Both pulled apart knowing where it is leading to, Geet was blushing furiously with her own act of dispersion.

She turn her back towards him ,taking high breaths . Maan watched her amused as he drag his feet towards her reaching on her back he engulf her soft and warm body in his cold and hard one, fitting perfect together.

Geet.. he whispered showering wet kisses on her bare neck, he dip his face in the crook of her neck inhaling her sweet scent.

Gosh..how much she loved it when he called her with that husky voice , that short form of her name.


She clutch his hands which were on her stomach holding onto him tightly, she tilted her head giving him more access.


We should get going..Geet whispered holding his nape, she turn to face him.

Maan peck her lips making her blushed and they exited the place.

Both were driving back silently ,Geet was lost in a new feel so as Maan who was stealing her glances now and then.

There was loud grumbling and not soon rain started to pour out.

Geet watched on silently to the rain drops falling in the glass , she placed her palm resting her head on it.

Maan looked at her behavior confused, clueless non the less he was left mesmerized with the sight.

Lost in her he applied the break making her trance broke as well.

Kya hua??

Geet asked turning to face him, he got down from the car walking on her side he opened her side door.

Maan..what are you doing there out in the rain??

Come out ..

What?? She was shock with his command to her request.

Join me…come.. he pulled her out without waiting for her reply , Geet got out willingly.

Soon soft smile adore her red lips, she laugh out feeling those cold rain drops teasing her.


She forgot about Maan and got lost in her own child play in the rain,taking out her heels .

Maan watched on mesmerized with the sight, she was innocent , nave , beautiful and one amazing person, he concluded falling head over heal for her .

Maan..she pulled him holding his wrist to join him in the madness, as she twirl in his arms manically laughing out , she tilted her head backwards ,almost falling her half body back she cherished the rain to fullest holding on to him


He jerk her closer holding on to her soft body , making her silent for a while.


She looked on to his gorgeous face dripping wet in the furious rain.his eyelashes dripping casting his deep brown eyes still she managed to drown in their charisma .

Aankhon se tune yeh kya keh diya

Dil yeh deewana dhadakne laga

Tanhai mein hum mile is tarah

Baarish mein shola bhadakne laga

What have you said from your eyes

My crazy heart is beating fast

We met in loneliness in such a way that

An ember was igniting in the rains


She snaked her hands on his shoulder while he grasp her more closed holding her waist.


The music was on in the car and both started to swing in there own passion.

Tu tadapne laga, main machalne lagi

You were tormenting and I was restless

She pushed him all of a sudden coming out of his arms and twirling around teasing him to no extent.


Boond tan pe giri, jaan machalne lagi

A drop fell on me and I became restless

She come rushing into his arms while he jerk her closer, his lips landed on her bare shoulder trailing up the path he buried his face in her neck while both make next dance move.

Image result for geet maan tip tip barsa pani


Chha raha hai ajab sa nasha

A strange kind of intoxication is spreading

Finally ended up in a hugging each other passionately , she dip her face in the crook of his neck hiding herself completely in him while Maan hold her more passionately, his hands press her tighter in his arms.


Aankhon se tune yeh kya keh diya

Dil yeh deewana dhadakne laga

Tanhai mein hum mile is tarah

Baarish mein shola bhadakne laga

What have you said from your eyes

My crazy heart is beating fast

We met in loneliness in such a way that

An ember was igniting in the rains

After a while Maan lift her in his arms carrying her towards  Car.

Maan took his car towards his mansion, Geet kept quite all the while not in a position to resist him today.

She was shivering ,wrapping her arms around her body she rubbed her arms trying to get ride of cold.

Thodi sardi bhi hai

It’s slightly cold

He give her his coat which was on back seat and dried. She steal glances to him muttering small thanks , hurriedly wrap his warm coat around herself and she was lost.

Thodi garmi bhi hai

It’s slightly warm

His aroma engulf her making her dizzy , Maan watched her silently driving side by side.

Both reach soon at his mansion. The vehicle entered through the huge gates of Khurana Mansion, the name plate was glowing in silver platinum board in the furious rain.

Geet was not in a position to watched around , she was already feeling dizzy with the effects of the man who was beside her.

Thodi hai bebasi

There is some helplessness

She sat still drown in her own thoughts when he got down opening her side of door.

Seeing her lost , he called her, she jerk back , steadying her heartbeat and breaths , she got down only to be lift by him.

Kya hua??

He carried her inside his mansion like a bride , looking at her wet face lovingly.


