Maan looked at her shock hearing her question but soon realized she was looking lost , he felt an urge to took her in his arms that instant seeing her sad face but he control himself.

He felt his all shook with her simple question, NO!! he doesn’t love her, it’s only he is concerned for her because of his extreme attraction towards her.he reason though himself was not convince with it.

I do.. he blurted when she looked at him hearing him anticipating his confession but he did disappointed her with his next words .

I do care for you!!


He spoke softly holding her hand in his own pressing it softly to assured her.

Geet just gave him small smile that too just formal one before pulling back her hand from his hold. She felt her world crashing down, don’t know why?? Just with his denying to her,but he did said that he care for her .

It’s enough!! She thought to herself.no needs for expectations when she knew it’s going to crash down and today she felt it.

Maan looked at her suddenly depriving from him which he didn’t liked a bit, he clutch her palm firmly just when officers with Dhanraaj entered inside her room.

Geet softly pulled back and he left her hand not wanted to make it obvious in public.

We are here to take your statement,Miss Geetakshi!! Mr.Kappor is already in our custody for the murder attempt on you.

Hearing him Geet shivers with extreme fear and pain she felt just reminding that incident.

Relax,Geet!! Maan held her and made her lay back on the bed.

Officer, it is really necessary to do it now!! Maan fumed, though he talk to him keeping his anger in control.

Before he could reply or argue back Geet speak in meek voice.

I am alright, officer , you can proceeds!!

Maan looked at her frustratingly,you needs rest!!


I am fine Maan,they needs to do their work .

Geet argue back while all people looked at them curiously seeing their arguments.

Geet gives him short nod and he sigh taking defeat turning his face away from her.

You can proceeds Mr.Khan!!

Thank you, Geetakshi! I want to know it is truth that you guys, I mean you and Dhanraaj had changed the script at last moment,

Geet nodded her head at him calmly and the discussion went on like how many people were present on the set and whom.

Geet finally said, Mr.khan , I don’t think Rohit could do such thing with me.i mean he .. Geet stop for while feeling his piercing gaze in her and she turns to looked at him only to gulp hard seeing his hard gaze on her, he was glaring at her with his red furious eyes.

He did tried to misbehave with me,once but I can’t think he would do such a thing. Also knife must have changed while in between the shooting.

Geet complete turning her gaze away from him, she told what she was thinking all this while after getting conscious.

Hmm..Miss Geetakshi, you are right! But we can’t either take risk of leaving any suspect without enough proofs.

Till the time we get real criminal behind it we are bound to keep him in custody.

But if I said he is not mine culprit.

But Miss Geetakshi..

I am the one who was attacked and the victim , so mine statement is impt. here, don’t you know??


She was rude this time for she done wanted to ruin someone innocent’s life if he is not the culprit.

It would much big crime if she do so!!

We know our duty Very well, Miss Geetakshi!

Mr.khan really don’t like her attitude , he spitted back though keeping his voice in control.

Then try to find out the real criminal behind it, the one who did killed Rahul as well.

Her words make everyone present there shocked, because now things seems making right senses, they actually forgot to connect the dots but here Geetakshi did.

Everyone were lost for a moment in deep thinking, silent spread in the atmosphere.

Geet closed her eyes feeling pain with those arguments.

Nurse send everyone out quickly calling doctor for her check up.

officer, I think Geet said right. Maan spoke after thinking a lot.

Did you found out any proofs about that Rahul fiasco.

Unfortunately nothing for now, Mr.Khurana. Just that letter G written with blood.

All were startle hearing it as before then have got to know about the letter only , they have assumed it to be red color not the Blood.

Disgusting!! Dhanraaj mutters making face.

What do we expect from the criminal?? Khan stated 

We guess  then the attack meant for Rohit , not Geetakshi!!

Officer concluded making everyone shock again.

This is it!!?? The script was changed ,that only know in between two of us , Geetakshi and me, Dhanraaj stated giving pushed to his words.

So the attack was definitely for Rohit, who wants to killed him as in previous script was Geetakshi was going to attack Rohit to saved herself.

But the question remain same, who wants to kill Rohit and even Rahul.??

