Will you marry me, Mr.Khurana??

Words rang in his ear , the sight of her searing seating on his knees took his heart away. Her beautiful face shinning with love she held for him .

Do he deserves her ?? Her pure love..innocent she??

He questioned himself , after what he did…his rude behavior after all this she is the one here proposing him ..that too in front of the world..her friends…

Maann.. Geet moaned pouting her lips waiting for him like eternity now.

Maan was pulled out of his thoughts that instant, he couldn’t have bear more to see her like this. He hold her closed pulling her up in a jerk and next she was crushed against his chest with a force as he hugged her tightly feeling overwhelmed.his heart was beating wildly in the fear to loose her love..lose her..just if he done one mistake. He knows now..he had got to know her better..how much she is Passionate when it comes to her feelings.. she was so possessive for him, so passionate. He couldn’t think of  living without her now.

So it is yes, Mr.khurana??

Geet whispered in his ear , kissing him on his cheek making him almost smile.

Yes would be Mrs.Khurana!!

He teased her back giving her peck on her dimple cheek making her jump in excitement.


She makes him wear that ring in his finger while he just kept looking at her happy face and then at the ring..it’s look sophisticated. Crowd hooted again celebrating both couples union.

He looked at her empty finger and was about to asked but then her friends circle them to congratulate the couple.

He looked at her smiling face as she introduced him properly to her every friend.

Next comes as a great shock for him when she said about him..

He is businessman..


Geet..he tried to interfere giving smiles to her friends with whom she was giving his info.

How could she lied that too so easily, he thought but his heart thump rapidly against bribe cage. Did she…??? No..?? That can’t possible.

He was little hurt that she couldn’t said the truth about his identity..is she ashamed of him having him as her boyfriend when he is just her Bodyguard..that thing somewhere pinch him..his thoughts broke with next question from her one of her friend who had just come to party today but not was there before in wedding of Lisa.

Hey..MAAN SINGH KHURANA!! ?? She repeated the name making Geet proud to hear that , Maan never missed it..he look at her shinning eyes when head her friend next …

I have heard this name somewhere..umm..he tried to remember scratching his head but was unable..

Wait..I knew this guy…

Argh..leave it..I .not able to..he shrug his shoulders making Maan left a sigh of breath.

Geet looked at him holding his biceps, she frown seeing his expressions..

Kya hua ?? She asked silently with her eye gesture..

Nothing..he whispered back pulling her closed. I don’t want anyone to think low about you. she whispered again making him speechless.. i am sorry. i lied.. she confessed innocently once he took her aside.. no its ok.. baby.. he cup her face lovingly.. making her smiled.he felt guilty for even doubting her before when she only was thinking about him.

After a while dance floor was opened and Geet being more than happy today crash onto it pulling him behind..

ho dil dhaRkaaye
arey seeTi bajaye
haye dil dhaRkaaye, seeTi bajaaye
beech saRak pe nakhre dikhaaye saare,
ho karke ishaare
ho laRki.. aan aan aan…
ho laRki.. aan aan aan…

she makes my heart beat,
she whistles,
she creates all the drama on the road itself,
she signals,
oh, this girl…


Geet dance crazily making him lost in her..he had wrap his arms around her waist loosely making her jump in his arms crazily..


oh laRki aankh marey
aankh maare, o laRki aankh maarey
aankh maare, o laRki aankh maarey

this girl winks at me,
ah, this girl winks at me

This video doesn’t exist

And she winks at him listening the song lines making him laugh out loud..he jerk her closed seeing her naughty antics.

Geet smiled cheekily hanging onto him with her both arms caged around his neck.

He bend down to her level and tried to kissed her lips but she pushed him back running out of his arms vanishing in the crowd .

Geett.. Geet..

He ran behind her trying to find he out when he saw her dancing Aditya and Rich at either side , making sexy moves.

jahaan jahaan jaaun
mere pichchhe pichchhe aaye
gali gali ke aashiq
to hain mera hona chaahein

wherever I go, he follows me.
lovers of every street
want to be mine.

He became angry, possessive seeing her like that with boys. He storm towards her and pulled her in his arms , boys left her while she crash onto his chest .

haaye jahaan jahaan jaaye
tere peechhe peechhe aaye
hum to hai deewane tere
tera hona chaahein

wherever you go, I followed you.
I am your lover, want to be yours.

He press her waist tightly, sticking her body length to his, he was harsh as he roam his hands hungrily all over body.


Geet loved this harshness of his knowing it’s out of jealousy , possessiveness for her.

seeTi bajaaye
nakhre dikhaaye
beech saRak mein haye naam mera pukaare

he whistles,
throws tantrums,
calls my name in the middle of the road.

He took her smiling lips in his own for a passionate kiss making her smile widen in the kiss teasing him.

