It was late evening, both were walking on the sea shore hand in hand.waves were drifting in and out of their feet. None speaks keeping silent and enjoying each other’s company.

Geet was lost in a new feel , she was blushing now and then lost in her own thoughts of wedding. His promise to make her his bride soon was making her mushy and she clutched on to his arm more tightly snuggling closer to him.

Maan smiled seeing her glowing face, she was looking breathtaking in her bridal dress. He felt she has become his bride today.

He stop for a while coming at far corner of beach where both stood alone.


Geet smiled brightly seeing his happy face. He tucks her waving curls behind her ears grazing his fingers down on her chubby cheeks .

Geet pushed herself more closer in his arms, there by decreasing the distance between both.


There face comes closed, and noses touched each other ,


both chuckle before beginning the kiss, she licks his lips naughtily biting on his lower lip and before he could take revenge she was already running  laughing out loudly.

Maan was shocked with her naughty teasing. He ran after her and soon caught her from behind holding her up in the air , that she screams ..



Bahot hasi aa Rahi hai..


and he threw her in the water, She screams turning hyper with his sudden move.

He was quick to caught her again but this time coming out she pushed him down , before she left his hand he pulled her on himself thereby drenching both of them in salted water.

They were half in the water now, which makes Geet uneasy as it was dark already , she hold on to him tightly.

I am here.. he whispered lifting her in his arms , she gasp holding him from his neck .


He went little ahead with Geet in his arms ,soon she felt herself floating on the water.

She smiled loving the feel, when all of sudden large waves comes and hit them hard, Maan stumble a bit with Geet, but he didn’t loosened his hold onto her.

He falls back taking her along with him in , Geet gasp holding him , soon she broke into sweet laughter looking at him.

You loved it.. ?? He asked floating onto the water while she kept on holding him.

Hmm..I loved everything when you are beside me.


She hugged him closer burying her face in the crook of his neck.

After a while both come out soaking wet and lay down on the sand taking high breaths.

All of a sudden Geet felt him hovering on her , Maan…she moans feeling his hands teasing her touching her here and there. She was trembling now with his touch and cold.

Her hands wrap around his back pulling him closer while he looked into her hazel eyes before taking her lips in his own kissing her passionately.

He opened the zip of her dress , and his hands moved inside, feeling her softness, Geet was so lost in him to realized his moves.

Maan.. she moans in between the kiss as his hands stroke her curves giving her sweet torture.

Both apart after a while feeling breathless, Maan turn on his back laying on the wet sand he took her on top of him.

Geet rest her head on his chest listening to his heartbeats , his hands still moved in her dress feeling her soft body.

She placed her soft lips on his bare part of chest, and scroll down the demanding kisses on his torso in the process opening his shirt buttons.


It was sweet torture for him , he hold her tight with one hand , while other one squeeze her curve tight, making her stop in a moment.

She blushed crimson red, and hide her face in the crook of his neck feeling mushy with his move.


Maan smiled seeing her blush , he zip on her dress and both got up to left for cottage.

He took her in his arms like a bride and both entered into her room.

Geet had wide smile on her face feeling satisfied for having her love beside her while Maan was Happy to see her happy.

Next day Geet had decided to party hard with her all friends before going back to India.

there were two reasons for celebration for her , first is her friend’s wedding and second is for to celebrate her Love.

Maan was just so surprised hearing her words yesterday night when she was laying in his arms half nude.

I want to introduce my love to my friends officially. And I am too happy that want to spread it ..

Do you have a problem , honey ?

She spoke last words seductively , by stroking her fingers on his stubble cheeks.

Not at all, would be Mrs.Khurana.

He teased her pecking her lips , Geet blushed smile brightly listening to him.

I loved it . She kissed him hungrily, hovering on him leaving him breathless.

You should keep calling me this henceforth! She demanded like possessed stroking his face lovingly.


Maan only watched her adorable face with all love. She always left him speechless with her unconditional crazy love.

Back to party hall which was obviously noisy club which he hated the most , and was alert all the time with his men in action on the background.

He is here to protect her first and he will do it if it cost his own life , after all his life belongs to her now,his heart and soul .

He gazed her lovingly, she was chirping in his arms like a bird, getting enthusiastic just with the environment , he continued to gazed her lovingly while she was looking ahead in the club as both of them entered inside the party hall.

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Geet was dancing entering inside while he just followed her silently , accompanying her.

Hey dude..hum bhi yaha hai apart from your girlfriend.

images (9)

Adi teased him seeing his gaze not leaving his best friend , he was some bit jealous to shared his best friend but no one was happy more than him to see his best friend happy with her love, finally she got what she deserved.

And then that was gonna happen one day.

Geet shied sweetly , while her face was already brighten with wide smile holding him closed proudly showing all the girls present there that he was her .

Maan break from his gaze from her and looked ahead , he only smiled in return giving him warm hug.

Congrats babe!!

Aditya took her in a bear hug much Maan’s irritation, he smiled seeing his angry face while Geet pulled out confused seeing the scene.

What happened ?

She looked at both of them , Maan control himself while Aditya laughed more.

Nothing babe ..let’s moved inside.

He wrap his arms around her shoulders taking her by surprise,

Uhh… Adi leave me.. my boyfriend is here to take me inside . She make a face leaving adi she come to Maan and drag him inside wrapping her arm again around his biceps .

Maan turn his head sideways and smirk leaving startle adi behind.

Adi chuckle again before going inside.

Soon all friends gather around, their were two cakes placed , one for married couple and second for going to be married couple that was Geet Maan.


Geet hooted followed by others and both the couple cut the cake together, Maan was not at all habitual of this, or noisy environment.

But with Geet , he was left with no option,from the time she entered his life or he entered into her, he had to followed her all wired habits with her .

But then anything for his babydoll, her happiness.

He ignore his own inhibitions , and only concentrate on her happiness for a while.

The ring was placed in the cake , Geet screams madly looking at it as she pulled it out , while others laugh on her madness.

Maan glared at everyone around making them stop but he himself couldn’t stop the smile comes on his lips seeing her craziness .

Before he knew she was on her knees before him holding that ring.

Will you marry me, My Bo..

She was going to blurt Bodyguard word but suddenly she stops and corrected herself .

Will you marry me, Mr.Khurana ?

to be continued..

Precap :-

1.Maan’s reaction

2. Aankh marey or Physcho Saiyyan..

Plz guys suggest me the song.. or do I took both of my choice..

3. I had heard this name somewhere??

Guess which name ???

4. Someone gets drunk..?? Who…??


  1. Wow happy maaneet moments.. loved the way maan protects her always his cute jealousy was nice… finally marriage proposal 👌👌 loved the pics… I will suggest psycho Saiyan ♥️😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved it
    It is so super with them being happy, enjoying their time, togetherness,their acceptance 💓

    The way he protects her,then some time feeling jealous,oii his smirk to adii,adi is so nice and good….

    He is in to the world of his baby…

    She is the happiest and introduce him to all her friends,their talks all r so good


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Super awesome update dearie:):):) I love this Maan & Geet who are completely smitten in their love and enjoying this phase to their fullest…Love the way Maan loves Geet so much that he can do anything for his princess:):):) And Geet…she is a darling truly…And the way she proposed Maan:):):) Super super super awesome:):):) Just want them to be careful and safe dearie. May no evil eyes fall on them. Super super happy for them:):):)

    I am sure that Maan will say yes:):):) I want Aankh Marey dearie:):):) Pls don’t get Maaneet drunk because I want them to be safe and sound…pls pls pls…

    Liked by 1 person

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