Geet couldn’t hold his passionate gaze more that she walked ahead twisting her duppatta. Maan offered her cup of coffee and taking his he sat on the sofa before her as she took her seat stealing glances at him




Both continue to steal glances at each other for a while, her duppata was sliding down continually which she couldn’t handle being wearing it for the first time. She let it go finally after few attempts to keep it in right place.

Maan’s breath stop, he gulp his coffee hurriedly down his throat. His heart beat raise manically seeing the magnificent view before him. Her bare stomach and half opened cleavage as the blouse was to short.




He continue to gawk her beauty shamelessly while Geet blushed few times none the less she let him see her not hiding anything from him.

Finishing with her coffee, Geet got up to have a view of his house. She watched few of his pics were there on the wall. Maan walked behind her really closed that his breath started to teased her , her heartbeat raise manically , she had her hand on the frame , when felt his hand snaking on her arm length and he grab her palm. It’s my Dadima.



she felt him nuzzling his nose on her neck line, she tilted her neck giving him more access, as his arms rested on her bare stomach. 

Geet shied and walked away from him and she come to closed window.

Jalataa Hain Jiyaa Meraa

Bheegee Bheegee Raaton Mein


Geet looked outside at the pouring rain, her fingertips trail down on the window feeling the rain drops while soft smile adore her lips.


Maan was left mesmerized with the sight , his feet drag forward towards her , reaching behind her he wrap his arms on her bare stomach , pulling her in his arms from behind.


Aajaa Goree, Choree Choree

Ab To Rahaa Naheen Jaaye Re

Copy of tumblr_mh9fmqWRg41ruc7t3o4_250

Geet gasp wrapping her arms around his own she rested her head back on his bare chest.

Ab to rahaa nahin
Jaaye re haye re haye re
Haye re haye re haye re haye re

His fingers trail on her bangles, he played with it for a while , his face dip in the crook of her neck , nipping her skin there.


She just moaned softly feeling pleasurable currents run down her whole body. He then slide her wet curls at front baring her whole back , he trail his fingers on her back making her shiver, his lips landed on her soft skin as he shower wet kisses on her whole bare back. 

Finally bearing no more of his sweet torture she turn around in his arms , and throw her arms around his neck taking him in a passionate hug.

Hx19Q (1)

Maan was burning in his awakening desires now , he groan feeling her soft body crashing into his hard own.

His hands roam all over her bare back feeling her, Geet was also loosing it in his charisma. Her soft palms press on his bare back making both of them burn in desires.

She felt goosebumps all over her body with his passionate and possessive touch.

Gulaabi ye pyaale
Hain tere hawaale
Too bhi dil ki
Lagi ko boozaa le

Her Shivering lips touch his neck making him pulled out of the hug and his attention went on her beautiful petals .

Geet blushed furiously as her eyelids droop down giving him her approval .


Gulaabi ye pyaale

Hain tere hawaale

Without wasting a moment he took them in his hungry mouth , quenching his thirst . He suck her wet lips hungrily, pulling them in between in his sharp teeth. She moan in his mouth, holding him closed , her soft arms bound together on his neck pulling his face downwards to her level.

Too bhi dil ki lagi ko boozaa le
Fir naa aaye kabhi aisi raat
Fir naa aaye kabhi aisi raat

Maan took her in his arms still kissing her passionately he make his way towards his bedroom, both broke apart to take breaths and soon their lips again glue together for one more Passionate kiss.

Mine first kiss ..

She mumbled between his lips as he licks those swollen pink lips.

I know.. and before he continued she added,

Yours as well, I know.. I can taste you raw..

Her words made him chuckle to see her Innocent and bold at the same time.

Pilaayi hain tum ne
Jo pyaase ko shabanam
Dil ke shole bhala kaise ho kam

He made her lay down on his puffy bed while she laugh along with him feeling happy and excited being with him.

Maan was just lost in the mermaid laying freely on his bed as if she belongs here.