He bite her lips harshly drowning blood out of it making her moan in pain, she held him from his nape pulling him more closed of that was possible.

Both had a long passionate kiss before breaking apart breathing high.

After a while Geet went to have some drink as she was thirsty while Maan tried to followed her but just then girls held him back teasing him , he somehow managed to be out from their clutches with the help of Aditya who seen his condition.

Here on the other hand Geet went to bar corner to get just soft drink for her.while her eyes roam around on those who were drinking madly taking shot after shot. She thinking how does they drink so much, making yuck face.

How does it taste..she wonder seeing people having it madly. In her excitement and extra happy mood today she thought to taste one and asked from the bartender .

He asked her for order but Geet was clueless she tried to locate Maan or Aditya behind but there was no one.

She turns back and smiled sheepishly at him asking him about the drinks , as he list out the names…

Vodka, gin, tequila, rum, whisky, brandy, Beer, wine, or cider ..


Her mouth turns completely in o shape. She orders one randomly without knowing the much.

Maan finally locate her and was shock to see her drinking continuously..she was taking shots after shot blabbering with the bartender who was himself shock and irritated with this new customer.

Baby.. Maan dash towards her holding her arm making the bartender to leave a sigh of breath.

What the hell are you doing??

He asked pulling her up , she swing laughing hysterically in his arms.

Oh Maan baby.. don’t you know… I am drinking…this.. she blabber showing him the glass .Maan was furious to see her state , he gives one glare at bartender making him tremble in fear.

This… What’s this.. she turns to bartender asking him the name..poor him was already scared from Maan when Maan gave him another glare making him shut completely.


Geet..let’s go.. leave it..he snatch the glass from her hand and pulled her from there.

No.. I want to drink more..it’s awesome.. she giggled again as he continues to drag her out but she stood on her place making him stop as well and he looked at her , his heart stir with her pouting face.

Plz..I want more..

No.. he gave her a glare..she whine again making crying face now.

I want more.. I want more.. she blabber like a child making him frustrated, he was worried for her seeing her state.


Geet..stop it.. he jerk her in his arms , she was so heavy with drink that feeling dizzy she kept her head on his shoulder still was unstable and looked at his face pouting her pink lips.

No..Geet..call me baby.. ..I loved it.. call me .. plz….she makes baby face demanding from him.his heart melted with her cute face and demand.

My babydoll..he cups her face lovingly .now let’s go.


Hm… She sigh still laughing silently resting her head in the crook of his neck , he lift her and dash out of the disco making his way towards the car.

oh kar ke ishaare
o laRka aan aan aan…
o laRka…
aankh maare, oh laRki aankh maare
aankh maare, oh laRki aankh maare…

I want to dance. I don’t want to go..she blabber as he started the car .

No more of it..you have already danced enough.he replied strictly concentrating on the road ahead.

No..I want to dance.. she complained again hitting on his arm making him startle.he gave her one glare to shut her but she turns agitated with his glare,

You are bad… bad .. she continues to hit him disturbing him through the drive. He stop the car with sudden halt that she was going to bang at front but he put his arm forwards before she hit the bonnet.

Geet was suddenly startle , turns silent. He looked at her innocent face, eyes droopy , small smile lingering on her lips showing her small teeth.

He tuck her curls behind ears cupping her face lovingly ,and peck her smiling lips making her giggled.

I want to dance.. she mutter feeling dizzy but keep blabbering to him.

Once we go back , you can dance as much as you want..okay??

I can ??

She asked like a child making his heart flutter , hmm..he replied in response and tug her back on the seat tugging seat belt around her and started the cat again. She was silent this time making small moments , while Maan was all the while smiling seeing her cute antics.

Precap :-

1. Dance

2. Sweet torture of Geet ..hard for Maan

forgive for all errors..do leave your likes and comments.. and you guys are so ignorant. leaving 3 people no one suggest me the song.. 


  1. Oh my my:):):) Such a lovely proposal from Geet to her Maan:):):) Poor Maan feels so guilty for all that he had done to avoid getting into a relationship with her due to his job & position in life…But well love knows no such boundaries and its always victorious in the end:):):) Super happy for Maaneet:):):) Super dance yaar:):):) I loved it so much:):):) especially the way Geet was making Maan feel so loved and possessive for her:):):) That was truly super awesome my dearie:):):) OMG! Geet is so so so drunk:):):) Thank god Maan found her and is bringing her back:):):) She is so so so adorable:):):) I am so sure that its going to be a super night filled with Geet’s dance & moves which will drive Maan crazy in love:):):) The most sweetest torture of all for Maan thanks to his babydoll:):):) Super loved this update dearie:):):)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wowww wonderful proposal ever his acceptance was lovely …his identify and the way both possessive for each other…geet gets drunk waiting for their dance together… wonderful pics n video dear❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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