Maann.. she moans feeling his teeth nipping her skin, his hand found their way on her curves. Fondling them in his large palms.

Geet had wrap her arms around his bare back while she pushed herself into his warm body,there by burying his face inside her half opened cleavage.


He groan breathing heavily on her chest, he pushed his hardness on her core harshly on their cloths itself.

Geet gasp suddenly pulling out from him. Her whole burn with shyness, she was startle feeling his arousal , she hurriedly pushed up her straps and rushed out of his room .

Geett.. he ran behind her chasing her downstairs.


He called from behind lovingly seeing her now laughing and running around sofa set placed in the hall.

Stop calling me that.. she blushed half , half giggle playing along with him.

Maan doesn’t stop smiling seeing her looking so happy and free, in a playing mood.

I can’t …he finally caught her from behind, he held her in air that she screams .

Leave me …

I loved it ..he let her down and before she runs away he caught hold of her wrist from behind and jerk her back in his arms.

Maan .. she tried to wriggle out of his arms , feeling mushy just with his gaze, his hold around her delicate body, the way he calls her .it was all making her crazy .making her loose in him.

She doesn’t want to…but the man have the power to caged her in his own charisma.

She couldn’t hold herself around him , always at the loosing end.

Why are you denying and what?? He whispered huskily holding her hairs from back , she couldn’t meet his gaze.

Her struggles didn’t stop non the less she loves his authority on her, his possessive hold.


He rubbed his stubble cheek on her soft one making her breaths high.she strongly tremble in his arms, which he felt and smirk sticking her more closer.

His scent made her dizzy, she clutch his bare shoulders tight almost piercing her nails in his skin unconsciously.

He pushed his face down in the crook of neck , licking there and next moment she pushed him again and tried to run away but in that process she didn’t sees the  sofa behind was behind her and lost her balance taking him on her.

Ahhhh... She gasp with the sudden fall with his huge weight on her.

Maan pushed away her wet curls behind her ear to see her beautiful face. Geet has her half lips open taking the most of air in..she continues to gap his gorgeous face.

Both soon gaze into each other eyes and lost in a eye lock .

Both didn’t realized when TV switch on , as remote was just placed there which got press below them.

Their eye lock broke with the sound and both turn towards the direction. Both gasp in shock with eyes widen and Maan turn to looked back at her only to see her now had turn whole red , her eyelashes dropped, lips trembling .

The couple was almost making out in the movie , and volume was so high .

Maan smirks to see her condition . Geet couldn’t faced him , she lay still breathing heavily giving him opportunity to looked at her half bare front.

Maan was lost in her laying on her .

Plz switch it off . She whispered seeing him lost in her and tried to Wriggle out of him, but it was impossible as she has become sandwich between him and sofa below.

Maan got up from her and she was quick to stood up from sofa. He switch off the TV and turn to go upstairs without even asking her once.

Geet looked at his retreating figure in surprised and she hear him next

Come fast ..

She just followed him behind silently not knowing what to expect next when all of a sudden she felt herself flaunting in the air , Maan..she gasp feeling his arms lifting her .

He didn’t utter any word and rushed upstairs towards his room , getting inside he pushed the door with his feet.

Geet hold him tight from his neck looking at his hard face which was showing nothing.

He slowly let her down on the bed , Geet watch on to him silently laying on the bed , he walked on other side and lay beside her facing her as she she turn towards him .

Slowly his hand went on her waist pulling her closed, Geet willingly went into his arms, holding his shoulders.

She placed her head on his chest burying it in the crook of his neck , he grasp her closed , his large palms press on her small back, hit rushed through both of their body,  as her Shivering lips touch his neck.

Geett.. he groan crushing her petite form in his arms. She snuggle closed seeking his warmth, soon she felt his feet rubbing on her soft one, his hands went on her knees ,going above he pressed her thighs making her moan.

His hands went inside her loosed mighty and he cup her ****** in his one palm as she had not wore inner wear.

