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Geet was just about to sleep, when she felt someone just barge inside her room. She was scared, alert , her eyes widen .her hand reach near the lamp to switch it on but before she do the person hover on her holding her sane hand while before she could scream his rough lips slam over her soft ones there by shutting her completely.

It took her for a while to recognised his touch as his big palms ran over her whole body in need to feel her. He confessed to chew her lips sucking it’s honey sweet juice.

Geet tried not to kissed him back but eventually she was lost in his burning passion as his hands ran over her soft bare thighs feeling softness if it, he entered his hand inside reaching her core.

Her breath stuck, she gasp for air ,eyes snap opened coming face to face with his dark features as it was still darkness inside room.

He had his eyes closed lost in her, while taking the opportunity he entered his tounge inside her mouth drinking her honey sweet juice making her moan with the effect.

She was drugged , her eyelashes started to droop in his passion , as his one hand went up on her chest cupping it giving her soft massage while other one continuou to stroke her core making it wet.

He broke the kiss leaving her breathless and for a while continue to gap at Beautiful face of his love.

Geet as if sense it a d open her dizzy eyes fully only to got lock with his cocolate brown one but there is something different.

Her eyebrows Quizz as she tried to find it out, tried to think what she is doing it what he is doing but before she could drown more he just dip his face in her cleavage making her gasp.


She moaned out loudly, feeling him giving her hard smooches on her half opened chest.


She has her eyes closed again lost in the effect, while he continued to cherished her softness with his hands and mouth.

Next when she opened her eyes feeling his warmth gone , she found herself lying alone with no one around.

Geet gasp in horror..it couldn’t be nightmare.is it??

No..she scream loudly going crazy with the events..she switched on the light quickly watching all her sides for his sight but there was no one.

Just then her room door opened with a bang as she had forgot to lock it lost in her own miseries.

Her eyes widen again in terror to find Maan standing at the door and he just rushed inside to comfort her seeing her state.

What’s wrong?? What happened?

He asked worried to see her tear stricken face,.or it’s filled with sweat .


She now was damn scared with the introdure and cradle in his arms like a child.

Maan..woh..her eyes move frantically here and there to find him , she was shaking in terror as she just realised the intimacy transfer between them , but it was not Maan .

Kya hua, Geet? Why are you getting this much scared.he was so worried for her now , more than it was frustration to not find any clue about her behaviour as it was making him restless to see her in this condition.

Maan..woh..she couldn’t speak as her eyes well up out if Shane on herself for letting another man touch her…or it was only her nightmare..she was clueless and this thing was making her more frustrated.

Speak up… !! He asked in stern voice grabbing her both shoulders.

Woh… someone is here in my room..she succeeded in telling him while he turns alert and got up but she didn’t let him go, she got up along with him holding his biecips.

Maan looked at her and then move his gaze all around , he walked in each corner of room to get the introdure , finally he walked back towards the balcony which door was opened.

Did you kept it opened before? He asked turning towards Geet.

Geet nodded in yes still scared , snuggling in his arms like a small child while he hold her protectively in his arms.

He was furious to think that who dared to entered his Dane. He had to face MSK’s wrath now.

Both again turned to find out but there was no sign of anyone nor any clue.

Are you sure , ?? He asked suddenly looking at her again , Geet just nodded not sure herself, she then looked at him confused.

I don’t know..if it was really or nightmare..she murmurs in own confusion while he looked at her for a while then left a deep sigh of breath.

He drags her toward the bed and making her seat on the bed , he cups her face looking at her with concernfill eyes.

Geet, you must have nightmare..nothing to worry, ok? He peck her forehead giving her little relief.

Geet shook her head again silently still looking lost.

He made her lay down switching off the light , he turns to go but when she hold his wrist stopping him.

Maan turned back seeing her frighten face he realised sigh.

Don’t go..plz.

She whispered only audible to him , he shook his head agreeing to her and lay beside her, as soon as he was there she quickly went on his chest , in the shed of his arms hugging him tight like a baby hiding herself in his chest.

He sigh feeling her warm breaths on his bare chest , her soft mounts crushed on to his hard chest making him hard.

He wrap his arms protectively around her petite body , hugging her tight. Her lips unconsciously kissed on his chest making him groan in pleasure.

Geet.. don’t..

He pushed her apart slightly , she was hurt although knowing it’s because of her, she clutched him tightly holding his shoulders.

Plz.. she pleaded with her doe eyes pulling apart to face him.

His heart melted with her look, still his ego was hurt with her accusing look before , so he was still denineng when he heard her next.

I am sorry..woh ...but next moment he crushed her against his chest not feeling really good to hear her sorry though it satisfied his ego but still he knew it was his fault.

Don’t.. he whispered holding her head firm in the crook of his neck. She sniff his musculine scent kissing him deeply .

His grip tighten on her back , her dress comes up revealing her half thighs and legs below. His rub his own feet on her silky legs making her moan.

He was turn on with her soft body crashing on to his. He pulled her apart and kissed her hard leaving her fluster , she tried to match his passion though feeling sleepy now with the tiring day.

He make her lay on her back hovering in her continued to kiss her hard and passionate.

