Every minute going was like ages now for everyone as it’s been few hours now she was inside OT. Maan was going so restless , he doesn’t know what to do..first time he felt helpless for he couldn’t do anything at that moment for his darling.

After like few more hours the door of OT opened and all ran towards the doctor , who was looking serious .

The operation was successful but …before he continued Maan burst on him angrily holding his collar.

But what Doctor?? Beware.. if anything happens to her, you will loose your job for sure??

He threaten almost strangling him to death.staff rushed forward as well as crew members.

Maan!! Leave him!! Damn it!! He had done his work. Dhanraaj held him back.

Then what he is talking about but and ifs..Maan furiously glared at the doctor who was now coughing badly.

All were shocked with Maan’s behavior but no one get the hint for the reason behind it as all were lost in there own worry for Geetakshi.

But what doctor? Tell us..


Rohit asked impenitently..

She had lost the huge amount of blood, we will wait for her to get her conscious back till then we can’t say anything for now..you have to wait.

How much..?? Maan asked dangerously for he was still bursting with pain and fury.

24 hours!!


He pushed down the all things from the table.. breaking the mirror with his bare hands, his hands were furiously bleeding but don’t care.. didn’t flinch a bit even for he couldn’t felt that pain of his but the pain he was feeling right now to see her in that condition that too because of him, it just made his anger worse.

How could I ?? How dare I?? He looked at his hands that dare to do it?? Those hands dare to changed that knife, he glared at it furiously before punching the broken mirror again and again.

But how did it happened?? He had changed the knife because the scene was not the one , it has been changed at the last moment without his notice.

The scene was before , Geet was going to attacked on Rohit with the same knife to saved her modesty but something like this would happen he never knew.


Dhanraaj looked at her through the small window and remember there little discussion about the scene at the last moment.

Geetakshi had at the last moment had a discussion with Dhanraaj about the scene not knowing that what danger she herself calling for her own with changing the script.

He sighed heavily before turning back and leaving the the hospital with his staff as all decided to come back once she regained her conscious.

Officers took Rohit in their Custody and he silently oblige leaving one glance at Geetakshi.

Maan was left alone, but he was in his right senses now to thought about the fiasco. He make some calls ,talks with officers , even with the one who had taken Rohit in his custody for he will not let the criminal leave now that easily. He knew It was not Rohit as all were saying the same thing that someone changed the knife though he couldn’t believe him enough that’s why he also comes into the category of suspicious.

Just then his assistant adi came rushing handling him his phone, he asked him with his eyes ,”who’s it” adi fumble “Dadima”

Maan left a frustrated sigh knowing what is coming next and as soon as he put his phone on his ear, he heard her worried but stern voice.

What are you doing there,Maan??

He rolled his eyes, his typical Dadi!! She had probably got to know what’s happening here!

As per Maan’s assuming she was watching live news going on and she has seen him carrying the injure girl in his arms , the sight shocked her and she came to know from headlines it’s non other than Geetakshi!!

However she couldn’t approve the sight nor her grandson been trouble in any situation, so she just phoned him up to get to know the things in better way from his own mouth.

What’s going on there?

He heard her again and explain everything to his grandma off course excluding few things.

Dadima was horror stuck, she couldn’t knew it was that terrible and huge incident as Maan had securely took Geet inside hiding from the eagle eyes of paparazzi but they knew there work well that they succeed to make those hot news scaring whole fandom.

How is she now,Son?? Asked worried Dadima keeping her one hand on her chest getting this heart wrenching news.

Maan sigh painfully combing back his hairs in frustration, she is going to be find , Dadima..I know!!

The old lady was confused with the answer and the tone of her grandson, she could make out its pain…that emotion but why ,..how is that possible?? Ignoring it for now she asked further..

What did doctor said??

He told , she will get back to her conscious in next 24 hours..

God bless her, poor girl!! Dadi mutter bit that make him frustration for he couldn’t like they way his Dadima was sympathetic toward his darling..she did need blessings but not some sympathy..she will fight and come back to him surely..he will not let her go.he thought determine giving back his cell to Adi.

Adi brought his black coffee as he had seen his boss running whole over to get things ready for Geetakshi, he make sure to prepare everything perfect from doctors medicines, other equipment..all needed a d the best things ever just for Geetakshi..so that she could be back safe and secure.

Adi did wonder seeing this huge change in his boss from the day he they had sing this deal working together. He was still confused yet could able to see the things clearly but doesn’t dare to interfere knowing his boss temper and so it’s not the manners to poke your nose in someone’s matters.

Maan denied first but adi made sure he have it..you have to be fit sir to take care of mam..the slip of tongue and Maan looked at him blank then with a appreciation look,thanking him silently for understanding him without a word.

My pleasure sir..!! Adi mutter again with a warm smile before taking his leave.

His cell again buzz, he looked at it to see it’s again his dear devil Dadima.

You just cut my call son, how rude of you, son!! Dadima started from the other end making him almost smirk seeing her childish behavior.


Dadima..I am just stuck here in the hospital..so have to looked after things here..he made an excuse though that what he was doing.

You have to look after yourself first..go to the mansion and first have something.. freshen up and this work can look over by your staff , and the staff there.

No!! How could he let others be near her, he can’t..but then what Dadima is saying it is also right.

She is my responsibility Dadima, I can’t let her alone here when her life was in danger before , it would be now also..I can’t take risk.

Dadima was not sure what to think hearing him, he was behaving wired and over protective..but why with Geetakshi when he didn’t done it before.

She was seeing new side of her grandson today, he has changed!! She thought.

Without arguing much Dadima bide him bye asking him to take care of self.

Maan met with the doctor discussing with him about her current condition when he can see her ,

You can see her now,Mr.Khurana..but make sure don’t disturb..once she will be conscious , we will shift her to private ward.

Giving him curt nod Maan exited his cabin making his way towards Geetakshi..his life!!

Precap :-



Do leave your comments and likes.. i wanted to put it on pwd.. but didn’t feel to but will make future one pwd protected when need arises.. thanks to each one of regular reader of AASHIQ.. thanks for your support guys.. this part is specially for you guys.. dedicated to all those who had liked and comment on previous post.


13 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 22

  1. Superb as always
    Who is the real culprit??
    Worried for geet,he is getting restless
    He is also thinking who is behiñd the chaos
    Waiting for further

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  2. Aww.. I loved it soo much.. Finally maan was not the one to change the knife.. I’m soo happy.. I believe I’m not missing something here.. Loved the caring maan.. Soo Cute of him.. Hope geet get well soon.. Waiting for next update

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    1. Thanks .
      Well you are not missing something because you had read it all in one go..😉😁 not like previous regular readers..as they have to wait for updates then might have forgot few things..
      Not my fault..I was going to update fast only if I would have got fast and lots of response from readers..


  3. Phew! The op was successful thank god…But now the waiting is unbearable. Now even Dhanraj will be wondering who could have possibly known the scenes to be shot and changed the knife….And also who it was meant for…Poor Maan…Dadima is such a cute little devil. And she can sense the total change in Maan for Geet. I hope she gives them her blessings pls…So the culprit had changed the knife not knowing there was going to be a last minute change…So who was the knife meant for? Rohit? Because of what he did with Geet? Who is this culprit yaar? I am eager to see Geet well and united with Maan…And the culprit caught.

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