Woh sab toh thik hai maan but I am not letting you closed to that woman.

Dadima was really upset on this topic, she couldn’t realized how did this all happened and he falls in her trap.

You are asking me to stay away from the one who has become my breath to live, Dadima.

She just looked at her grandson feeling speechless hearing him .

And I have already cross that line of closeness that you can’t part her away from me now.

As the words left from his mouth he felt his cheek burn hard with the effect of her slap.

Maan was shock first , but soon stable himself knowing it has to be happened , and it’s his Grandma’s right on him.

He had done enough mistakes ,he will bear it all .

Aapko sharam nahi aati , humare samne aise baate karte hue?  Are you really my grandson to stoop this law.

Dadima..!! I am..

Don’t..she shows him her palm making him tongue tied just with her dreadful glare.

He don’t want to think what will be her reaction after knowing full truth from him, his sin . The way he had torture his Sweetheart. His eyes become moist feeling guilty for hurting his both women.


Dadima..just listen to me once.

Hume aur kuch nahi sunna Maan..she sat on the bed defeated , really upset with the ongoing events.

Geet ka isme koi kasur nahi.

Naam mat lijiyega us mamhoos aurat ka Jo..


Image result for maneet ff his precious possession

he shouted on the top of his voice making his Dadima gasp loudly as he was so loud .

He hurried towards her holding her in his arms protectively , Dadima plz calm down..

He offered her water , she turn her face away angrily..plz Dadima.. he pleaded her like a child while she drank few sips.

She was not at any fault Dadima, but whole fault is mine. He told her straight way before she could interval but Dadima was so tired to argue with him now.

Image result for maneet ff his precious possession

She stay calm deciding to listen him once.

That evening , I met with her, I seen her first time and I lost it..I lost my heart to her that time only but make it late to realized it.

He looks lost , as Dadima saw his face , she saw small smile coming on his lips very slowly and he looks lost in another world.

Mano aasman se utri koi pari sirf mere liye aayi hai.


She is pure angel, Dadima. caged in that Royal Palace.his fist tighten to think of that.

Dadima looked at him astonished hearing him when he decided to just reveal her everything , every little thing to clear a mist only then she will able to understand him, will able to see the things clearly.she will.accept Geet, her anger will be reduce for her.


Geet couldn’t just seat quite on one place, she was restless wants her Mr.Khurana beside her , she thought she couldn’t took the breath in this four walls when he was not beside her.

She cried engulfing herself to sleep but that was not working , he had taken her heart, sleep everything with her.

At beginning it was not that much madness but now she has become habitual of him sticking near her, his pampering , his passion or his raw touches , kisses.

She blushed , smiling sweetly in between her tears ,

buried her face in the pillow and cried her heart out missing him terribly.

She knew he will come back this time, she have faith, he will surely comeback for her and there unborn baby.

But when..??

That was a question..

She shivered thinking this, her heart scared , will his grandma approved of there relationship . ?? She placed her one palm on her tummy.

Will she think wrong of her like others..??

Sleep was no where near her eyes , finally she stood up wiping off her tears , she freshness up and opened the door to go out.

Where are you going Rani, this late?


Bas kijiye Maan.. now I can’t hear more!

Dadima had enough listening him, she couldn’t believe he could do this.her own grandson .

How could you be so harsh on the girl. One alone woman. You just snatch the sanity of the poor girl who was already emotionally weak,

I know..and I am sorry for that..

But I loved her Dadima..truly and immensely.

I just needs to brought her here out of that clutches of Rajmata.

She is one cunning woman.

Maan was again burning in anger thinking of the tortures His sweetheart had to go through because of her.


Geet almost stumble back clutching the door tight , her heart skip a beat hearing that voice, it was no less than nightmare for her.

Hum..woh..hum bas bahar…


Geet stammer seeing her piercing gaze , Rajmata walked before her and smiled softly making Geet surprised.


Do you want to have a walk in out in the garden.? She asked softly to which Geet just nodded silently still wondering seeing her smile.

That was not evil though but was warm.

Let’s go. I will accompany you .

She hold her shoulders and drag her out.

Geet was unwilling though having no option she drag her feet with her, keeping one hand on her growing tummy.

How are you feeling recently..?

Rajmata asked suddenly making Geet startle , she felt it and looked at her.

Ji hum.. she couldn’t speak further as she skip a step going to lost her balance if not for Rajmata holding on to her firmly.

Ahhh.. Geet gasp loudly clutching on to Rajmata tightly, her one hand hold onto her stomach while her eyes welled up furiously like river , her heart skip a beat , she was damn scared .

Sambhaliye khudko..

You still can’t stable yourself.. you still can’t leave your clumsiness, ha..Rani..

Rajmata scold her in low voice but Geet was already feeling dizzy and hearing her make her cried loudly .

