He looked at her lying lifeless on the bed in still not ready to opened her eyes, he sigh frustratingly taking steps near her bed and he sat down near her taking hold of her hand in his which has needle piercing through her soft skin attaching saline.

He sigh painfully gulping the knot in his throat, what he is feeling at that moment and how.. it was all unknown to him. he don’t know nor wanted to know just drown in her pain.


I promised, darling! I will punished your culprit severely till he beg to me for his death!! he mutter furiously at last pecking her soft palm that she twitch in slight pain frowning cutely still with her closed eyes.

images (8)

Maan who was looking at her face only, got astonished seeing it, he quickly asked the nurse to called the doctor here as she is conscious now.

Geet! darling!! are you awake? opened your eyes, Jaan!


he asked from her softly caressing her forehead , Geet slowly opened her eyes feeling dizzy and watching his blur image she again closed it feeling weak and dizzy.

doctor ran inside and checked her, soon they shift her to private ward checking everything is fine.

now she is stable Mr.Khurana! just needs to take a lot of rest atleast it will take her month to recover fully.

maan was listening him silently and he just shook his head taking prescription of medicines form him while doctor continue.

she needs to be here for a week atleast till her stomach injury get properly heal,

hearing it maan felt a pang of pain in his heart, he felt very bad for her.


it was midnight, Maan went to his mansion to freshen up and changed into fresh set of cloths as it was not good for Geet health also. he arranged range of security guards around hospital so as outside her private ward. she was securely sleeping peacefully now in between security.

and he entered inside her room not able to stay back seeing her in that state, his heart twitch in pain. how fragile his Geet is! and what did he did in his own obsession! his Junoon.. he cross his madness in his own Aashiqui! he thought miserably seeing her lying like a lifeless doll.

he bend down on her face and kissed her softly, to his astonishment she moaned in the kiss feeling him. he kissed her lovingly with all the care not to hurt his precious doll, after  a while he left her feeling her going breathless.

take care, Jaan!! he whispered near her ears giving there soft kiss, she moaned again giving him happiness and she turned to his side giving him full view of her beautiful face, watching her one last time he dash out of the opened window from where he had come inside.


Geet opened her dizzy eyes slowly to see him standing before her with his arms cross on his broad chest, he stood watching her each move lovingly for he was relief , finally she woke up from her long sleep .



he walked further and sat beside her caressing her face lovingly, how are you feeling now?? feeling pain?? he asked lovingly and softly .


Geet kept looking at his soft side, overwhelm with feelings for finding him near her when she has no one in her life.

Next Maan found her crying out softly on his chest as she hugged him slowly and wet his shirt. its alright!! you are safe now, Geet!


he patted her arms and head to make her calm. when he heard slight moan of pain, he part her away make her lay down on her back softly. don’t hurt yourself! he commanded eyeing her bandaged stomach.


I was scared!  she confessed honestly wiping her eyes, for what? he was quick to asked eyeing her intently making her coy in his look, she down castes her lashes. I was there for you, don’t you know? he held her chin in between his two fingers and make her look at him.

surprised to hear him, she looked at him in awe. hmm.. she again hmm in response admiring him silently. then?? for what to fear, Geet? she had no answers to this question as she knew she have no one in her life to look after her needs and wishes. its only her money and fame called or else she was alone .. so is now. her eyes reflected her hidden pain, that he read her thoughts.


I am always there for you Geet, remember that! he spoke in stern tone looking straight into her hazel eyes, which widen in surprised hearing him. but she was still not able to believe him or anyone or her fate.


she closed her eyes and turn on his arm which was below her head , making herself cozy in his warmth she slept soon feeling tired.


Maan continue to gawk her beautiful face which had turn pale now, he caressed her soft cheeks making her chuckle in her sleep even . He smiled seeing it and hold her closed taking care that he didn’t hurt her.Soon sleep overpowered his tired self as he was also worn out in between the fiasco.



Next Day, Geet was feeling better after getting peaceful sleep in the warmth of Mr.Khurana. she chuckled remembering the night and morning after when she woke up in his arms. His scent still linger in her senses making her fresh.

Doctors check her, changed her bandages and nurse comes to do give her sponge bath, Maan reluctantly went out where he met with Dhanraaj who was there with other crew members.

How is she, now??


Geet was looking fresh like a morning flower , soft smile was adoring her face making her look even more beautiful, as she watched her room filled up with flowers and greeting cards that read get well soon!!



She felt overwhelmed feeling the love of the people.

All really loves you a lot!!

Maan commented seeing her shinning face that was probably because of the love she is getting .

And you??

She asked out of blue, lost state of mind just looking at his shock face waiting for his answer.

to be continued…

Precap :-

Geet’s statement??

And she remembered that horrible accident!!

Ok guys.. I get to know from comments now you guys are confused about who is Aashiq ?? Maan or someone else.?

So this is the main twist and concept of the story. It will reveal in future updates who is it really and more things, can’t reveal now .

Keep patience and enjoyed the current story. Do not forget to like and comment.

Thanks to those who had like and comment on previous Chappy taking out their precious time.

Thank you guys!!

Will try to update regularly short or average updates at week time one FF ..what’s say..

17 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 23

  1. She wakes up and safe now
    He arranged full security for her
    She is happy to see him
    She feels alone in the world as she has noone
    He says to her that he will be there for her always

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  2. Superb update dear
    Maan is taking care of her.
    Somewhere he is feeling guilty.
    Geet is fine now.
    In her life Jo one to take care of her.
    But Maan stay their for her.
    He is feeling something when he was going through this incident. But he ignored.
    But after asking the question by Geet… It will be great to know his answer.
    Please update soon.
    Take care.

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  3. Wonderful update dear thank God she is safe n fine now maan was completely broken seeing her like this…he arranged full security for her who is the one barked in through window … lovely geet asked straightly about his feelings towards her.. now what will be the statement I m excited continue dear😘😘

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  4. Fabulous update dearie. Thank god Geet survived & is now recovering well. OMG! That stalker came to see her…Who is he yaar…I loved the way Maan understood Geet’s thoughts and feelings…that she has never had or has anyone who loves her for who she is and will take care of her in every way…Maan’s words of promise is such a balm to her empty aching heart. Which is why at the end she asks him about what he feels for her…I am so eager to see Maan’s response to that. I really hope that Maan confesses his love for Geet and proposes to her. That would be so so wonderful na:):):)

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  5. I didn’t got notification of ur update in my mail 😭😭😭😭😭😭.. I thought u haven’t updated for a long time.. Finally I decided to just check once.. And got to know u have already updated many parts..
    Anyway as always I loved the update.. Maan is soo caring.. I still doubt maan is her aashiq. Aashiq is soo creepy.. Iam soo confused.. Sometimes i feel he is maan and sometimes not. I wonder what will be maan’s reply

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    1. Oh…it happens ..
      Glad you checked it..😁
      Thanks.. Yeah Aashiq is still mystery..and the main concept..that is why it taking me long to reveal in the story..😉😁


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