that he hold his ears..
Ahhh. …argh…I will not leave anyone…you… SHE SCREAM yet again.
And all just got disappear from her room leaving her alone with her mom and Maan stand outside her room as Maya gesture him..
Geet..now go and take a bath and is this the time to woke up..why did you go to that pub late night. Maya scold her for her late night adventure.
Geet pouted seeing her again coming in her angry mode before sometime she was laughing looking beautiful and here she goes again…
Mamma. .aaj to muze dato mat. .aaj to holi hai na..she hug her from neck like a child rubbing her color cheek on her own.
Uppss geet ye kya karti rahti ho..I have to go to office and you make me mess with you.she scold her again seeing her childish behavior.


Mum you are not going anywhere leaving me alone.its holiday today.its holi mum.we will have fun.and..
Geet..I am not going to do that with you.just play with your friends. I will be back soon .saying so she goes out her room leaving her sad yet again.
Mum..mamma. .Listen. .Geet shouted but she was gone from there.
She just banged the washroom door angrily as few tears wet her cheeks.
Maan listen everything from outside and knows now she must be angry and upset.
Maya asking him about his duty goes to her office leaving Geet in his safe guard.
Geet sat there puffing her face on the pool side where as all around there was fun going on making the place more alive .it was holi party in her lawn near pool side but she was not participating in it reasoning her mother.


She was still upset on her mum for leaving her on Holi party.
Hey babe..lets have fun.and. come on.
Niks try to pulled her but geet herself pulled her harshly in her anger and both falls down on the hard floor Geet on it and nik on her wincing in pain.
Geet just cried out in frustration as her back got hurt .
You pig just get off me.she scolded her pushing her off her.
Haww babe, why are you getting this much angry .I just come to called you for playing.you were seating here alone upset..she chatter pouting to see Geet angry on her.
Aww. .Geet wince in pain as she try to stand up.


Let me help you..Maan offer his hand to her standing beside her. already she was wearing that short summer dress of hers for Holi party.that came on her upper thighs leaving her legs bare to leave him restless for her safety.


Niks looks confused and trying to figure out where did she had seen him but can’t able to remember. .
Geet just got hold of his hand still fuming on nik she got up with the support of him.


Karan and Aditya came running seeing the scenery.
Baby what happened. .adi inquired Coming between her and maan much to his annoyance. .as he support her holding her waist.
Nothing adi.just let’s play holi…chalo guys.she ached her back to get out of the pain and started walking further with adi, fuming karan behind following them along fuming nik and maan behind.
Maan was fuming to see his hands on her waist and niks was fuming to see her antics and tantrums .she just goes off from there leaving her to play holi and here she has came here to called her for that only.


Geet just busted in colors doing hungama all over the place with colors in her hands going loud like a child.her mum was also not there to scold her. She didn’t even leave the servants coloring them taking revenge on them for laughing on her in the morning. They are more than happy to play with the Geet memsahib. She always had add color in there dull life.


Maan was looking at her intently standing at a side aswell checking all the security around the place.its festival today so there was high chances of rivals to make an entry here getting the chance.even maya was also not at home. He was in alert mode looking all around aswell checking on her now and then.her closeness with her two friends always irk and make him to fume but he leave that aside for the time being to check on other things and her friends are no harm to her beside there closeness which was his personal problem. All girls in the party had try there best to woe him but he is hard thing catch by them.he had neglected there offers the play holi with them roughly making them upsate.
Some girls from geet’s goal even ask her for help making her fume on them and she had just throw all colors on there make up loaded face to make them whine.
Geet was busy in her playing with color and she just sleep behind in the pool drenching in it but not knowing how to swim she started to swim vigorously to get out of the water screaming to save her .the pool was little deep for her.
Help..Help. .me…
And all three boys just jump in the pool leaving nik to gasp with shock as she stand there with open mouth to see the scene.
Karan is the first one to jump in it follow by Maan who rushed there as soon as heard her scream followed by Aditya coming out of shock.all three boys take out there shirts baring them self and jump in the pool hurriedly

422803_496482650362176_1167899386_n_zps96a5471f0S9P6725 - Copy628251sidharth

Nik making the yuck face take off all three shirts from her face which was landed when three of them have throws it on her face only.
Help…her voice was drowning along herself, when all of a sudden she felt herself flying in water as someone just take her in his hard arms ..she quiver in cold water and fear of drowning cling to his bare body and other two just burn in extreme anger to see her in his bare arms..


  1. Geet wanna Maya spend holi with her…as usual…work..she feel sad..BT her friend their….holi…celebration…now she felt in water..who the hero tat save her..hope dear maan

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  2. With each chapter geet is turning cute.. I wish her mother could at least spend some time with her… maan is also getting attracted toward his sweety.. I hope she is fine and in arms of maan

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