Part 21

Maan ran towards her taking her blood fill body in his arms, he sat on his knees cradling her in his arms.

Maann.. she called out looking at him painfully. her hands shiver to touch him as the pain was just unbearable making her dizzy. he quickly grasp her palm pushing it on his cheek..Geett.. he cried out with pain that he had never thought before he would experience some day even.

just yesterday, she was sleeping in his arms and now this blood.. he thought gazing at her blood fill palms which was holding his cheek longingly, he gazed back at her face their eyes lock in a moment, she was losing her conscious and those beautiful moments just flied between both before she closed her eyes finally giving into her unconsciousness.

Geet..!! He yelled painfully slapping her cheek while she lay pale without a moving a bite unconscious in his arms.

When everything went dead.. He realized that the crowd gather around was actually screaming to get his attention as he was lost in his darling. He got back to senses quickly and took her lifeless body in his arms madly rushing out the studio through the crew members.

Going out there was huge crow waiting for have look inside.. It’s media.. some fans.. or what not.. His bodyguards rushed inside to help him, they hover from all side to protect him while maan made wild dash out towards his awaiting car , as soon as he was inside the car flew out taking the wild speed on the road.

 He was so startle with the turning of events.. he never ever thought in his wild dreams that something like this would happened with his love.. how is that possible.. the knife which he had changed was meant to be for Rohit not for HIS Love.. His Geetakshi.. he going mad with the thought.. seeing her blood.. she was in pain just because of him.. If something happens to her , he will surely set the whole world on fire. he fumed to exteme turning insane.


doctor.. doctor.. he was screaming high taking all attention. doctor with few nurses ran out to see the horrified scene. she was bleeding furiously though he had tried his all ways to stop her blood but it was impossible.

they immediately rushed her in OT stopping his outside, he was hyper.. so tense in the fear to lose her.. he brushed his sweaty hairs back in frustration.. his heart was beating fast.. so restless.. he was damn scared. never before he feel this emotions… but today MSk was scared to lose his life.. yes she has become his life.. his sweet addiction.. from which he never want to part away.

 Just when he was busy in his own realization about new facts, Dhanraaj with few crew members rushed inside followed by Rohit.

maan as soon as he saw him, his blood boil to no extent, he rushed towards him madly strangling him , he pushed his body hard on the wall behind. all turn shock, shouted for him to stop.. few held him back and released Rohit from his clutch.

Leave me.. I seriously will kill him!! He screams going wild struggling hard in their grip.

Mr. Khurana. plz be calm here.. Patients will be disturb. Doctor advised him as well.

first send him to Jail.. he tried to kill my Geet!! he was turning wild with rage as he comes out of their clutches and kick him hard in his stomach.

soon police force ran inside and stop him, listen Mr.Khurana.. we are taking him in custody now. as he is the one the main culprit for now till we get main evidence which prove him innocent.. Listening this maan smirks devilishly.. Rohit was dead shock..

no.. officer. I didn’t do anything.. it was plan.. of someone else.. he stammer so badly hearing the punishment for the crimes which he had not done

yes.. Officer we were just shooting the scene.. we don’t get how and when this happened.. dhanraaj tried to clarify as well.

Mr. Dhanraaj, we had enquired from the people on the set.. Your crew members.. and got the whole thing of that fiasco back.. about Mr. RK forcing Miss Geetakshi on the set..

hearing this all were shock leaving maan who was happy to hear it as he only wanted the worse punishment for the culprit of his Geet. if it was in his hands , he would have killed him with his bare hands.. he fumed.

and today the knife with which he had shot the scene that clearly shows it is him only who had stab Geetakshi.

but officer, the knife was fake.. it was changed by someone on before shoot.. I don’t know how this all happened. we had prepared everything perfectly.

we cant do much in this, Mr.. he need to be in our custody right now..

just then one nurse rushed out to take maan’s signature on the forms..doctor followed out to inform him about her recent condition.

how is she now??

nothing could be said now, Mr.khuranA! she is in critical condition right now.have lost heavy amount of blood..  saying so doctor again rushed back inside to do his work.there was huge responsibility on his shoulder today to treat Geetakshi well and saved her.. for her crazy fans. they would do anything if  something happens to her.

maan stood rooted on the spot, Dhranraaj and other members aswell were shock with the sudden happenings. they really didn’t get to know when this all happened and how..

