Early morning

Geet woke up suddenly feeling hungry ,she frown with her closed eyes before she tried to got up but was unable to move because of his iron hold around her petite form.

Geet blushed furiously realizing there position as his face was dipped in her cleavage while his hands were wrap around her bare waist.

She turn crimson red next feeling his deep kiss on her chest.

Maann.. uthiye na.. she tried to pushed him away with her fragile strength .

Umm.. why ??

He snuggle more closer in her warmth burying his face in a crook of her neck making her shiver with his move.

She felt goosebumps with his stubble that giggled out softly.

Chodiye..Hume..bhook lagi hai..

Maan pulled out his face and look at her lovingly, her light laughter fill his heart with happiness.


Hmm.. she make a baby face that make him smile softly and he peck her forehead with all love before getting up to wore his shirt.

Geet also get up to go with him downstairs but he Stop her before she tried to cover herself.

Kya kar rahe ho..chodo ..

She blabber pulling onto other corner of blanket while on hand was crossing on her chest.

Don’t do this..

What ?? She was clueless.

He came close to her slowly making her heartbeat raise with his each step , she left the blanket suddenly feeling shy with his approach and his passionate gaze on her.

She was standing with her back towards him while her both arms cross on her chest.

He lift her in his arms making her quiver like a fish without water, she suddenly hide herself in his arms holding him tight.

Maan laugh on her cute antics.

He let her go on the bed softly while she was cuddle up into herself.

He wrapped a blanket on her which she pulled quickly clutching it tight.

He sat beside her while she was still blushing put her palms on her face to hide from him.

Geet suddenly felt him him hovering on her , she peek through her fingers to see him coming close.

He pulled away her palms holding her wrists tight he pinned it on the bed abover her head .

Geet pouted seeing his naughty smirk.

Soon enough she found the distance between there lips getting decrease , just then stomach grumble loudly this time making him laugh .

Oh.. Sweetheart…

He couldn’t hold himself seeing her baby angry face now.

Geet got lost in the view before she realized he was actually laughing on her.

Dekha baby..Hume yaha book lagi hai aur aapke dada Ko humari bilkul bhi chinta nahi hai..

She blabber seating on the bed now with the blanket wrap around her body hiding her whole.

Maan suddenly turn serious hearing her, he Stop his laugh and walked near her.

Aise Na kaho .. he whispered but that said out the pain in his voice.

Maan.. hum toh bas aise hi.. she tried to console him ,

Aise bhi mat kaho..

He pulled her closer and took her in a bear hug .

Nahi kahenge. She whispered kissing on his neck she let him engulf her in his warmth.


Maan woke up Samrat as well to fetch some food for there going to be mummy soon.

Samrat was patience though even after working up like that in between his sleep. There was no line of irritation on his face . It was in his Royal blood and now knowing His Queen’s condition he was more than willing to do anything for her.

Both walked out in the back courtyard to have walked in early morning while Samrat order servants to cooked the best parathas for his Queen as per her demand. Maan had not let her down from the bed , he strictly order her not to get down till he comes. Geet had make faces but eventually she had to agree giving into her tire self.

Maan entered her room and lock it back without making any noise . Geet who was sleeping cutely wrap in the blanket turn to his side but didn’t opened her eyes.


He called out lovingly keeping the food plate on the side table. Her nostrils filled up with the smell and she jerk open her eyes.

Maan watched her silently seating beside her while she get up coming face to face with him .

Seeing his gaze traveling down on her chest she instantly tried to pulled the blanket on her but his hand stop her .

Enough of this hide and seek , he whispered sensuously pulling her to him that she landed on his chest.

She instantly hide herself in his arms , his cold hands touch her bare back teasing her further.

You don’t need to be shy in front of me ,

He whispered leaving few kisses here and there on her neck line.

Hm.m.. she moan in his arms with her closed eyes.

Let’s have your parathas now..It will be cold otherwise.

He control himself pulling her apart,

Her eyes widen in delight to see the dish , before he knew she has started to relished her parathas leaving him to only gap at her face.

Aaram se.. Sweetheart..

He caution her not before she started to cough , he quickly get the glass of water for her and made her drink it.

She looked at him and smiled sheepishly seeing his angry glare .

He was really amazed seeing her every childish antics every day as they become more closed. It was not just pregnancy thing, he knew .it was something real her whom only he could see. He knew it was only with him she is showing her real self.

He felt miserable ,for not being with her that time when she was fighting all pain all alone..when she was suffering here alone.

He cursed himself for hurting her more when she was already going through much more.

Geet stop and saw him lost.

Maan..she called him holding his one arm.


He got back from his thoughts and looked at her adorable face, she was confused seeing him lost.

Kya hua??


He pecked her forehead lovingly and fed her remaining .

Geet watched his face lovingly , Maan couldn’t help the small smile tingling on his lips seeing her antics.

There sweet moments broke with the ringing sound of his cell.