Nothing.. she snuggle closed in his warmth binding her arms around his neck .

Thodi marzi bhi hai..

There is some agreement


He again asked as they entered inside his bedroom ,hmm..she had her face rest on his chest not looking around as where they are heading.

The servants had already left on his order leaving both of them alone.

Maan let her down on the floor that’s when she looked around herself .

Her eyes widen in shock, surprised or delight, her heart thump loudly , mouth half opened as she gaped at the portrait of hers before her.


Her huge portrait was there hanging on the wall with its own glory.

As she turn around , around and taking twirl , his room was filled with her every other pictures in different expression and looks, it was only her modelling pics..photo shoot pics as she had share nothing about her private life till now.


She stood dumb not knowing how to react. Her whole filled with a new zeal ,she shiver feeling anxious, she feeling happy, excited, vulnerable, felt like crying to see the sight of his room.

She just turn around briskly and threw herself in his arms crying bitterly.


He was so startle with her outburst, why was she crying it was confusing for him.

Why are you crying??

She didn’t answer , just cried out more hearing his concern filled voice.


She hugged him tight letting her tears wet his shirt. Her palms crushed his shirt in there fist .

Shh.. stop it .. he patted her head trying to make her calm , she was done after a while her sobs turn to loud hiccups .

Maan pulled apart and offered her a glass of water, she drank few sips stealing glancing of his face.

Yeh Sab..??

Geet was unsure how to asked, she stood still waiting for his answer.

This makes you cry?

He was surprised , as he took out the towel and change of clothes for her.

It’s….it’s not like that ..

She softly response as he come back near her.


Then..don’t you like it? He whispered near her ear,Geet get the stuff from his hands.


I..I…love it.. she stutter blushing slightly, and tried to rushed away from there but he hold her wrist pulling her back in his arms.

But I don’t like your tears.. he whispered kissing her cheeks passionately for a long making her dizzy with the effect , her hold on the cloths tighten and she ran inside the washroom pushing him back.

He smirk seeing her banging shut the door, he went to other room and freshness up himself .

Geet was blushing furiously seeing her own reflection in the mirror, she quickly get warm shower and changed into the nightdress which reach till her knees. Wondering about how did he get her size, her fitting dress and when?

Geet comes out wiping her hair when she saw him entering inside the room bare chested.


Aise mein hum bhala kya karen tu bata

Tell me what should I do in such a situation

She gulp hard diverting her gaze from him to mirror.


Maan took steady steps towards her , reaching near her from behind, he hugged her making her startle.


She moaned feeling his lips doing wonder on her body, as he shower wet kisses on her bare back , then shoulder , he turn her around in his arms , while he pulled down her straps of dress to get more access and continue his assault on her soft skin.


Joh bhi hota hai woh hone de dilruba

My love, whatever has to happen let it happen


Night continues..


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11 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 17

  1. Superb update

    She is enjoying,he is happy to see her enjoy

    Both r in his mansion,his room is filled with her photos,she just loved that and had tears

    He doesn’t like the tears,then their moments,lovely



  2. Loved the update dear beautiful scenes in rain too passionate maaneet cannot get enough of each other her pics was a surprise waiting for their confession soon ♥️😘


  3. Wonderful update. Geet and maan are enjoying their first date together and then rain too. Loved their moments in rain. Maan guessed that geet likes rain and made her enjoy it. He is taking care of her small small desires. They head towards maan’s mansion and geet is shocked and overwhelmed to see her so many pictures in maan’s bedroom. Maan thinks she didn’t like them but geet tells him that she loved them. He tells her that he cannot see her tears and then again they both get lost in each other. You stopped at the wrong time😜eagerly waiting for the next part. Thanks for the pm😃


  4. Fabulous update dearie. Full of their love and passion, no words needed…Just their togetherness ignites it all. LOved each and every bit of their date, dance especially the rain scene…The way he brought her home carrying her like a bride said it all…I loved every bit of the VM, song sequence in the update so beautifully expressing their love and passion. I was amazed by Maan’s room…filled with her…his love. Hayeeeeeee:):):) So romantic:):):) Oh so he has gotten clothes all ready for her? How sweet. It means its her home and their room. Loved it dearie:):):) Looking forward to their night continuing:):):)

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  5. Loved the whole part as it has cuteness of geet while playing in rain as a child, feeling of love when geet saw her pics all over in his room, talking about passion so when maaneet is together passion must take place, about romance as always is maaneet only.. superb part.. waiting for night to continue with full passion, hotness, romance n only maaneet..

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