She threw her flower crown on the floor angrily ,and dash onto the bed , laying on her stomach she kept on weeping along with that cursing him silently.

How dare he denied me..high of himself..

I am not going to let him touch me ever again..that will be his punishment..

Yes..wait and watch now.. Bodyguard..!!

Her eyes became droopy soon because of crying and she was deep in slumber unconsciously still cursing him.


Maan was restless pacing inside his room , he change into track pants and decided to sneak into her room.

With a spare key he opened the door, she was so tired to opened her sleepy eyes, she slept off without caring much .

Maan lock the door behind his back but the sight before him make him forgot to breath.

Geet was laying flat on the bed on her tummy, her dress went up on her hips revealing her inner .

He cursed himself for his decision but without his will his steps took him towards her , his center of attraction.

He bent down on her while his fingers trail down on her bare legs reaching her hips, Geet shudder in her sleep , she slap opened her eyes coming out of her sleep.

She turn around facing him while looks at her intently with passionate gaze.

Maan…before she could speak more , he placed his lips on her kissing her deep .both were lost in a kiss till when she comes back to her senses , her eyes widen in realization .

What was happening?? How come he is here? How dare he to kiss her without her permission when she has given him punishment.

Thinking all of this she pushed him hard and place a tight slap on his cheek in a fit if rage.

Maan was shock , he place his one hand on his cheek in horror while his eyes widen , he looks at her to see her sleeping in deep slumber almost snoring.

He was dreaming about that slap..

No..no dream…but nightmare..

He thought taking deep breaths .soon chuckle thinking about her wild anger.

Finally he reach near her trying to ignore her bare legs, he keep his straight on her face and took out another blanket from the shelf to wrap on her as she was sleeping on one already.

Once done with the task he slip beside her on the bed hugging her from behind for he couldn’t sleep alone now in his room without her .


He sigh deeply sniffing her scent burying his face in the crook of her neck .


Umm .leave me…she mumbled half sleep, half awake.

Why are you here now?? She turn to face him and dip her face in his bare chest to snuggle more closed but not soon she pulled apart shock as both felt a current run down their spine with there proximity.

Geet was fully awake now , she sat on her knees glaring him furiously .

Maan thought slap is really going to come soon like his dream.

What are you going here ?? She mutter angrily grinding her teeth for she is really mad at him today .

And she turn her face away from him closing her hands on her chest.

I am here to sleep with you babe..

He was sounding so innocent now which irk her.

Why.. weren’t you the one who pushed me away some time back.

Don’t you want to sleep with me??

He was seductive this time getting up he crawl near her looking at her passionately.

She tried to avoid the urge to just crash into his bare chest.she avoided his passionate gaze or the way her body reacts.

She roam her eyes everywhere in the room apart from him trying to ignore him.

I have given you punishment , so follow that,stay away from me.

She was straight at the end making her point clear she glared at him angrily.

Maan too turn serious this time , he didn’t like the way she was taking it seriously and asking him to stay away..

How could he??

Now he realized the depth of her pain , for him it was nothing before but a small play but now he could able to realized her true feelings.

He would control himself for her..do anything but not on the cost of loosing her.

Never..he could never loose her.

She has became his life, and breath to live.

Geet was about to got down from the bed when she felt a hard pull on her hand and she was jerk back towards him ruthlessly banging on his hard chest.


She wince with his ruthlessness , she was furious, hurt on his behavior.

Her eyes moisten with the pain he was inflicting on her.

He made press her down on the mattress below without her will and hover on her.

Leave me..you hippo..she shouted angrily .

Tears well down from her corner of eyes making him restless.

He bend down on her face , she turn away from him which hurt him the most.

I am sorry..he mumbled licking her tears which left her shiver. She pouted her lips sadly and crushed him in a bear hug .

I am sorry..

He repeated hugging her madly he dip his face in her neck murmuring further.

I will not leave you..I promise..

His words were deep, meaningful, having depth of pain and love that left her shudder with the intensity.

