see to that shooting part is in Italian words..

Geet was standing inside shower thinking of the morning when she woke up in his arms, it was not less than any paradise, she sighed, thinking why she is holding on to it, not giving herself a chance to be lost in him but then that is what she is doing all the while from when he had entered into her life.

Her N******  were aching badly for his attention, she looked at it to see it had turn sore, reddish.. She wonder is it really her dream or he..?? Before she could proceeds further with her thoughts she heard footsteps outside followed by pinky’s voice.. Finally you are here Geet!!



Deewna main deewana..

Main tera hoon deewaana

She gasp with the way he was walking towards her like a true predator, she took her steps back getting hell scared with his advance, she had never thought he will take advantages of her vulnerable condition like this.

He smirk seeing her getting scared from him, he loved to see that fear in her beautiful hazel eyes as they looked more beautiful with it with tinge of redness little moisten thinking what is gonna happened next.

Stop.. Where ever you are?? Don’t move..


she suddenly show him the knife  which she got hold of by passing by the table where there was fruit bowl was placed. he stopped for a while startle for a moment before that devilish smirk appear on his handsome face again, he started to approach her.



Both moved apart, feeling awkward silent lingering between them, maan was quick to move near her out of his own restlessness.


He pulled her at a side behind one pillar, her heart was thumping badly against her rib cage giving him signals of her state.


You have no clue, if it was a second more what would I have gone and done.. He mutter furiously making Geet startle with his words.


Maan himself wonder from where this much passion and possessiveness come into him that too with GEET. He felt his heart burning wildly with the untamed desires for her.. She made him do things which he had never imagine before even.


You won’t do anything… just one more last scene. She whisper scaring for unknown seeing his red burning eyes which hold passion, possessiveness for her.. Fury for Rohit.. She hold his arms tight trying to make him understand, pleading him silently to control his rage.


He bend down towards her face, their lips touching each other, he was about to kiss her when dhanraaj called them for the next scene.Geet reluctantly went away when he pulled back really pissed off with all things, if it was not for her pleading pouting face, he wouldn’t have agree for this . dhanraaj pleaded him too for this last scene, geet was convince by dhanraaj and she couldn’t see him pleading when he was the one who have offered her this project. She couldn’t be that heartless just for one last scene, she manofy maan and he had to eventually agree to her.

Back to the shooting… the scene was going on. As they done further arrangement and scene began again.

she was running in whole house, to save her modesty from the one whom she claimed to be her lover but he was now behind her. Suddenly she was corner on the wall behind and he was approaching her with steady steps taking her each breaths away.

No.. stay away.. she mutter going frantic.. I said stay away.. she show him the knife in her hand, to scare him but he wouldn’t budge, he suddenly took hold of her wrist and tried to get hold of the knife but she was not willing to gripping it tight in his fist.

Leave it. He roared making her little startle and next moment knife was in his hand , he smirk devilishly  with the victory, she got violent suddenly trying to snatch it from him, she hit him on his shoulder as he tried to decreased the distance between them.


Maan was hating every bit of it, just seating there and seeing the scene going on in front of his own eyes, there were few crew people along with him, also dhanraaj and one more assistant of him. He was shouting form his mike asking them about the task.

His eyes burning in pure rage with the view.. heart burning in fire.. just waiting for that one moment when everything will be finished.., this will finished soon..


Here she was still struggling while he was trying to kissed her, when she gives him tight slap across his face out of rage..

You bit***

And next moment he attacked on her with the knife.. as he just thrust that sharp knife in her stomach making her gasp loudly as the sharp pain went through her body making her numb for a while.. she press her palm on her bleeding tummy out of pain. Her face scrunch in great pain, she slide down on the floor..




loud scream escaped her mouth making maan jerk up from his position, he was not able to believe its only mere scene.. Fake.. It’s only part of shooting..


Rohit left a sigh of breath as it ended finally, he was not able to take her accusing looks for him. He was already burning in his own guilt. he turn to face the crew .

Wel done.. Rohit..!! dhanraaj give him thumps up.. so as other crew members while maan was giving him angry glares which he took silently knowing it’s his punishment.


And girl.. you rock.. as always.. dhanraaj turns towards geet but he stop for a while seeing her still lying down on the floor holding her tummy , her dress has red spot on her tummy.

Geetakshi?? He was clueless, why was she still lying there on the floor like this when scene is over, now all turns towards her, surprised to see her like this.. Why is she not getting up or not speaking anything.,


Maannn.. She moaned as loud as she could with the bursting pain in her whole body.. she had her teeth clinch hard to control the pain, while her eyes crying out the pain of her body flowing blood tears.Maaan who was till now observing her, waiting for her to get up and come to him, his heart was already beating fast with the unknown fear.. His heart fearing for the worse..


He stood numb not knowing it is reality or just one nightmare.. When she called him with that most painful voice of hers.it shook his whole.. He felt waves of terror running through his whole body seeing her like that..

No.. this can’t be true.. What he is seeing.. What he is guessing.. This isn’t true. It was just scene.. Like she had make him understand few time back.. It was just part of shooting.. All fake not true..

Her blood was fake. Her tears are fake.. she is just doing the scene.. but that is over now.. Dhanraaj himself had announced sometime before.. it’s over.. then why she is not getting up and walking towards him.. Then he came back to his senses.. as he looked at her, she was calling him silently again with her face full of tears.. Holding on to her bleeding stomach while her one hand was in air calling him.

Geettt… he shouted making everyone around as well come back from the little shock as they saw her lying there in the pool of blood.. real human blood…her blood.. she was really injured.. it was not fake.

To be continued…

PRECAP :- ??????

Really don’t know how it had come out.. it had taken lot of efforts of mine to update this one.. and I turn around the twist.. leave your reviews and plz do like the post.. I am so fed seeing so less likes ..after doing this much hard work.. how unfair guys.. if this continue to go on.. I will make this ff pwd protected. or will keep my other work on hold and just update this one if you guys are finding it so difficult to just press like to each ff..

I really put extra efforts in this ff, as It is difficult for me to type this one apart from others.. and what I get in return.. such a less response to my hard work..

12 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 20

  1. Oh god finally the last shot of the film came maan was in complete rage.. ufff…how can he tolerate that idiot Rohit…that too infront of his own eyes…this Rohit actually did all in real I want to kill him poor geet controlled maan but the knife scene was indeed true…hope maan saved her in the right time…

    I just love reading ur stories dear ur hardwork deserves all the appreciation u make me connect with story 😘😘 lots of love to you dear😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG!!!!! What a twist yaar! How did that happen? I mean it must have been a fake knife just for the shooting na. Who could have changed it? What for? What is the person’s enmity with Geet? Who is it? Now Maan is going to hunt the person down and kill! No doubt about that. But Geet needs to be saved first! Pls rush her to the hospital yaar…Every moment they delay she is losing her life…Pls save her…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are such a nice writer . The wonderful and different concepts of your MAANEET stories make me amazed every time.And AASHIQ is so so different from all FF I have read.The twist in this current update has left me shaken.Hope Geet will be fine as there is our MSK who will. leave no stones unturned for his lady love.

    Liked by 1 person

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