It’s not.. Samrat was quick to replied but soon his eyes widen realizing what he had blurted.

Rajmata looked at him astonished, suspicious..

Samrat stood still not knowing how to rectify his words but to his rescue ,both heard Geet’s muffling sound.

Both turn to looked at her to see her crying in her unconscious state.

Samrat went ahead seating beside her he softly patted her forehead ,



She was murmuring continuously , Samrat was shocked , listening her, Rajmata just glanced at both of them last time before taking her leave from their.

After a while he got up seeing her again sleeping and wrapped the blanket on her , he summoned the maids from their and locked the door going inside his study room.


Maan was unable to sleep a ounce ,he was only turning on his bed not able to sleep .he was missing her warmth, just wanted to take her in his arms and sleep. His arms were aching badly in a need to take her. He had become habitual of her now, her sweet scent , her sweet tantrums , small smiled teased his lips remembering her pouting face , her adorable face .

He missed pampering her , he wanted to talked with her but seeing it’s late night he left that thought.

He thought to make a call in morning when his phone rang breaking his reverie.

He looked at the screen to see it’s Samrat . He quickly got up and answer the call.

As soon as he got to know about her condition , he was standing out of bed tense and worried for her.

I will just come .he rasp out

Hmm.. she is fine now , nothing to worry much .Samrat assured him but who can assured his restless heart ,he wanted to see her now at the spot but thinking something he stops.

It will take me one day, will you take care of her till then?

Maan requested him.

It’s my duty, man!

Samrat assured him both cut the call.

Maan couldn’t sleep after that, he went to pool area to take out his frustration for not able to reach her again when she needs him.

But today he can’t because he still needs to get those divorce papers in his hands, he was preparing himself fully to get her back to his home this time that too legally.

Early morning , Geet got up feeling so hungry, her face wrinkles in a ached , she opened her droopy eyes to see him seating beside her on the chair.

Good Morning!!

Hmm.she could not uttered any other word, and tried to got up , Samrat help her up and till washroom.

She was really weak this time which make Samrat really worried.

He make her followed her diet chart, feeding her medicines. She was better somewhat but looking upset , didn’t spoke any word looking silent all day.

Not even talked with her baby, Samrat tried his best but didn’t get successful,he asked her have a talk with Maan offering her his cell but she denied straight saying she will not able to hold herself together if she heard his voice.

Maan who was listening her voice from the other side , his heart wrench hearing her silent cries. He turn sad, frustrated, for not able to do anything.

He again make a call to advocate to hurry the things, he assured him papers will be ready in this day .

He pushed his other works aside to do MSK’s work first.

Here in the Palace

Samrat called sulakshna in late afternoon, to accompany her.

Sulkshana tried to cheered her up , to hay worked a little bite but she smiled only once still going back to her gloomy state.

Late evening….

Geet was feeling uneasy, she sudden turns restless , feeling her lost happiness going to comes back.

She drag sulkshana inside from Garden where they were taking walk before and asked her to make her ready like a bride.

Sulkshana was startle but on her insistence she does as she asked, just for her happiness.

First she fed her dinner and medicines, Geet was not in a mood but just for her baby’s sake she ate it .

Sulkshana makes her ready like a Royal bride 

after a while she tried to go from their when she felt tug on her wrist.she turn back to see Geet holding her hand.

Gelin çiçeği... _rose__seedling__bouquet__bouquet_ @dhamidrashti @dhamidrash

Don’t you wanna know why did I asked for this.

Hume is dil- e nadan ke sab raaz Bata hai, Raniji..

Her words left Geet speechless, she turn red blushing furiously realizing sulkshana got to know her unsaid words.

Subpost 2 - - Nandini - drashtidhami - silsilabadalterishtonka @dhamidrashti

Par AAP aaram kijiye, to which Geet pouted cutely not willing to do so,

For your baby, .. sulkshana added and made her rest behind on the bed post wrapping blanket on her she left shutting the door behind.

Sulkshana comes out and dashed onto Samrat who was walking towards his room.

Samrat held her naughtily, making her stand properly , Sulkshana smiled back seeing his naughty gaze.

Raniji is taking rest , don’t disturb her.

Oh I was not, I was just going to inform her about Mr.Khurana’s arrival.he just inform me , today he is going to come, just few hours…

He stop seeing sulkshana’s face, that had brighten with smile making him confused.

Arey toh Raniji Ko you pahle se hi pata hai that he is coming.

What?? Now it was making him more confused.

How?? He asked again..did they talked before but Maan didn’t told me infact he just inform me first.

Ji nahi..


AAP kya jano pyar ki baatein..kuch feelings hote hai… She teased him .

Oh so you mean I don’t know about love thing .? He teased her in return.

Humne Aisa kab kaha ??

But you meant it , just now.



And he rushed from their faking anger and sulkshana rushed behind him frustrated on his antics.


Geet was sleeping silently knowing he will come back and secured her again on his arms. Their was no more restlessness in her, she was calm and snoring silently.

When he barge inside opening the door and shut the door behind silently not wanted to break her sleep.

He drag his feet towards the bed where his angel was sleeping peacefully glowing in the moonlight that was coming from opened window.

As soon as he reached near her bed, he was frozen, stood rooted on his place seeing her bridal attire, her bridal look.

He switched on the bedside lamp which makes her glow like a golden mermaid .

His breath stuck in the throat seeing his sweetheart in bridal look sleeping peacefully.

He sat on the bed beside her and bent on her beautiful face gazing her lovingly.

He peck her forehead lovingly pushing her maangtika aside . Geet sigh heavily feeling his breath in her, takes in hard breath which felt him.

Maannn .she moans out feeling him beside her.

Maan admired her that how she felt him in her sleep as well.


He lay beside her and continue to gaped her innocent beauty,She turn restless in her sleep and again called him.When he hovers on her not putting weight on her tummy .



He took her lips for a soul searing kiss, kissing her passionately, Geet response with her eyes closed, soon her hands wrap on his neck pulling him more closed.

Breaking the kiss he slowly looked at her Beautiful face to see her opening her dizzy eyes slowly.

to be continued..smiley15

Precap :- Night of Passionsmiley27

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10 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 76

  1. Beautiful update n maan n geet both missing each other n samrat taking care of geet n maan come back to geet n dadima accept geet n ask maan to bring her to KM n her baby n waiting for nxt update

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  2. Fabulous update dearie:):):) I so so hate this separation but it was necessary na…Because Maan had to explain himself to Dadima and now Dadima wants her Geet bahu home:):):) Geet’s heart told her that her Maan would come for her today…Their souls are so intertwined that there is no need for words…Whatever they feel, think the other knows…Such is their soulful connection and divine love. Did Maan bring the divorce papers? I really hope so. I can’t wait for the divorce to be announced and Maaneet’s marriage to happen. Samrat & Sulakshana should also get married at the same time as Maaneet. And I want them to be best friends forever. Geet will finally get her family, love from all of them…Super super excited and happy:):):)

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