They broke apart to took much needed breaths ,and he saw her worn out state. He lay on his side while she cradle in his arms effortlessly snuggling closed again she was soon deep in sleep cocooned in his protective shell of arms.

Maan looked at her serene some warn out face closely and he realised he was falling heavily for the diva laying in his arms. It was not just mere attraction or lust but it was definitely more than that if not love.

If it was just mere attraction then he could have never stop touching her or making her his bedmet.

He smirked with the though..when whole world is behind her , in loved with this diva who was laying in his arms with her own will.

Lost in his ladylove he deprived to his peaceful sleep having feeling of winning the world today.

Next morning , Maan woke up first only to be startle to see Thier position. Her dress was quite a mess, revealing her whole body..his one hand was on her women**** inside dress , while his mouth was on her one ni****, which hard turn sore because of his torture.

He groan in desperation getting up from her. He was actually making out with her in sleep.

He turns to hear her moaning  in her sleep.he quickly pushed up her dress on her neatly when she opened her eyes feeling dizzy still.

She could still feel his lips on her body, she checked herself only to find that her dress was still on.

Good morning.. Maan got up quickly realizing what must be she thinking .

Good morning, Maan.. she replied still uneasy about her dream or it is real ?? Her head was about to burst with so rational thoughts , she decided to get frehsn up and leave for her mansion .

Maan was about to confront her when her phone rang breaking both of there reverie.

Geet picks it up, pinky from the other side started her blabbering..

Geet..where are you?? How was your date??are you still there with MK? When are you going to come..we needs to go for shoot.. and so on..

Pinks..…Geet was not able to speak in between her ranting while Maan continue to star her standing before her..

Let me first..pinky!! 

Hearing her stern voice pinky left a breath which she was holding while speaking contiously.

I am just coming in an hour..

Geet only told this when again heard Pinky’s irritated voice.

And you know what ? Rohit is there for shoot..his last scene.

WHATT?? now it was shocking for her. Maan was clueless about the thing which makes her shock.

How could that be?? How dharanraaj allowed it..I needs to talk to him..I am coming ..bye..

Geet saying bye shut off the phone only to face his questioning gaze.

What’s the matter ? He asked direct coming near her, Geet was confused how to tell him, she knew she can directly tell him the reason but why this restlessness to think of his anger, frustration once knowing the truth. Why does it matter to her , how do he thinks or how does he feel.

Speak up!! He demanded like a possessive lover , grasping her waist and pulling her in his arms with a jerk.

Geet stammer…her hands hold onto his bare chest feeling there closeness. Uhmm.. she moans feeling his breaths teasing her skin of cheeks while his hands roamed on her bare thighs.

Woh..Rohit.. she stammer and her breath hitch , eye snap to look at his furious face as he just grab her hips in anger.

What about him?? He asked tottaly in fury now , his sharp teeth nip her skin of neck giving her pain and pleasure.

Maa..annn.. she was getting weak with his assaults , her neck tilted back to give him more access , her hands went behind on his nape .

Maan left her for a while knowing her condition, she couldn’t able to speak.

He is going to be there for shoot .. she replied meekly fearing his anger and looks at him to see his burning red eyes while she completed.. his last scene.

Maan absorb the words and once it sink in he grasp her again making her startle to see his behaviour.

You are not going to.. he press her waist tightly in anger, he couldn’t bear the thought when he had once misbehave with her.

Thinking on it , anger rushed through his veins and he grab her plump lips in his mouth making her shock .

He licks her lips and push his on her demanded an entry inside her mouth. Geet was numb with shock first, but then opened her mouth for him. Both kissed each other deep,going inside each other’s mouth , till eternity.


Precap :- finally…knife and blood ??? 

So all are going confused with who is Ashiq ?? And I am giving hints in every update..it’s up to you guys to guess the person. Also I know you are guessing it with every update.. he will come soon in light till then keep on guessing and enjoy!!!!

Its long one, Wan’t lots of comments and likes..or else update will be PWD protected..

15 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 19

    1. Thank you..😁
      Woh is Aashiq here..that is still hidden..it will reveal in future story..
      About Maan..it is clarified here in this update only.. about his feelings.. he relized it is his love or something like love because he doesn’t lust her..it’s more than attraction


  1. Is someone there really?? U r keeping the readers at cliffhanger and the precap

    Who is the aashiq,

    It’s turning more intrigued

    He is an engima,wt will he do next is unpredictable

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    1. Superb update dear
      Oh god ! Was that really her Illusion?
      Maan is Very possessive for Geet.
      Maaneet moments r Superb…
      Rohit is coming for shoot.
      Will Maan allow her to go ?
      Please update soon

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      1. Thanks 😊
        It’s illusion or reality
        That will be reveal in future update..
        Let’s see what happens now.😁


  2. Superb update dearie. And I am so so intrigued! I don’t know what Maan is going to do to that Rohit…But he should tone down his temper & anger as its scaring Geet. Will Maan allow Geet to go? Even if he does I hope he is there witnessing the whole shoot. So that he can protect Geet and punish the wrongdoer.

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  3. I wonder whether the target is rohit… If it is hope maan doesn’t get in problem bcoz of his previous fight with rohit.. The nightmare or reality, whatever it was it was scary

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