All the while Maan stood silent getting to know new things in the case.

images (2)

He was also curious now to know who is the killer.

We needs to have a talk with Mr.Kapoor.

Mr.khurana!! Thanks for your cooperation as well. Khan shook his hand with his taking their leave.

Hmm.. hopefully they found out the real killer and rescue Rohit!! Poor guy!!

Dhanraaj mutter feeling bad for Rohit.

Maan looked at him and he was lost in his thoughts analyzing the things , just then he got the phone call and his anger reach to its peak.

You people are useless!!

He blasted shutting the phone down after hearing other side.

What’s the matter,MK??

Despite the tight security ,someone had sneak into Geetakshi’s room at night.


Gurmeet Choudhary as Maan in angry mood

What were you guys doing? How that happened??

Sir, really believe us, we didn’t even have a ounce of sleep yesterday.

Don’t know how did that guy managed to do it. Other supported the first one

Maan was mad with rage , his eyes spitting fire.

You guys are of no use!!

Dhanraaj blasted , Maan quickly called Khan and informed him about the situation. He was back to the place to do inquiry.

After a while, they tried to fetch camera records but to their shock they find nothing, all blank.

Checking with cctvs in her room again all got to know, it’s new set up, just today they did it.

Shit!! Maan bang his hand furiously on the wall making Geet twitch in her sleep.she was sleeping peacefully but hearing the sound she frown in her sleep.

All quickly rushed out again , Maan arranged for new security, giving them dangerous warnings.

This guy seems more clever than we had assumed.

We should asked from Geetakshi , she must be known about it, if he had sneak inside her room.

Hmm. But then she had told us if she was aware of it.

Let her rest for now, I will ask , Maan assured.

But now again the same confusion arise, MK!

Dhanraaj and Maan looked at Khan while he proceeds further,

Whom did he wants to kill, actually? what do he wants?? If it’s Rohit, he wanted killed then what he was doing in her room late mid night.

Hmm…we will look after the whole matter, for now I will take your leave.

Khan and Dhanraaj left from there leaving Maan alone.

Whoever you are, Mr.Criminal. Maan Singh Khurana won’t leave you for you have tried to harm my Geet!!


He vows to himself and rushed back to his office , for now pinky was their to look after Geet.

I was just away from a day, and what did you do to yourself!!

Pinky scold her dear friend but she was on the verge of tears seeing her condition.

I am fine , pinky, you don’t start to crying now!!

Geet teased her giving her sweet smile.

She help her to eat her lunch and then medicine, after that Geet was sleeping again.


Maan was busy whole day in remaining works and meetings that couldn’t find the chance for even having his lunch.

First of all he was not at all interested in it, in small breaks he was lost in her thoughts, he wanted to call her or asked her about health, did she had a lunch her medicines but then deprived the thought thinking she will take again wrong meaning out of that as her question buzz in his head, that soft melodious voice of hers.

And you??

He didn’t tried to asked the same question to himself fearing from his own answers.

But he didn’t disappoint her either, did he??

Yes he told her he care for her, he is always there for her.she must have not felt sad that way. He assumed things on his own and tried to give peace to his restless heart.


He was relived removed from her restless thoughts, once getting the call for next meeting.

At night, he sat at the dinner table alone to have dinner but her thoughts, her pale face , her sweet smile didn’t left his mind.

He didn’t go to meet her today, lost in his own restlessness, thought to go for it tomorrow when he will be fresh and at calm mind.

He tried to eat his Italian dish, chew on the food, but just one spoon , he couldn’t eat much as her blood fill sight roam before his eyes, her tears, her scream of anguish.

He couldn’t gulp down the morsel, drank the glass of water in one go feeling damn scare to lose her.

She is fine , Maan. All fine !! He tried to make himself understand getting up from the dinning table pushing the chair back.

Sir do you want anything, Nakul asked seeing his weird behavior.

Hmm…?? I want nothing. You get lost from my sight.!! He blasted on poor guy for getting disturb like this with his thoughts about Geet.

But sir..you..


He thunder scaring the hell out of poor Nakul , he made a small run from there leaving Maan alone.