Plz save her God !! all pray for her life.. shedding silent tears.. as all loved her dearly.. she was darling for all..

Maan watched them praying silently and couldn’t help but himself pray for her. his jaan.. his heart flutter in restlessness.. Unbearable pain.

we need to take Geetakshi’s statement aswell.. then Mr. rohit you have to come with us.

officer.. you cant just take him like this.. you know who is he..don’t you??? Dhanraaj again tried for he knew it’s not Rohit who would tried to harm her.. his first love.

listen to me , officer.. its some another person.. who had changed the knife before actually shooting began..

We know  . Mr. Dhanrraj.. that’s why he is still standing here free or else he had been behind the bars till now..

Rohit was just silent for he couldn’t argue much when his heart was in pain.. he just wants to make sure she is fine. but still OT door was not opening. He was so restless just like Maan . just that those feelings were little different.

Precap: ?? 

I don’t know how it had come out.. thinking it has been worse.as I really not in  senses while typing it.. something is lacking  and that is response of you guys.. I am so mad now with only 39 likes.. do I demanded you guys for comments before .. no na.. only likes that too you guys can’t fulfill. how I have to proceeds further with this low response.. I am so broken.. my patience have given up. I had waited enough.. almost 20 parts.. other ffs also getting less likes but I bear it.. but now no more. I am first time feeling to stop this ff.. you know guys from time to time I am saying you that I don’t like to left my any work in mid.. I will complete my all ff but today first time I am thinking I cant.. with this one.. I lost the interest.. because of so low response.. I cant write more with low response..

I wasn’t feeling good to type this part also but just for few regular readers I type it down..

but if this part I don’t get over 50 likes .. I will stop writing this one.. you guys  decide.. I want to know who and how many readers wants to read this story and who are interested.. if you guys are not interested in reading it.. how can I write it and post it.. post it here .. for whom?? it’s really discouraging..

leaving my studies I post ffs regularly for readers.. but they don’t have time to read my work or even press like.. how much it take to log in and press like.. even on the blog..

18 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 21

  1. Maan is the one,he does it for Rohit,wt went wrong in his plan,how the knife changed
    Both Rohit and maan r restless
    Wt will be her reaction once she knows about it

    Rohit is stucked

    Maan is really unpredictable

    Hope geet will be safe

    I am very much interested in ur stories

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice update dear
    Maan now understand the feelings he has for Geet is not only possessiveness. It’s different.
    Geet is critical due to blood loss.
    Maan change the knife.
    But Geet injured in shoot.
    He wants to harm Rohit.
    What will happen now?
    I hope she will be fine soon.
    Update soon dear.
    Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Omg..
    Maan cannot see geet in pain if Rohit is not culprit who else did this eager to know…maan will sure kill him in his bare hands…wish geet comes back safe and fine for her maan and fans who are praying for her ❤️😘

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yaar.. Please don’t stop writing this story.. Please please please… U can’t stop writing for some jerk who don’t have the courtesy to atleast press like button after reading a good story.. For them u can’t disappoint those who really want to read it.. I just loved the story.. So please do continue it.. I never taught maan would do something like that.. Does he have some multiple personality disorder.. Don’t know.. Feeling bad for rohit.. Hope geet would be fine

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😊 I am glad you like it..and seeing your likes and comments..I appreciate it..thanks..😊
      About Maan..can’t reveal anything for now..readers will get to know things as the story proceeds further..and this part really didn’t comes out well..it was mess up as I was fed up with less response that couldn’t type with calm mind..


      1. Don’t worry about them… Ur story is really good.. And about low response they are just being inconsiderate of the effort u put in writing this.. It’s their mistake..

        Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG! Geet will be saved na dearie….pls don’t let anything happen to her…Who was targetting Geet all this while? If Rohit was not the culprit then who is it? And why target Geet to such an extent? What did she do? Maan should get his personal security team and investigators to start cracking the mystery hain na dear…But ya Rohit is definitely the culprit for now…

    Liked by 1 person

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