He took out one silky material of sari from her cupboard sliding it down from her cheek making her feel ticklish.she smile as he lift her next taking her inside washroom.

Giving her privacy he exited it not before asking her to keep the door unlocked and call him after she was done.

Geet just nodded silently feeling shy, Maan couldn’t help but adored her sweet shyness.

After a while Geet peek out of the door calling him as per his warning before.



Her sweet little voice echo through the silent room as he was busy in his phone checking some mails.He turns to looked back hearing her sweet innocent voice.


He was Bowl by her innocent beauty as she was still waiting for him on the door of washroom wearing her bathrobe.

She blushed not able to meet his gaze as he walked towards her with steady steps.

Reaching to her he again took her in his arms and making both there way towards the dressing room.

Making her stand on her feet, he opened the knot of her bathrobe.she placed her hand on his which was opening the knot..feeling shy ..all the while she was looking down while his gaze was on only her.

He smirk seeing her burning red, in next moment he pushed down the robe from her body making it fall down on her feet.She was only in her inner wears.

She went in his arms trying to hide herself in him. He engulf her half bare body in his warm arms making her relax as he rubbed her back soothing her senses.


His face dip in her shoulder sniffing her fresh fragrant, his lips burns her skin making her moans in the effect..maaann.. she wraps her arms around his back holding him tight.

He took her skirt making her wore it, his fingers teased her soft skin, tickling her tummy..she smiled softly, Maan looked at her face mesmerized to see that pure and innocent smile on her face. She was glowing with the happiness for having him near her.


Next he makes her wear her blouse again roaming his fingers on body parts ,his hands went to..he mold her br**** on her blouse itself while kissing her on her cleavage area.


She grasp his nape roaming her fingers in between his dark hairs, he press his lips harder on the soft skin below, licking it tasting her sweetness.her knees wobble with the effect, she clutch him tight from his shoulder.

He grasp her from her bare waist making her condition more worse..maannn..??

Hmm.. sweetheart..?? He whispered huskily giving her sensuous kisses on her chin..then her red cheeks..coming down he kissed her lips softly leaving them wet and swollen making her look more desirable.

He wrap the sari around her , she come back to her senses and help him to wrap it up for herself, pinning it on her shoulder, he went on his knees again, tucking the plates of it in her skirt on her waist line, his fingers trail down on her soft skin , he peck her growing tummy lovingly, daddy love his angel.


He whispered lovingly patting her tummy ..Geet smiled cheekily hearing him and seeing his sweet gesture while his next set of words made her chuckle and little angry.. but sorry baby..daddy loves Mumma more than his angel.he got up and peck her forehead with the love.

AAP phirse.. words..he placed his finger on her lips stopping her.

I love you!! He simply confessed again walking her near the dressing table where the divorce papers lay.

Yeh..?? Geet was confused seeing it..she took it in her hands to have a view and soon her eyes widen in shock to see it’s divorce papers of them..Samrat and her..

Her eyes well up feeling overwhelmed..she couldn’t yet believe that she will finally be out of this marriage and relieve to fresh a start with her Mr.Khurana.

It is really Maan??

Her lips quiver, she stutter while asking him turning towards him ,for she couldn’t believe yet on her fate which always shows her mirror of reality when she tried to dream for her happiness.

Maan who was observing her till now, felt sad to see her tears , he could really understand her state of mind, he held her shoulders and shook his head in yes.


Yes.. will be now..forever..

Maan ki Geet..he jerk her closer ,


both share an intense eye lock speaking with their eyes.

He give her the pen gesturing her to sign it and get free from this marriage so that they can flied back to Delhi..their home.

Her hands shivers before she steady herself,mustering all her courage she sign it and left the pen on the table before turning furiously in his arms, she threw herself in his arms surprising him.


Yeh Sab sach hai na..Maan?? Koi sapna toh nahi .??

She asked softly hanging on his neck while she looked at his face waiting for his approval.

Nahi..yeh haqeeqat hai.. sweetheart.. you are mine now. And I will make your life more beautiful than you had dream ever.



She hugged him tightly feeling overwhelmed with his love , and how rude of her behavior that she couldn’t trust him even spoke that on his face.

I am sorry for the trouble..I…but he shut her pulling her apart nodding his head in no.

Don’ no more sorry ..I don’t want to hear that from you..he commanded possessively pressing her waist.

There was no fault of yours in any way..and it is your right . You are my wife now..

That word filled her with a new zeal, she blushed, couldn’t held back the smile , Maan was Bowl by her acceptance and love..he continued looking into her hazel eyes.

it was me all along ..who should sorry for the mistakes I done..I am again asking sorry from you Geet..

This time Geet shook her head in no pouting her lips.

I know the word not hold the power to erase those mistakes of mine but now I will make sure ,that nothing would make you sad..I want to always see that beautiful smile on your face not those tears..


he wiped her cheeks making her smile hearing him.

She shook her head silently pecking his palm which was on her cheek.

Now seat here!!


He commands making her seat on the chair before dressing table.

He took the towel and started to wipe her wet curls making her smile delightfully. She was excited feeling his pampering . After done he comb her hairs making it shine, Geet was all the while smiling looking at his reflection in the mirror.

Baby..dekho.. aapke daddy aapki mumma ka kitna khayal rakhte hai.

She started her talking with the baby making Maan smile to see her cute blabbering as she continues

Aur dekhna aap is duniya main aane ke Baad woh aapko bhi bahut pyar karenge..humse bhhi jada..she added not wanted to make her baby sad.

Hai na..Maan??

Maan shook his head in negative teasing her making her frowns cutely .

Not more than Mama! 

She twisted her lips angrily turning her face away not giving him any look.

