It was late afternoon,

Maan was out for his one of the meeting with Adi assisting him. They reach at the doorstep of the restaurant where there meeting was schedule and he saw her. His eyes shine in happiness on finding her sight.

Sir..should we get off?? Asked Adi seeing him lost again in Miss Geet as he looked at her she was just walking out of the restaurant.

No!! I want to stay here and watch her!!


Maan clarified making Adi astonished with his reply. That’s why he was here, he choose this place for today’s meeting as he knew she will be here, Adi had given him info.

His eyes soon shine in surprise realizing the fact that she was wearing sari today, oh how much he loved to see her wearing that. She absolutely looks breath taking in that yellow sari like a sunflower bathing in sunshine.

He was lost in her as she was walking towards them where his car was park.

Adi, I am going to buy this restaurant. Go talk to the owner. Maan orders him leaving Adi shock when Maan added further.

As long as something is related with her, MSK will own it. His voice was filled with obsession.. some passion.

Yes sir!! Saying so adi rushed out of the car but he stop for a moment seeing Geet who was seems not in a good condition. She was holding her head as if going to fall.

On the other hand, Geet who was from morning not feeling well and dizzy, she had vomited few times even, now started to felt dizzy. Her head spine that she held it with her both palms.

Sir, Miss Geet!! adi called him to inform when Maan looked at her direction to see her wobbling on her place , he at once rushed out of the car and barge towards her to catch her before she falls. Geet was going to hit the floor when she felt herself swinging in his arms.


Her eyes were dizzy as she tried to look her savior, what are you doing here?? Was her last question to him before she falls unconscious?


He held her protectively in his arms and carried her to his car.


And now it’s been few hours, she was not getting up, his frustration rose on the staff, anger busted for he was feeling helpless to see her still unconscious lying pale on the hospital bed. He couldn’t do anything and it’s doctors’ duty, but they are doing nothing to make her conscious.


You useless people! I should called best doctor not you guys!! Just get the hell out and get best doctor here!

Mr. Khurana!!??

The doctor who was checking her shivers with fear from his anger as well as to loosed his job.

Sir , I am so sorry.. do give us few minutes.. we are still looking at she woke up soon.

You are checking?? Why hasn’t she woken up yet then?? He blasted with his red furious eyes spiting fire on the poor doctor.

Sir..plz let us check her again.

Maan agree this time huffing in frustration, he was actually going worried for her. Next doctors again shivers with his roar as they tried to hold her hand, don’t touch her with your dirty hands!!

Where is Dr. Shah? Called him here??

Maan turns to Adi shouting on him.

Sorry sir, but he is not here at this moment, he had went to meet your dadima back to delhi. Adi stutter informing him about his absent.

Now this definitely not a good news for Maan, he was burning like a volcano when adi tried to make him understand, sir. Plz let them check her for now or else her condition would be worsen also.

Adi gulp hard with the hard glare which he receive form his boss but Maan had to agree with it for he couldn’t risk her health.

Doctor checked her while Maan stood still gaping at her innocent face, she was still sleeping which irk him.

She seems faced terrible trauma before. That’s why she fainted. There is no needs to worry, she just needs to take rest. Doctor finished in one breath scaring from his anger.

Maan sigh in frustration knowing about her health, what had happened to her.

Everyone get out!! He order next in his hard voice but he stop then hearing her murmuring sound. She was talking something in her half-conscious state with her eyes closed.

TULIPS!! I don’t want it! Stay away from me.. Roses!! Get away!


Maan was confuse now hearing her, but his anger rose again hearing about tulips. When did sent her those?? He turns to adi, check out who sent her flowers today apart from me! His eyes were furiously red which shivers adi and he quickly replied, yes, I will send someone to check right away.

Maan just went near her bed and sat on the stool besides her taking her hand on his own caressing her it softly. He was lost looking at her beautiful face. She had changed but changed into most Gorgeous woman.


He thought stucking back few curls of hers behind her ear making her shiver in the response, he smile feeling happy to see her response to his small touches even in her sleep.

After a while Adi comes back making his work done, he looked at his boss lost in Miss Geet again, he fear to disturb him and make him angry again but he have to, so he stated.

Sir it’s time for the meeting. I will find someone to take care of Miss Geet here. Adi though fearing form inside, but soon he sigh in relief seeing him normal and hearing his voice next.

Find the best people to take care of her, I don’t want anything to happen to her.

Maan stood up to go but just when he turns he felt a tug on his hand, her fingers touched him trying to hold him and he heard her soft voice.

Don’t leave me alone.. plz..don’t go..

Maan turns to see her murmuring those words with her closed eyes. She was still unconscious. Maan couldn’t resist, he sat back near her holding her hand in his own.