Geet was breathing heavily on his chest making him mad , he stroke her nipples making it more hard.

The desire to take it in his mouth and cherished it arouse in him and he hover on her making her lay back completely.

I want to feel you..

He rasp out pulling out her nighty hurriedly , Geet was shock , didn’t realized what happened till he bare her completely.

She was laying below him in her birth suit , she was so shy , vulnerable..never liked his sudden moved , her instant reaction was to pushed him hard and pulled the sheet on her bare body.

Her teary eyes accused him for making her ashamed.

Maan can’t took that look of hers, or her accusing eyes. Before her tears spill out he grasp her waist pushing her down on the bed ,

Leave me..I want to go .. she whispered , really turning furious now.

Her struggles turns hyper, making him angry .

What is with you… You can sleep with me and I can’t touched you .

He was harsh and straight with his words making her upset.

It was my mistake.. let me go.. now .

She tried a lot not to cry out , her voice was mere whispered trying to hold back her sobs.

Geet..he turn soft loosening the hold he took her in a bear hug knowing her exact condition right now.

Her tears flew out seeing his soft side. That wet his chest making him angry on himself for pushing her to do that.

Ok..I am sorry.. you can’t just shed those precious pearls.

He tried to makes her calm , she pulled out wiping her face, you can’t.. he again argue pressing his lips on her forehead tightly as her tear stricken face just wrench his heart.

Sleep .. he pushed her on the bed, she was still uncomfortable to sleep with him that too without cloths.

Maan guess it and let her go ,

Go and wear it. Next one is guest room , you can go and sleep.Good night darling. He added just to let her know that he was no more angry on her. He knew she needs some space and he is the one always run behind her.

He was feeling like he is forcing her now , so he just thought to let her go .

Geet felt hurt, didn’t realized the depth of his words or act , she takes it wrong and rushed out angrily taking her nighty with her, she thought to wore it in other room only.

Maan turn with the sound and sigh seeing her already disappear.

He thought to just take some drink as he wouldn’t able to sleep now without her, he could still able to feel her softness underneath his palm..fingers..

It was making him hard, he rushed to bar and got drunk a little knowing he couldn’t drank much when she is here in his mansion.

He doesn’t wants to make her upset if she didn’t liked him drinking, and if she needs him , he has to be there beside her.

He drag his feet towards room again and lay down but sleep was no where near his eyes, he once thought to go into her room and sleep beside her holding her soft and warm body in his arms but he cancelled the thought sticking to his decision to gives her some space.

Geet on the other hand heard his footsteps , but ignore it and went to bed switching off the lights as she couldn’t sleep with the lights on.

.to be continued…

Precap :- twist smiley2

Guess guys..what is the twist ahead..now..??

Forgive for errors and other every little mistakes..smiley9

Thanks to each one for being here on this story..it’s special one for me. I just loved the concept and whole of it.smiley17

Hope you guys are enjoying it as well with me.. as I love to type it down for you.

Thank you so much for likes and comments too. Hope to see likes increasing on each update.smiley4

14 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 18

  1. Loved it very much
    Update is full of Maaneet masti and romance.
    Both r right in their place.
    She was uncomfortable with Maan action.
    But Maan can’t bear this distance.
    He wants to feel her.
    But he understand her feelings.
    Maan controls himself.
    Precap is twist!
    Update soon dear.

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  2. Superb update n geet n maan both are right at their place n geet is uncomfortable with maan action n maan give her space n update nxt part soon

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  3. Superb update dearie. Loved their passionate moments…But why is their relationship so complicated? Is it because of who they are in their respective careers? Geet needs some time and space to move on with Maan when it comes to consummating their love for one another…As much as it hurts Maan he understands and gives in knowing that his sudden move made Geet feel terrible…Geet is unlike other girls…I cant wait for Maan & Geet to unite as a couple in front of the whole world to see…And live their lives to the fullest with all of their love:):):)

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