Damn it!! Maan made a wild dash to his room , he splash water on his face furiously to calm himself but no use.

Her blood which was spread on his palms, shirt come to his view, making him shiver in terror to even imagine it.



He cried out before running out of the mansion taking his car keys.


Kya hua?? Thoda sa toh kha lo , pinky urge her but Geet seems lost somewhere.

Kuch nahi pinky, bahot baicheni ho Rahhi hai. Geet pushed the spoon away which she was offering  from her sight pouting her lips, she was in the verge of crying now, feeling this much suffocation.

Are you feeling any pain?

No..don’t ask me anything now, pinky..plz..I won’t able to answer.


She spoke with great difficulty as for now her voice quiver with her eyes getting moisten.

Before pinky could console her, she look at Geet who was now just gaping at the sight,


pinky follow her gaze and turn to see MK standing on the door looking at Geet intently.


No words needed now for pinky to understand the situation, she just got up silently walking towards the door.

She stop beside Maan , usne khana nahi khaya, she needs to take medicines as well.

Informing so pinky went away leaving both of them alone to take care of.



I Have try my best, hope it had come out well. Have tried to give all things in one update that’s why it went long because I wanted to add Maneet before closing it for you guys .

More has to be come.

Do like and comment .really  want lots of likes and comments on this one or next update will be short.

17 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 24

  1. I just love this
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    Both r restless…
    She become sad when he doesn’t tell her he loves her instead he says I do care for her
    He is not pouring his feelings infront of her…she is also thinking it’s okke in this way otherwise if afterwards something happends it will hurt her more
    But who can control,both r restless in thinking of each other
    He just comes for her….
    Waiting for the mastermind impatiently….
    It’s going super interesting and intriguing 😍😍😊

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    1. Thank you di😁
      I am glad you found it interesting..😁
      Hmm..he is not ready to even acknowledge to himself..then how is going to confess to her..😉😄
      It had just started..aage aage dekho hota hai kya.😉

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  2. Hi,
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    With all the twists and turns, physical attractions,mischievous personality, murder,mistery…….. there is a new layer of emotion and feeling in the story.
    For the first time, Geet wanted to know about the feelings for herself from Maan, that also in a decent and cute way.
    She is sad to know the answer was that he cared for her only!
    Now she will treat Maan as her well wisher and try to keep her own feelings in check.
    The character of Geetakshi needs this self respect, I think.
    Whether Maan is far away from realising the real worth of Geet in his life . He is giving his own reasons to himself not wanting to question his heart.
    Well , it’s the business tycoon MSK, whose mind overpowers his heart.
    I will like to see this tug of emotions in both of them, it will be really interesting apart from the mistery side.
    It was my pov 😊
    Go ahead and keep well.

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful review..😊
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      Still story needs to build up..
      All will happen at the perfect time , at perfect point in the story..
      It has just started..

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  3. Nice update the way maan blurted was awesome but he changed it into care poor geet got hurt with it…the way geet behaved made him feel hurt hope they confess their feelings soon…now about the culprit oh god I m really curious to know who the hell is see he sneaked into geet’s room too…maan after returning home got to know the value of geet he immediately returned to hospital waiting waiting to read further ❤️😘

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  4. Super awesome update dearie:):):) So mysterious and its has piqued my curiosity all time high…Who is the criminal? Who killed Rahul and now tried to kill Rohit? The reason is Geet…But why? And who? Why is Maan & Geet feeling so restless and anxious? Are they in danger? Thank god Maan came to meet Geet. What will happen now?

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  5. Superb update n maan n geet both are feeling restless n the way maan express his feeling was good but he changed it in to care n geet get hurt n hope they confess their own feelings to each other n waiting to know the person behind all this n thnxx for pm me

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  6. I’m angry with maan for his answer.. He don’t love her 😒😒😒.. He can’t stand anyone with her, he wants her, he is always behind her, he can’t see her in pain, he care for her and he also calls her his after all this he says he don’t love her 🙄🙄🙄🙄.. Good that geet told them to leave rohit.. I don’t want him to b punished for something he hadn’t done. My confusion is increasing with each update… As always loved the update.

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