Geet got ready wearing black one shoulder dress for the night . Her lips adore with red lipstick , she left her wavy curls open pinning it on one side, all over looking gorgeous . Ready to kill Mr.khurana just with her hot looks. She smirk on her own thoughts.

Pinky shrike in happiness bouncing inside the mansion.

I was thinking that there was something going on between you two..

Oh there is nothing pinky.

Geet was flush..with her remark .

Then why this date ??

It’s because he asked me..

But why?? Pinky teased further gaping at her friends flush face.

Geet just remembered there night in the changing room or that in his car..

She was so trying to hide that red hue now but that couldn’t escape from Pinky’s eyes.

There conversation broke with the ringing bell on the door.

Servants went to open the door and was greeted with MSK’s driver.

Pinky went forward ..

Who’s it??

Maan sir has sent this for Geetakshi mam ..

Saying so he handover the bunch of red roses in Pinky’s hands and went off.

Pinky was smiling naughtily as she went back towards Geet again .

I will take your leave now..all the best..

Saying so pinky rushed out giving Geet the roses .

Geet smile ,she was delighted to feel those soft petals and sniffing the aroma.


She was just checking those roses in case some thrones would hurt her , just then her cell buzz showing Mr.Khurana’s no .

As soon as she received the call..

You don’t have to worry.. there are no thrones to hurt you.i had make sure .

His husky voice send chills down her spine..she felt goosebumps all over her body.


Her throat went dried not able to speak anything hearing his rag breaths.

Come from backyards.. I am waiting..


Saying so he cut the call.

Geet took a deep breath before she step outside . She knew because of media he is doing this hide and seek game.

Maan was waiting for her in his another car which was unknown from media. He knew media people were always stalking both of them , he hated to share his privacy ..he hated to share both of there private moment..she was only his and he couldn’t share her anything even.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when he saw her walking out of her Mansion elegantly shinning in the black gown.

His breath stuck in his throat seeing the gorgeous beauty taking steps towards him



He got down from his car lost in her when she reach near him , both of them share a intense eye lock before he opened the door for her to get inside.

Minutes passed , he was just gaping her shamelessly , her beautiful face..her Shivering red lips, her downcast  eyelashes ,her each curves, the dress was hugging to her body perfectly showing her each gorgeous curves.

Maan..she thought to call him now , it’s been 10 minutes now , he didn’t make an attempt to start the car .

Media can anytime barge in , she was getting restless with his hot gaze which was burning her..

She was so conscious now, with her looks , with her dress or with his Passionate gaze.

Before she could drown further she heard his husky voice and his question left her dumbfounded, blushing red or what not.

Would you mind me spoiling your lipstick??


He hold her hand jerking her closer , Geet gasp with his sudden pull, she hold his shoulder gaping at his face looking all the more gorgeous and innocent to him.

He hold her nape angling her face that was already closed.

Someone will see .

She whispered ..

Feeling his thumb rubbing off her red lipstick , what she had thought while applying it on her lips ,seems like it is turning into reality, thinking so blush in deep shade of red.

Is it your red cheeks or make up…

He teased her further gazing her beautiful face he nuzzled near her lips on her soft cheeks.


She just moan with the feeling he was giving her by his each magical moves.

His hold tighten on her soft waist as he softly lick her lips before taking it in his own mouth.

Geet gave in feeling vulnerable in his arms.her hands went behind on his hairs ruffling it fisting them in her palms , she respond back more furiously making him amused.

Did you waiting for it..

He whispered huskily teasing to her extent that she pushed him apart .

Don’t dare to do it again..

He warned her pulling her again for a passionate kiss.

After a while both broke apart stabling there breaths, he started the car stealing her few glances in between.

Geet did her touch up again and pouted her lips in seeing into mirror to apply the lipstick again.

Don’t do it..

He hold her hand stopping her ,as he was getting hard just with her closeness and here she is making it worse for him with her seductive moves.

Geet blushed before she applied little lipstick on.


She glace glanced at his face once after  done to see him turning furious.

She didn’t asked anything just sat back silently looking outside waiting for there destination.

They drove about 15 minutes outside of the city through trees and fields to get to a restaurant that used to be a farm house.

Man got down and went towards her side to receive her like a gentleman.

As both of them entered inside , Manager greeted them happily while Geet observed that whole restaurant looks detected only with staff.

The table was booked for them as in the back and very private.

Geet took a seat as he pulled back a chair for his lady.