Maids just rushed forward feeling really sorry for her , as they can’t do anything against Rajmata .

All help her to reach her room back , as she lay down on the bed , Rajmata make a call to her personal doctor .

You should take care of yourself Rani..agar humare Chirag Ko kuch ho Gaya..toh …

AAP Hume janti hai. Don’t you ??

Her dreadful voice only Geet could hear again and again in her head as she closed her eyes fainting .


Bring back my Bahu and your baby Maan..hum aur intezar nahi karte sakte.

Image result for maneet ff his precious possession

Dadima was on cloud nine hearing the good news, she couldn’t be more happy , she wanted to him to settled down in his life and having his own family but today when this is happening , she couldn’t describe her happiness in words.

I will Dadima..I will ..


Maan left a sigh of breath after making all things clear to her . He smiled seeing her so happy. It gave his heart peace finally , he was so restless before for making her upset but now he was satisfied opening up to her.

He saw her ordering Nakul in enthusiasm voice for bringing sweets , she wanted to celebrate it.

Dadima ..Dadima..

He hold her and make her sat on the bed .

It will be done later on, first let me bring both of them here .

You should Maan and that too fast.i can’t wait more.

Image result for geet and dadima

Dadima beam in happiness as she peck his forehead with love .


How this happened.. kya hua hai Rani Ko?

Samrat confront Rajmata coming face to face with her . He was livid after getting message from servants about the incident.

Kuch nahi .woh sirf behosh ho gayi hai..why are you shouting this much.

Sirf, Rajmata??  You know she is expecting and..

That’s what I told her as well.she couldn’t be careless when she is carrying future heir of Ranavat.

Samrat was not satisfied with her answer, he was upset thinking of all things but before they could argue further Doctor comes out.

How is she , Doctor?

She is very weak Samrat, beside now she had gone through little shock which is not good for any pregnant must take care of it.

Samrat just nodded eyeing his Rajmata .

I have given her injection, she will be woken up in few hours , give her this tablets and something liquid to eat.

As soon as doctor took their leave both barge inside room to see her laying on the bed looking really pale.

What had happened, Rajmata?


Samrat asked again patting her head like she was some delicate doll to taken care of.

She was going to fall down on the stairs ..

Samrat gasp with the revelation , his hand Stop on her forehead , he stood shock while Rajmata reveal further.

It was good I was with her , or less ..this girl have not known to walk properly even. Rajmata again didn’t left a chance to taunt her.

But Samrat just hug her tight, he was really scared to loosed her or her child.

If something had happened to her or baby , how would he have faced her.

Thank you so much Rajmata .

It’s alright son, It’s our heir after all. It’s my duty to take care of it.

It’s not .. Samrat was quick to reply but soon his eyes widen realizing what he blurted.

Rajmata looked at him astonished, suspicious ..

Precap :-

Maan was restless without his Sweetheart.

Geet was missing her Mr.Khurana.

When will he come back to his sweetheart or he will really make it to her early before something happens..?? smiley15

Finally I updated,.. it was so type this one..finally done.. not planning to let Dadima know just now about his baby or Geet’s innocence..was going to add more twist in the tale but because of you guys I have to hurried this things so better you guys leave lots of and long comments along with lots of likes..

I want 45 likes to this one..I am clear ??


Or else you will not known what will happen next..I will become devil..


Maan Ko Bhi toh wapas Lana hai na apni Geet ke paas ..

So you better guys..get started working on my demands..


8 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 75

  1. Lovely update finally maan told about geet to daadi ma his angry face ufff…geet was missing her maan how sweet this rajmata is upto something… finally daadi accepted their relationship.. thank God geet and baby are safe waiting for maaneet meeting now♥️😘

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  2. She is missing him
    Dadi slapped him,but he requested her to listen him once,and she gives him a chance,he tell all the things that happened her,she is now happy and wants them there at the earliest,he is also happy that dadi accepted them

    But in the palace the things r not at all going smooth, already she is stressed because of his absence,and raajmaata presence and talk and the incident making her scared

    Hoping she and baby will be safe in his absence and he comes to them at the earliest

    Don’t go to devil mode dear,not wanting anything happends bad to them at this stage

    Waiting for further

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    1. Thanks for comment di..😊
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  3. Awesome update dearie:):):) I am so happy that Maan came clean with Dadima revealing each and every thing that happened between him & Geet. Especially what he did to Geet. Dadima then realised that Geet is truly an innocent naive angel…And now she wants her bahu and grandchild where they belong. Poor Geet how much she was missing her Mr Khurana…feeling so suffocated in that royal cage…That horrid witch Rajmata! I really hope she falls down the stairs…Oops I know I am mean na….But she is so wicked…Samrat should stay with Geet and not let that Rajmata prey on Geet na…I hope he is careful from now on…And also he must conclude the divorce immediately…Can’t bear to see Geet suffer so so so much….

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