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Part 2

Sir, Doctor Shah is here. Adi inform him ,just when doctor shah step in and saw extra hyper MSK carrying an unconscious girl in his arms.

Maan..keep calm.if you keep holding her like this..I can’t examine her.

Mr.shah advise seeing his behavior.

Follow me to my room.. Maan instead orders him and walked into his room upstairs.

Maan lay her down on his bed carefully like she is some fragile doll while shah checked on to her.


How is she?? Maan asked restless after a while.

She is fine.I have checked her. Nothing serious.she just needs to take care of scratches here and there and needs proper rest.

Shah clarified making him leave sigh of breath. He was some bit relieved to hear him but still her unconscious state gives him torture.

He called the maids in house for her bath but as soon as they entered his room , he just pushed them out again for he couldn’t let any other person touch his mishty. She is his, and no one have right to touch her.even her secrets.

He couldn’t bear the thought and decided to bath her himself.

He took her inside washroom and bare her whole pulling out her cloths one by one. His hands shivers, fearing for her reaction once she will get to conscious.


But he couldn’t just let others touch her , if that is even woman.

Thinking so he determined put her in bath tub and she slowly opened her eyes feeling warm water touching her.

Next moment her eyes widen and she was going to scream but before she could he pulled her face closed to him holding her nape firm and smash his lips on her to shut her.

She wriggled for a while but soon was responding to him more carnally holding his nape pulling him closed.

It was just attempt to shut her but Maan found himself drowning in her , his hands went inside bathtub snaking on her slim waist, going up trying to get his the desire thing.

Umm.. she moaned in the kiss lost in him and his touches as he was so passionate , his lips did wonder on her lips, smooching them, teething it probing her to open her mouth. His tongue entered inside her sweet mouth cherishing her sweetness.

His hands finally found the desire thing , he cupped it pressing it in his huge palms making her crazy.

His fingers played with her hard buds making her moan loudly in his mouth.

He finally left her mouth finding her breathless. She had closed her eyes,and the kiss left her dizzy.

She lay back under water floating onto it. Maan watched on to her continuously without a blink.

Her body was completely under the rose water hidden from it. Just the feel of her soft body left hard and dry.

Are you ok? His voice was hoarse sending shivers down her spine.

She snap opened her eyes realizing just want happened, her eyes widen , cheeks became red in shyness and fury.

Are you going to be ok or you need me to give you  bath.


Her cheeks turn darken shed of red , making him hard with a need to just make love to her there and then.

Geet was supposed to be angry on him but she find herself blushing like a New bride. Her voice was not coming out. She just nodded her head blushing heavily.

Take care..Maan went out giving her space.

What the hell just I gave into him.. he is such a..argh.. she was trying to find the proper words..

Dusht Danav ..she mutter furiously wincing in between with her still fresh wounds.

Doctor had advised to not wet it but both completely forgot it.

After a while she comes out of washroom wearing his white shirt as she couldn’t find another cloths at that moment.


When Maan just entered his room only to come face to face with his angel . He couldn’t removed his gaze from her, Geet watched him standing blank giving her strange looks. She clutch her shirt at front and walked forward before him.

What? Am I looking ugly? She asked suddenly turning sad with his blank looks without knowing he was actually lost in her beauty.

He just took her in a bear hug not bearing to see her sad face.

No, you are beautiful!

He whispered softly hiding his face in a crook of his neck sniffing her fresh scent.

And you smell very good!

He crushed her fragile body more in a his hard arms chocking her to breath now.her bones turn wobbly.

Hey Icy You are hurting me .

He left her hearing her words. He tuck her wet curls behind her ears gazing her face lovingly.

I am hungry..she suddenly mutter turning restless in his passionate gaze.

Maan lifted her in his arms like she is some fragile doll and put her down on the bed.

Okay, stay here I will order food for you.

Saying he peck her forehead and went out of his room.

Geet couldn’t help but rethink her behavior and just what happened few moments back. Her fingers trail on her forehead where his lips had just touched her. The kiss felt ethereal.

Why does this feel so familiar?


Not having any answers to her question , she ignore the feeling that was making her restless in her heart.her heart thump badly with his closed proximity.

I am probably overthinking it !!

Few minutes later there was knock on the door and she asked the person to comes in.

She look up to see one maid standing at the door holding one packet in her hand.

What is it?? Geet asked confused eyeing the packet.

Sir had send you new dress to change ! The maid mutter softly and handling the packet she left the room.

Geet opened the packet to see beautiful dress lying inside. She was thrill to see it, her eyes shine like baby getting his favorite chocolate.

She excitedly open the dress and wore it loving the feel of new dress.


Just then one servant entered inside with the food trolley , followed by MSK, assisting him was Adi.

Her eyes pop out seeing the huge amount of food just only for her. She gulp the saliva eyeing the trolley and back then him.

Aren’t you hungry? Come and have some food.

He offered her seeing her face, although he was lost again in her seeing her in the dress he bought for her.

Umm..thank you..

She stutter feeling uneasy first seeing the food then his gaze.

Geet slowly got down reaching near him ,he notice her wounds are still needs to bandage.

He immediately called doctor shah who was on his way to go out of hotel.

He bandaged her all scratches and wounds, and took his leave.

Maan asked his servants to send fresh and warm food again for her and he sat near her on the bed.

How are you feeling now? He asked softly taking her bandaged hand in his own.

Em..better.. she mutter feeling uneasy and tried to pulled out her hand from his clutch.

Come..let’s have some food.

He pulled out the chair for him and sat near her .

Your hand is injured , so I will feed you!!

He offered her one spoonful of soup ,she was flabbergasted with it, his concern or advance.

What! Don’t you like it?

No it’s not that.saying so she took the spoon in her mouth and drank it.

I can do it myself, thank you!!

She said softly taking the spoon from him and eating with her own hand.


He got up to leave again when..

Oh by the way, Icy, can you help to find my colleagues?Geet asked as he stop in his track turning sideways.

Don’t worry.they have left the hotel already. Adi answered this time instead of Maan.

Okay !! And she started to eat again her food feeling damn hungry unknown of the eyes of MSK which were not ready to left her sight. He was lost in her,small smile touch his lips seeing her antics while eating her food hurriedly.


Sir, are you really smiling.. adi stutter not believing the view of his boss smiling as he had never seen him smiling in years.

Oh !! Is that so? Maan was still lost in her .

You must have seen something wrong .Geet spoke with her mouth filled with food.

to be continued..

Precap :- Interview

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  1. Amazing update dearie. Am loving it a lot lot lot. I am wondering if Geet is suffering from amnesia by any chance. Maan feels familiar but she does not remember…Now I am excited to find out their whole story:):):)

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