She kissed his forehead lovingly ,trying to control her tears. Her hands roam on his bare back feeling him.

Babe…he groan feeling her soft touch , she pulled his face up taking his lips in her and kissed him furiously .

Maan was drown in her charisma , he kissed her back more feverishly. His tongue dip in her sweet mouth taking the nectar from it.

She left throaty groan feeling his assault as his hands went down on her bare thighs he pushed up her dress till her tummy baring her inner .

His hands roam shamelessly on her inner thighs going above he touch her wet cloth.

Both shudder with burning passion , breaking apart , he went down on her cleavage kissing down the path madly making her insane.


She moan loudly feeling her dress being discarded from her body .he threw that on the floor leaving her in her inner wears.

Geet suddenly hover onto him turning there position.

Now it’s my turn.

She roam her palm on his chisel chest , abs..feeling his hard chest underneath her palm.

Babyy..he groan feeling innocent assault , he closed his eyes soon feeling her soft lips doing wonder , she trail down soft and wet kisses , coming down on his flat stomach.

You are gorgeous baby..

Geet whispered sensuously coming face to face with him.

He looked at her blossoms which were hide behind that tiny cloth.

Geet became shy non the less she hold his hand guiding that behind her back on the hooks .

Maan was not sure , he was really holding hard , his cold palm reserved still on her back without moving.

His behavior hurt her. She felt humiliated with his denial.

Here she was always initiating it and he was at the end of denial .

It really hurts.

Her face became dull, she was on the verge of breaking down.she struggle hard, gulp the knot in her throat and tried to get up without showing him any emotions.

Maan jerk her back snapping her hook he bare her chest and before she knew he press her down on the mattress hovering her.

His eyes shows the pain of her heart, his heart became restless accusing himself for giving her pain.

Maann… She moan softly feeling his bare chest crushing on her soft curves.

He left her hands trail down the path on her br**** line going below hold her small waist pressing it slightly.

Geet closed her eyes feeling shy with his burning gaze, he looks at her twins and took one in his mouth making her gasp with the contact of his wet mouth on her chest.

Her hands wrap around his back crushing him more closed, she hold his nape massaging his hairs, while his mouth devour one mount and other one he molded in his big palm.

His fingers twitch her hard nipple ,making her writhe under him.

He continued to suck and bite her both curves till it turn red , after a while he dip his face in her cleavage leaving a high breath.

His hardness poke on her below stomach making her drip wet.

Jaanu… I can’t control more…

She whispered hugging him tight asking him to make her his..

But Maan was not ready to hurriedly the things ,

I love you baby..and I want to make things special for you..

I want to claim you as mine in front of the whole world ,not hide and seek..

I want to make you my wife ..

He confessed , clear and proud with the words.

She looks at him awe , she had not thought about it, why he was controlling himself. She had not thought about marriage..or he will be ready just as now.

She again pulled him in a bone crushing hug feeling overwhelmed to get his love.

I am blessed to have you beside me.. she confessed kissing him on his neck , he crushed her more tight feeling her soft body in his hands.

No..I am blessed to have you in my life..

He whispered huskily again going below on her chest loving her the way she desires..


Next morning Geet got ready in white bridal gown which both had selected.

Maan come out as well only to come face to face with her.

There was no one in the corridor , only both were standing staring each other with love shinning through their eyes.

Geet walked before him , rubbing her palm on his coat ,

Looking Gorgeous !!

My jaanu.  She added giving him deep kiss on his stubble cheek.

He smiled with her sweet gesture and pulled her in his arms holding her waist.

Looking stunning.. my would be bride !!

He whispered sensuously kissing her on her lips deep.

Geet blushed, her heart flutter in happiness hearing his remark.

She hold him closed kissing him back.

Yes I do !!

The groom may now kissed the bride.

Maan who was holding Geet all along in the wedding , he pulled her closer kissing her deep making her blushed.

After wedding ceremony , Lisa holds a bouquet in hand which she tosses it over her shoulder during which time the girls hang on to it and belief has it that whoever catches it is next in line to married! 