The place was just adore with candles and flowers ..beautiful more than she could imagine.

Her eyes shine in appreciation before she speak her heart to him

It’s beautiful..

She whispered softly while Maan stood up and came beside her to seat on the sofa.

Geet was startle with his move , she didn’t moved a bit feeling shy .

Not more than you..

He whispered back more huskily bending to her level , he place a soft kiss on her cheek making it more redder.

Geet glance around consciously to see they are really in private area.

They were seating in one cubic like area with waterfall around them with big glasses which were shielding there privacy .

No one is there ..

He replied reading her thoughts, his hands place on her thighs giving her goosebumps.

Geet was surprise hearing him , her eyes widen in realization that how perfectly he had arranged everything for them so that media wouldn’t make any hype out of it.

She loved it , because she loves her own privacy. That Rohit fiasco had already made her gone through worse.

Maan was observing her like a true predator which make her nervous a bit.



She softly called him again .

Aise mat dekho na..

She finally confessed her restlessness facing him.

I can’t help when you are looking damn gorgeous.

He whispered rubbing his hand on her lap while his face comes closer to her own nuzzling her cheek bones.

Geet blushed with his remark. small smile teased her lips , she felt light at heart with his words.



Feeling alright ??

He asked lovingly seeing her sweet smile , he tilted his face to get clear view of her shying face.


She whine with his sweet talks and engulf him in a warm hug feeling so happy and light today , with him.

Maan engulf her lovingly before parting away. He got up to seat on his previous seat .

Geet was reluctant to let him go , her face was showing her all inner thoughts to him like a mirror.

He smirk taking his seat before her.

Now I can able to see you clearly.

He said only to make her smile again.

Both hold each other hands on the table entangling there fingers..feeling was magical and couldn’t described in the words.

Dinner was silent with the peaceful atmosphere..it was like she was in between nature.

Geet thought glancing around..there was silent sound of waterfall.it was all magical.

Maan was lost in her ,she was shinning in the golden light of candles looking all the more beautiful.

Dessert was place while Geet was lost in the beautiful waterfall.

She glance back at the table and was amazed to see it’s her favorite chocolate lush for desert.

How do you know..it’s my favorite.

She beam like a child for she loved this feeling of him pampering her.

I just know..

He offered truly and was soon only lost in her the way she was relishing her chocolate happily.


Soon she was conscious seeing him just looking at her not eating his own desert .

I want that..

He pointed at her lips shamelessly making her dumbstruck.

And before she knew he was at her side sucking her lips hungrily as if he didn’t had anything..

Geet was so shock to react first and when she realized it he had left her .

It was fabulous..

He licks his lips naughtily giving her wink.

Geet couldn’t react apart from only blushing to see his naughty side.

Maan took her on the dance floor after that. Music was soft , making her heart at peace .

Maan hold her in his arms protectively while Geet place her head on his chest swinging softly to the rythm.

Staff was silently adoring the couple , they looks perfect together.

They had promised Maan to keep mum on there relationship. Maan had already warned everyone about it.

His hands rested on her bare part of waist gives her mushy feeling. She snuggle more closer in his arms sniffing his scent , she dip her face in the crook of his neck.


His hold on her body tighten ,Geet got the clue as well and pulled apart blushing on her own acts.

Both left the dance floor and Maan took her towards billiards table and asked the staff for there privacy.

Geet was so clueless followed him behind. Seeing the game she pouted for she doesn’t know how to play it.

Wanna play..I will guide..

He simply asked and she smiled delightful for she wanted to tried it for so long but never succeed.

Without wasting a moment he came behind her asking her took the stick .

He guided her about how to hold the stick , in that process his whole body length touch her sending shivers down her whole body .

Maan felt it and proud smile adore his lips.

Take it easy darling..


He whispered burying his face in her bare neck , his breath teased her further , she close her eyes feeling sexual tension arising in her body.

She tried to wriggle out taking deep breaths but he wasn’t ready to leave her.

He hold her tight , showering wet kisses on her bare shoulder and neck , his other hand press her small waist making her suddenly turn in his arms.


Hx19Q (1)

She hugged him tight , for she couldn’t bear more all of it.

To be continued..

Precap :- Night in the Rainsmiley2smiley43smiley27


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  1. It’s beautiful one
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  2. Awesome update dearie:):):) I loved the way Maan took care of every single thing to keep it all private…pampering Geet every step of the way to loving her so beautifully…Super loved it dearie….Perfect date for the perfect couple:):):)

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