Baby mumma se kaho, woh hai toh AAP hai..woh nahi toh kuch bhi nahi..

He stopped to see her softly turning towards the mirror and she gave him smile.

That’s my sweetheart!!

Geet blushed hearing him,Maan smirk seeing her blushing now and then. Geet opened the drawer and went through her collection of colorful bangles.

Maan watched her searching for the matching bangles..when he went near and started to fetch through it when he got the glimpse of those colorful bangles which he had bought for her in that mela when both had sneak out.

He placed his hand inside the drawer on her own rubbing his fingers on the soft skin beneath him and took red ones from the collection.

Geet , her eyes filled up , it shine getting flashes of that day. Wet smile appear on her lips.

Aapko yaad hai...she turn to face him being excited like a child to remember those beautiful moment.

How can I forget that special day and moments spent with my sweetheart??

He was himself delighted to get those sweet memories.


Geet chuckle feeling excited as he grabs her wrists and made her wear those red bangles .she shakes her wrists, loving the zingling sound of her bangles , admiring him.

While Maan admired his Sweetheart..seeing her shinning eyes..glowing face gave him peace in his heart.he promised himself silently to keep her that way forever always happy.

Geet stop suddenly feeling him jerking her closer,maann?? He held her both wrists in his palms and kissed her there before traveling the path on her bare arms making her shudder with his each burning kiss.


Maan..she moaned softly as he come around from behind holding her in his arms kiss her cheek making her more shy.

He took out the black wedding chain from his pocket and snakes it on her neck. Geet who was lost in him with her half eyes closed , snap opened her eyes feeling something touching her neck.

She gasp with the shock seeing it’s wedding chain, her happiness had no bounds today.she had already took off her old chain and now seeing it’s from Maan now, she cried out not able to control her emotions.

Maan kissed away her tears asking her to stop now.


She gulp hard wiping off her tears for she doesn’t want ruin this beautiful moment of their life with her tears or sad face.

She clutch the chain tight on her chest feeling overwhelmed while she couldn’t stop admiring was most possess jewelry for her.

She took the sindoor box from the table and opened it. Maan took that pinch of red powder and filled her partition making her his forever.


Geet closed her eyes feeling bless, tears threaten to fall but she hold them back , while felt his lips on her forehead lovingly lingering there for a while..Geet gasp loudly not able to collect the overwhelming feeling.

She opened her eyes softly and looked at him to see him eyeing her lovingly with a small smile.her insides churn with overwhelming happiness and she tiptoe to his level pecking his forehead softly making him happy with her sweet gesture.

Next come as shocking for him as she furiously attacks his lips kissing him passionately out of happiness silently thanking him through the kiss.

Maan got her silent msg and press her waist before entering in her mouth, both kissed passionately before pulling out after while.

Geet rest her head on his chest hugging him softly.


Thank you for everything!!

Enough..Geet..I told you don’t used those words , those are not needed in our relationship, it’s your right ..

Geet just hmm in response hiding her face in the crook of his neck.


Both had a little walk in the Garden, she was admiring the different flowers in the Garden, then both sat down near the fountain where Geet used to spent time before.

Both were silent, enjoying the moment, enjoying each other’s company in the lap of the nature.

I am going to miss it.

She confessed to him as it’s been months she had lived here though without her consent.

527_388416607907252_1528441653_n happens but don’t worry once getting back to our home , you will forget it. He assured her combing back her hairs which were teasing her forehead.

Our home?? Geet asked innocently looking at his Face for she couldn’t yet believe that she was going to her own home.. her Maan’s home..their home..their family..

Maan , his heart twitch in pain hearing her gave him hint of her sufferings all along.

Yes..our Dadima..and our little angel..our family !! He assured her taking her a bear hug as her pain and painful questions stir his heart..he felt chock as he hugged her tighter.

Geet was delighted hearing him, she chuckled in his arms snuggling closer in his arms like a baby.


As they were just going inside after spending time here , both were walking back when suddenly Rajmata comes almost face to face with them.

Both stop in the track , Maan was not affected with her sudden presence but Geet shivers seeing her angry glare,she clutch his arm tight, feeling intimate with her gaze.

to be continued..

Precap :- Same



11 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 80

  1. That’s a beautiful one
    She sign the divorce papers
    He is making her ready,their happy moments are always a bliss to read
    Waiting for the confrontation
    Loved when he put mangalsutra and sindur on her
    Happy to see geet’s happiness

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  2. Wow
    Superb update dear
    Finally geet is free from the bourdon of first marriage.
    She isss veryyyyy happyyyy.
    As a reader I m too happy.
    But rajmata!
    How will she react?
    I hope everything will be OK.
    Update soon dear.
    Take care.

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  3. Wowww fabulous update their cute romance to life partner till eternity was lovely the way he gave her surprise by giving her divorce papers was nice she was chocked with full emotions and another shock was he tied mangalsutara immediately which made her feel overwhelmed and now she is officially his…the word OUR HOME made her feel so happy…wish they start a perfect life together…now this rajmata came thankgod divorce is over hope samrat tackles it waiting to read more 😘❤️

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  4. Yipppppeeeeeeee:):):) The divorce is signed:):):) And Maan married Geet in his own private style:):):) Super super happy dearie:):):) I love the way Maan tied the mangalsutra once Geet signed the divorce papers…And filled her maang with sindoor…Such an epic moment of union. I love their moments of togetherness. Its magical and is filled with pure love for one another…I love way Maan pampers Geet, gets her ready and spends time with her. Oh now that witch Rajmata appeared…I hope she knows about the divorce. Dare she say anything Maan will give it back to her nice and proper for good:):):) Ha Geet is well protected now by Maan with his life:):):) And Samrat too…So that witch better beware:):):)

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