Don’t go..plz..

Her trembling words still echoed in his ears , silting his heart in million of pieces for leaving her and his unborn child alone back while he drives back to Delhi.

He was going to sort it out soon with that divorce thing. He increased the speed going mad thinking about her pain.

What she must be going through , before this he had already done a mistake.

He remembered there time back in the palace.


Don’t go plz..she pleaded him again with her moisten eyes.


I have to sweetheart.. For us.. He added cupping her face, he wipe her unshed tears telling her silently to not cry. Despite then she cried in hiding her face in his palm which was on her cheek.

Jee nahi payenge hum aapke bina..

Her words left deep impact on his heart that he took her complaining lips in his own kissing her hard. He lay besides her leaning on her still chewing on her red swollen lips.

Promise me. You will not do the things which would harm you or our baby.

He was scared to loosed her again and he feared in her mental stress she would again try to harm herself and this time there baby was also on stake.

She nodded silently looking into his eyes assuring him. Hum jante hai hum aapke sath nahi chal sakte is halat main. She pouted sadly like a child that make him smiled.

I have to look after this divorce matter as well. He whisper as he shower few wet kisses on her bare arms, going up he buried his face in the crook of her neck.

Maan.. she moan lost in him , really didn’t heard anything what he told her.

are you fine ?? he asked concern while continuing his task of kissing her bare skin.


She pulled hugged him dearly pulling his face into her cleavage. His hands went behind her back opening her hooks, he threw that thin material on the floor and not soon he attack her swollen br****, cupping one in his palm while other one was in his mouth cherishing it..


geet continued to moan lost in him yet again. She ruffle his hairs madly.

Maan went down on her little grown up tummy, and left hundredth of kisses.

Dada is going to miss his both angles.. he whispered coming back to her face level and give her tight kiss on her lips. Breaking apart he peck her forehead lovingly.


He was about to pulled apart when she held him closed bounding her hands on his neck,

Love me, maan.. she whispered sensuously leaving making him hard just with her sexy voice.


He looked at her intently while she blushed slowly pulling down her hands when he hold her slipping wrists tight in his hands pining her down on the mattress he hover on her.


Maan came out of his thoughts hearing the honking of the behind car. He sigh heavily before starting his car again to reach his destination.

He directly went to khurana construction, the siren rang informing everyone about his arrival, and everyone was startle with his sudden arrival as it’s been a long span of time now he didn’t appear in his office.

He glared each one as soon as comes out of the lift on his office floor. Staff was shivering expecting his next move but he just rushed inside his cabin asking adi along with few people to come inside his cabin with desire files.


As soon as he step inside the mansion..

Now you got the time to come here. Your own home. He heard his dadima’s sarcastic voice. She was not like this before but then now reminding the reason behind her behavior he clinch his fist tight to control the rage.

Gussa karne se kuch nahi hoga.. you have to explain me, son.

She walked before him facing him, there was no warm welcome today, he became upset thinking about it.

I have found my Dream girl, dadima.. he was straight and lost in her thoughts then.

Dadima gauged his lost expression , she was happy on one side seeing it but on the other hand she was sad for her thinking about his future, in her mind Geetanjali was not right girl for him.

Are you really sure ??

Maan comes back from his thoughts hearing her voice,.

You were wanted me to married and settled down soon, then that what I am going to do now.. You should be happy dadima, I am granting your wish.  

But maan she is not the right girl.

No dadima let me explain first…

Alright … first go and freshen up. You must be tire.

He just nodded curtly before departing from there.


Dinner was a silent affair, no one speak, dadima doesn’t wanted to bother him  while having meal, so as maan was not in a mood as well, being stress and thinking about Geet.

After dinner, he straight went to his dadima’s room.

Ready to explain?? She asked as he take seat on the sofa in her room.


As explained her everything from starting about first samiksha’s chapter, her cheap acts back to palace, dadima was getting angry on samiksha. She was guilty now for favoring her over her own grandson.

I am sorry, son. I never knew her real intentions which were disgusting.

i know it’s too short. but couldn’t able to type more guys..BUT IT’S BETTER NA THAN NOT ANY UPDATE..??  do leave your likes and comments. thanks for comments and likes on previous chappy. 

11 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 74

  1. It’s short but lovely update

    Ohh he has to go back to Delhi leaving her at palace

    And their moments and togetherness r ❤

    Once he explained the things,daadi understand and also realizes that she is wrong in favouring samiksha

    Hoping geet will be safe in his absence

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Superb update dearie. I am so happy that Maan has revealed that evil witch’s real face to Dadima. And he has explained how he & Geet fell in love. Now I am eagerly waiting for the divorce to happen and for Maaneet wedding. Geet will get a mother’s love from Dadima for sure. I do hope that Samrat will finalise the divorce quickly and bring Geet safely to Maan & Dadima. Just want Geet & baby safe and sound.

    Liked by 1 person

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