No I am not going anywhere leaving you. I will stay with you!!


He tried to assured her patting her forehead, I will not leave you again, mishty. He whisper softly pecking her forehead, she smiled in her sleep as if hearing him and feeling his sweet kiss.


Maan chuckle, his heart felt at peace seeing her smile.

Adi now started to sweat in the fear that how to asked him boss again for this meeting is very important for their company. He again tried, sir.. we should go now otherwise we will be late for the meeting, clients are waiting for us from half an hour. He informed about getting call form them as well.

I am not going to any meeting, Adi. Cancel it.. Maan replied straight just staring at her innocent face.

But sir..

Shut up, adi. Didn’t you heard what I said??


He glared at him that left Adi shivers in fear. You go and arranged it for today, Adi. He commands again and Adi have to agree to him without further arguments, he know his boss doesn’t like it.

Adi rushed out from there leaving both of them alone. Maan looked at her, he was still holding her hand or she was the one who was not ready to let go of him. Staring at her place he went to sleep resting his head on the bed beside her.

After an hour Geet stir in her sleep and woke up making him awake as well, she looked at her side to see him straight at her, she got up and stared back at him, both were lost in a eyelock for a moment which he broke to asked her,


What happened?? Are you not feeling well? He asked worried for her to see her just gapping at him, she was actually confused on finding him near her at this hour ,next she was startle to hear his yelling as he started to shout for doctor, in a minute doctor with nurse ran inside to check upon her again.

Mr. Khurana, she is perfectly fine, now. She can go home after taking little more rest.

Are you sure, doctor? She won’t faint again?

Maan asked in dangerous voice, staring hard, that left doctor sweating like hell before he could replied they heard Geet’s voice who was watching the scene,, felt bad for poor doctor. Why is he making him scare like that. She pouted before answering him,

I am fine, MK!!

Maan looked at her and nodded curtly sending doctor out, he was calm and peaceful now getting her back.

Thank you!! He heard her soft voice and he drag his feet towards her, no need to say it,mishty! I am happy that you are alright, mishty!!

Mishty!?? Geet wonder.. so sweet.. she gives him cheeky smile making his heart flutter while she continue to gap at his beautiful face that was so closed to her right now as he sat closed to her on the bed.


Perfect features.. eyes shining brown and bright .. the long nose.. she was just staring at his face and making out his nice features of face. Her gaze went on his sexy M shape… yummy.. she thought childishly chuckling on her own thought of tasting them.. oh she turn beetroot red making Maan smirk as he can see her gaze lingering on his lips.


Geet realized his gaze and blushed more before meeting his eyes, even his eyelashes are so long, how can he this beautiful?!! I want to touch him!! She thought looking at him with her dreamy expressions while her heart was beating fast so fast that she guess he might be hear it as well.

You look more beautiful than a girl! She spilled out not able to stop herself.

To be continue..

Precap :-

What will be his reaction after hearing his own praises from his mishty!??



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22 thoughts on “MSK’S LOST BRIDE PART 6

  1. really interesting chapter
    geet is in trauma , is it regarding her past?
    hope maan will help her soon physically and mentally soon
    Maan is really hot headed and fall deep for geet may be obsession but it was so cute how he is caring her
    geet and her innonce will make maan very much in trouble .
    but i need to know who is her current boy friend ?
    can’t wait for next update to see how maan is reacting to her last line

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  2. Awww lovely update dear the way maan took care of geet was nice…he made the hospital upside down poor adi was facing maan’s wrath finally geet got his consciousness and the way they were close to each other and lost in their admiring sessions superb waiting to read more 😘❤️

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  3. Awesome update n maan take care of geet was nice n he makes hospital ups and downs n poor doctor scared of maan n geet gain consciousness n the way they both look at each other was superb n geet lost her in world staring maan n update nxt part soon n pls pm me too please

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    1. Thank you😊
      Yeah..will pm you sure..
      Sorry I guess I forgot last time ..I think you are not in my buddy list..will add you first and then pm you from next your user ID same there or you can add me first have to bear my other FFS pm also then 😁
      You can get updates here on blog also first before pm. As I am updating on blog only.😊


  4. Superb update dear
    They meet again.
    But Geet became unconscious.
    Maan was taking care of her.
    Geet finally observe the मांस features..
    She was blushing.
    Precap is superb
    Update soon.

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  5. Choooooooooo chweeet my MSK:):):) I loved it when he takes care of Geet with all of his love:):):) Poor Adi, poor clients and poor doctor:):):) But am sure that now MSK will get to the bottom of Geet’s past and trauma…Now it has to face the MSK before getting to Geet…I want Maan to bring Geet home to his Dadima…Will that happen?

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