Maan and Samrat rushed upstairs and ran inside his room only to see Geet lying on the bed with closed eyes. Yashoda with other maid was there along with Sulkshna beside her bed.

What happened?? Maan rushed forward taking her hand in his own,

Geet at once opened her dizzy eyes hearing his voice.maann… she cried hugging him tight from his waist like a baby. kya hua sweeteherat?? He patted her head rubbing her back comforting her while Samrat left a sigh of breath and eyed everyone to left them alone.

aap thik hai?? Asked Samrat walking near her, Geet pulled up her head from his stomach and looked at him with her moisten eyes.

aapko apna khayal rakhna chahiye, Geetanjali! You are not alone now!! samrat tried to make her understand with soft yet firm voice making her pout cutely.

Did you forget, just yesterday you were examine by the doctor here… Words spill out from his mouth as he get sharp glare from Geet for revealing it to Maan.

Maan was then remember about it as samrat had talked to him on the phone regarding this. He regrets for forgetting such an important thing and he just made her more tired yesterday making love with her when she was already suffering.. he drown in his guilt non the less he gives her one sharp glare for trying to hide this from him as well as her today’s stunt.

I didn’t do anything intentionally..


she pouted her lips making baby face on the verge of crying, looking at his angry face. Don’t do that.. You are not forgiven.. He scolds her while Samrat chuckle on the cuteness of his rani before exiting the room silently giving them privacy to sort their own problem, he closed the door behind.


Geet now started crying hearing his accusations on her without no fault of hers.. I was scared thinking that you left me again she confessed innocently in between her sobbing session while she pushed him back and continue to cry softly.Maan was dumbstruck hearing her.. You still not believe me…??? He whisper looking at her painfully but she was unknown lost in her own world didn’t notice his painful looks.




He then realized, it’s all his doings that result is, he is witnessing now.

He make call from intercom to the servants for her food, deciding not to drown in the guilt session again as he have to take care for her first.. he will fill her life with love.. that she will forget her painful past.. He decided and went to fetch the medicines of hers.

Where are your medicines, sweetheart?? he asked her softly trying to lighten the atmosphere.. and what had happened to you, that maids were screaming your name.. Geet was still angry on him, her sobs were subsided making her whole face red .she cutely rubs her nose with her sari pallu , pouted her lips and turn her face angrily away from him showing him her denial.

He sighs seeing her antics and walked towards her, seating infront her he again asked.. kya hua tha tumhe..You were not there to hold me. It was by God’s grace yashoda came to our room. She blabbres twisting her lips making his heart skip a beat hearing her.


Are you alright.. he cups her face lovingly worried for her, wiping off her cheeks. She snapped his hand away angrily.. aap ko kya..?? I am worried for you, sweeheart.. its makes me scared.. he cupped her both cheeks firmly looking into her moisten eyes.. yeah that’s why you were scolding me.. even blamed me for all this.. she was damn furious now. Itna gussa mat karo.. it’s not good for baby.. ha.. just worried for baby.. not for me.. she was really not in senses with her pregnancy hormones.. current atmosphere.. and situation.. and seeing his worry now burst her all anger on him to cool her all insecurities..Maan was so surprised with her outburst but he realized it is because of her pregnancy and the situation they were in now. He sighs taking deep breath and jerk her face closed giving her passionate gaze.. Sweetheart.. he whispered huskily…making her shiver with the effect.. her anger fled in the air but she maintain her angry look.. I am hell worried for you even before our baby.. I love you, Geet and can never able to see you in pain.. I know I had committed a sin in past.. but I am so regretting it lately.. just believe me.. I am sorry sweetheart.. now Geet melted fully, she crushed herself in his arms crying out.


Just take care of yourself.. for me.. if not for yourself.. Because if something happen to you.. I won’t able to live without you. Her hold tighten on his back crushing his shirt hearing him.

You matters to me the most.. more than our baby. He confessed.. making her snap out fo his arms and she placed her palm on his mouth shutting him.. aise kabhi mat kahna.. she shook her head asking him and he just peck her palm which was on his mouth and then place soft kiss on her forehead holding her hairs form back.. I love you the most.. saying so he crushed her soft lips with his rough ones demanding her to opened her mouth for him, both shared a opened mouth kiss hungrily drinking each other’s saliva groaning in the kiss.


His hands opened the knot of her cloth in which she was wrap before.. he cupped her breast hungrily while his other hand roam on her allover body feeling her softness.

Just then there was a knock making them break the kiss, maan wrap her in a blanket again and got up to opened the door, he asked the servant to go from the door itself taking the food trolley inside the room and lock the door behind.

Both share a smile as maan place the food in the plate, she got up wrap in the cloth and soon attack o the food as she was damn hungry. Maan felt guilty again seeing her this much hungry.. Geet in between look at him and mutter with her full mouth.. aap bhi khaiye na.. aap ne bhi lunch nahi kya hoga .. hai na.. she gulp down the morsel in her mouth and offer him next making him smile.. soon both were feeding each other.. Geet was lost in blabbering with him and their baby.. while Maan was silently listening her feeling light and happy seeing her chiming again like a bird.He gave her medicine which she took unwillingly making faces..just for my angel… she smile cheekily giving him glass back, maan shook his head smiling to see her antics, he was about to wrap her in the blanket again when he stop him.. maan yeh kya.. hume nahi sona.. hum bahot let chuke.. she twisted her lips giving him cutest look ever.. achcha.. toh kya karna hai.. he whisper huskily giving her passionate looks as he jerk her closed in his arms.


Chodiye.. hume bahar jana hai.. I am so bore being inside the room… she pouted clutching his shirt in a fist.. while his looks makes her blushed.

Chodiye na.. she started to wriggle in his arms as eh was not willing to left her. Maan smiled and left her,she walked towards the cupboard and went through her collection of sarees.. she wanted to wore simple one today but her most of were royal.. she pouted confused as he was not able to get one.

Maan came from behind very closed touching her , wrapping his arms from behind he put his chin on her bare shoulder making her heartbeat raise.. let me help you. He whispered giving her wet kiss in the crook of her neck making her shiver.

To be continue..

Precap :- same precap

               Dressing up his sweetheart and she sign the divorce..

10 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 79

  1. Cute update.
    Like it very much..
    Cute nok-jhok of Maaneet.
    Their romance.
    Maan’s care for Geet.
    Geet’ s place in maan’s life…
    As a friend samrat’ s care…
    Everything is nice .
    Update soon

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  2. Finally geet confessed her fear towards maan…he was hurt that still geet cannot trust him fully thank God maan never drowned to his guilty trip again maan assured her again with ful love. Their cute lunch moment how sweet loved it ❤️😘😘

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  3. Phew!!! Thank god she is safe yaar. Was so worried…She was so scared that Maan left her…It will take time for her wounds to heal completely…Which pains Maan and makes him so guilty…But then he is focusing on his Jaan for now…I just want the divorce to be signed and over in a jiffy dearie…And for Maan to bring Geet home to Dadima. I feel so lousy seeing Geet in this stupid place….And their relationship kept under wraps…Just want them to live it up fully wholeheartedly…

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