Aajaa gori chori chori
Ab to rahaa nahin
Jaaye re haye re haye re haye re

He kissed her pink toes going up on her body like a snake , his hands hold her bare waist possessively while his face dip in her stomach making her inhale sharply.


She moaned feeling alive again with his touch, his lips licks her softness naughtily, his beard scratch her soft skin making it pink.

He nuzzled on her soft tummy before going on her heaving up chest , her small blouse did nothing to her modesty from his hungry eyes.

It outlined her beautiful assets more prominently making her look sexy, while it reveals her half of chest .

His face dip in her valley between her chest , licking her wet and soft skin there, but didn’t forgot to tickle her with his beard, she giggled softly making him smiled as well.

He looked at her beautiful face while she pulled up his face to her level grazing his beard lovingly.

You look beautiful with it …


Her fingers trail down on his beard ,down on his M shape lips, tickling his senses .

While his ego boost hearing her, he stick his face on her soft palm kissing it softly.


No one had admired him in this innocent way like she does, no one had before talked about his beard thing.

He rubbed his cheeks on her own,going below on her neck teasing her.she giggled feeling ticklish.

Are you sure ..he mumbled hearing her sweet laughter.

Hmm…she soon found him kissing there on her neck line going below again on her deep cut blouse.

Her chest heave up and down against his face. His fingers trail down on her bare stomach making her twitch her body in anticipation.

His hands went behind on her hooks while she turn to one side giving him access .

He opened her hooks and threw her blouse aside , his palms rib on her bare shoulders , going below on her both arms , he hold her small waist again .

Geet looked into his passionate gaze pulling him closer, she nuzzled her small nose with his long one .

Shy smile teasing her lips, he kissed her deep again while her arms wrap around his broad back , feeling his each muscles she roam her soft palms on his broad back.

Jaan.. he groan in her wet mouth feeling her innocent touches .

Geet stop suddenly hearing him called her that way. Her eyes filled up instantly realizing the depth of it.

She pulled out looking at him shock , she was suddenly vulnerable .



He again call her cupping her face lovingly ,he wipe her tears before they fall.


Did you really meant it ?

She asked making him surprised as he was clueless what she was talking about.

Tell me, do you really meant it ?

She demanded holding his bare shoulders.

Maan stop for a while rewinding the moments before , and he got it what she was asking , he himself was surprised now.


Yes I really meant it, Jaan! He added pecking her forehead lovingly .


She left a deep sigh feeling satisfied to found her beloved, his one kiss on the forehead assured her making her heart flutter happily hearing him.

And then there was no stepping back , she surrender herself to him ,as he opened the hooks of her b** and threw it away baring her completely as his hands went down pushing down her long skirt.He pulled out his own remaining cloths .

Geet was blushing furiously hiding her modesty from him , Maan hold her both wrist pinning them on either side of her head on the mattress below.

Ummm… She pouted cutely making him smirk as he gaped her nude body shamelessly which was glistening in golden lamp.

He then lower down and teased her hard nipples with his tip of tongue making her mad .

Umm..she struggle in his arms , he smirk again before taking her full mount in his mouth to satisfy both .

Relishing both her twins he went down on her belly showering wet kisses there .


She was moaning continuously feeling assault on her soft skin, after a while he left her hands and pushed down her panty kissing on her core..

Geet had her eyes closed dripping wet , she scratch his back making him wince in pain.

Next Geet closed her eyes tight feeling him entering inside her, tears drop down from her corner of closed eyes.


Maan sucked it harshly kissing her whole face madly he peck her forehead again , when she opened her wet eyes .

Are you alright , Jaan?

Again that last word of affection just sooth her all pains, she smiled nodding her head in approval that encourage him further and he make love to her wildly taking her to new world of Love & pleasure.



Precap :-

The Conclusion.?

I hope you guys liked it..smiley17 the final part is remaining now , more things going to happen in next , so like and comment to this one and wait for conclusion of the story.smiley4



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