He was surprised who will call him at this hours, even Geet was wondering.

Both share a look and Maan got up .

He saw the name flashing of his dadima , he left a deep sigh before answering the call . He knew she must be angry with him.

Maan..what is it son, you don’t have any decency to call your old grandma till now.

Maan smile listening to her blabbering, Geet got up to washed her hands , she was really clueless how to walked towards washroom with her half bare self.

She was fumbling with the blanket with one hand when felt herself being lifted in air , loud gasp left her mouth as she was not prepared for this.

She glared at Maan who in return smirk seeing her antics.

He took her in the washroom and left her inside before walking out.

All the while keeping phone between his neck and ear.he continued to listen His dadima from other side

Hume sab pata hai , Maan.

Her one sentence make him stop in his track , he stood for a while absorbing all things.

You shouldn’t have done it son.

Dadima was much furious, but behind that she was worried for her only grandson.

I already told you Dadima, I am not interested in that woman.and guess you have listened her all crap.

Why would Samiksha lied to me ??

Because she have her own benefits in it.

What benefits Maan, you are talking about. And if it’s getting you , then what’s wrong in that.

Not getting me but my money and fame, she is one witch woman . He was really furious now getting all the things, he could just killed her right now for brain washing his Dadima’s mind.

Geet had just then walked out , she turn tense seeing him angry, she stood still at the door hearing his angry voice.

Mind your words Maan.

Dadima plz, do you really believe on other outside person than your own grandson .

Maan tried to make her understand.

She stop for a while really thinking on this line.

But bete.. aapne Jo Kiya woh bhi to thik nahi hai na.

Dadima baat kya hai .?? He was dreading to listen her further but he really needs to know what his Dadima think about Geet .

That woman ..

Uska Naam Geetanjali hai Dadima.

He didn’t like the way dadima was talking about his Sweetheart.

Geet was now so scared listening him. She clutch the door tight fearing next.

Geetajali.. Dadima repeated trying to remember the name and now knows exactly who is she .

That woman..I never thought she could stoop so low.


Maan roar from the other side not bearing her words.

Geet was startle hearing his loud voice  , she clutch her heart tight , tears drop from her closed eyes , as she stick to the wall behind and cried silently holding her mouth , not wanted to let him know but she could really relate to their talks.

Not a word against her.

So now you are started to fight with your own grandma for that cheap woman .

Dadima..don’t..he was really mad now , his eyes burning red like a lava .

You don’t know anything..

What I don’t know son.

I know everything, how that woman had trap you and I can see that now.

Maan just closed his eyes as her each words poked his heart like needle.

Dadima plz.

She could really heard the pain in his voice , for a moment she felt bad for talking with him like that but then he really needs to know the right things, she couldn’t let him trap in that woman clutches. In her view Geet was nothing but a one married woman who is betraying her own husband and is behind her grandson who is really innocent in this .

Bete, I am just worried for you.

She turn soft.

Maan calm a bite knowing his Dadima don’t know anything right now , so only she is worried for him now but once she will get to know the whole truth she will accept Geet .

Come back to Delhi. Dadima said hearing his silence.

Maan was still unsure , he just stood silent .

We need to talk..

I will be there. And he shut the phone down .

He took a deep breath trying calm himself down and turn back only to see her seating on the floor with closed eyes.

He frighten went near her and without wasting a second scoop her cold body in his arms.


He called her putting her on the bed.

She slowly opened her teary eyes to look at his worried face.

Don’t go..

She was looking weak again pleading him , her voice was just a mere whisper which slit his heart .


to be continued..

Precap :-

Will Maan go leaving his sweetheart back ..??


9 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 73

  1. Superb update
    Their sweet moments😍
    Maan ne Samraat ko wake up Kiya😁and then he orders to make parathaa,so sweet of them

    Then he feed her,he is watching her cute antics,she is herself only with him

    It’s happy happy at the starting
    But daadi call make it bit serious
    Now geet is scared also,hope he will able to calm her and do the needy things

    Waiting for further

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful update dear the way maaneet are together is lovely ..samrAt scene was superrrrrb the way he became servant for them😂😂 maan’s daadi was worried so she was blaming geet for all this poor girl listened everything and is shattered hope maan stays for her

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome update dearie:):):) Super loved the way Geet woke him up asking for food:):):) And her cute conversation with baby:):):) I so love the way Maan is taking such wonderful care of Geet:):):) I feel so sad to see Geet pained by the thought of Maan leaving…She is scared and insecure…Perfectly understandable…I think its high time Maan brought Geet to meet Dadima and sort everything out. Dadima is worried for him and has been brainwashed by that evil witch. Now Maan must open up to Dadima about the whole truth of his relationship with Geet…No doubt he did wrong earlier but has now realised his love for Geet…I am hoping tha Samrat & Geet would accompany Maan to clear the whole issue with Dadima and also sort out the divorce once & for all.

    Liked by 1 person

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