Geet was trying really hard when she felt herself hanging up in the air, she screamed first making everyone stop in there track and when she saw below only to found her Bodyguard who was holding her in his arms, he lift her high so that she could catch the desire thing which she wished .


Geet smiled delightfully and got the bucket , all girls hooted for her and seeing the love between both.

Precap :-


2.beach moments




  1. Superb update….
    How maaneet craving for each other…. and how much they love eachother , I understand it from this update.
    Maan wants to make her his bride.
    so romantoc na…
    But reality is bitter. He is her bodyguard . Its will be interesting to read when her mother will know about their love
    what will be her reaction ? .
    Update soon.


  2. Superb update….
    How maaneet craving for each other…. and how much they love eachother , I understand it from this update.
    Maan wants to make her his bride.
    so romantoc na…
    But reality is bitter. He is her bodyguard . Its will be interesting to read when her mother will know about their love
    what will be her reaction ? Will her mother agree with their relation or marriage ? .
    Update soon.


  3. Superb update….
    How maaneet craving for each other…. and how much they love eachother , I understand it from this update.
    Maan wants to make her his bride.
    so romantoc na…
    But reality is bitter. He is her bodyguard . Its will be interesting to read when her mother will know about their love
    what will be her reaction ? Will her mother agree with their relation or marriage ? .
    Update soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Awww 🥰 AWWW 🥰 And
    nth number of Awww 🥰 🥰🥰
    So sweet update and so loving .
    They just can’t be with each other. And for Maan, neither he wants to go beyond the line nor he can see his baby to be hurt.
    It was really amazing to see how Geet reacted when she understood the real and true intentions of his boyfriend.Loved the update.
    Don’t know why, I’m feeling a little scared for them. May all good happen to these love birds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you di.. i am glad you liked it.
      let’s see what happens next..
      it’s you ?? srabonip aswell… by the way..


  5. Superb update finally maan monafyied geet the dream sequence was too funny the thought of tight slap😂😂..no matter how angry geet is she will never humiliate her Maan…their confession was beyond beautiful finally they got married… waiting for more update

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you di..
      no.. no.. they did not got married.. it was lisa her friend’s marriage happend.. i think you hve missed it.. that’s why i told you to read from beginging first..
      it was her friend’s marriage happened and that time maan kissed her . and that baquote thing was also from lisa’s wedding ..

      Liked by 1 person

  6. He comes and manaofy his baby

    His dream 😁😂

    They madly love eachother
    Liked when he says that he wants to marry her and make it special for her

    Now both r happy 😍

    Waiting for further

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Superb update dearie:):):) Geet feels hurt & humiliated being denied and rejected. Felt so sad seeing her crying herself to sleep. She is craving to be loved…Maan is so cute…He sneaked in and had such a nightmare of Geet’s reaction to him:):):) He really thought that a tight slap was coming his way…But Geet showed her hurt differently….By asking him to stay away from her…Can Maan ever do that? She is his life…Loved the way he manofied his cutie baby:):):) I so loved it when he confessed that he wanted to claim her as his with all the rights as her husband in front of the world…That is when Geet understood what he was thinking when he denied her…Not only Geet me too was proud of Maan:):):) The morning after was so sweet with both of them attending the wedding:):):) Maan complmenting his cutie baby as his would be wife & kissing her when the priest announces that the groom can kiss the bride…Wowwwwww:):):) So sweet:):):) And he did the most beautiful thing by lifting Geet so high that she can catch the bride’s bouquet as her heart desired:):):) That was very touching as he realises how much these things mean to her…He will never let Geet down nor let ant sadness near her even.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Awww 🥰
    MAAN just don’t want to go beyond the line,on the other hand he just can’t make her baby sad.
    How beautifully he managed to make Geet understand her importance in his life!
    Update full of MAANEET love 💖
    Don’t know why I’m a little scared for these two lovebirds now.
    Hope they remain together.

    Liked by 1 person

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