Her cell buzz but both were so lost to glance it once. Geet once tried to call him but he was so lost in the task at his hand right now.

Geet was so shy , she stretch her hand to fetch her cell but he entangle her finger with his own not letting her to took it.

Maan.. she whispered but he took her lips quickly in his own there by silencing her.

Geet hold him closed kissing him back feverishly . He left her lips and hover down on her neck showering wet kisses , he went down further on her chest leaving her dazzle, breathless.

His hands went down feeling her soft thighs , Geet was moaning continuously feeling hot.

Her phone shrike again making him irritated he pulled back frustrated and Geet giggled wrapping the sheet on her nude body.

Thanks Shona..


She got up and come from behind kissing his cheek before running off to fetch her cell.

Maan wore his shirt and turn to go


Not again..

He thought  stopping in his track but didn’t turn back for he wouldn’t control then seeing her like that.


You still have to help me wear my cloths.

He heard her seductive voice teasing him to no extent .

I will get back my revenge , baby..

He frustrated dash out of her room leaving her laughing her head off.



It was late afternoon , she finally make it to the bridal shower, wearing beautiful yellow dress.


Girls gather around , Lisa’s sis and women from her family were also there.

The garden was arranged beautifully more for the party. She was so bliss with the colorful view of it.

She couldn’t stop smiling seeing the beauty of it , after all she was the one who had arranged it leaving the games part to Lisa and niks to handle.

She took one flower crown for herself with other girls and placed it on her curly hairs making her look more beautiful.


Wow, Geet..looking pretty..darling..

Lisa praised making her blushed.

Someone is so blushing this days..

Niks teased coming near to them.



Girls giggled along with Geet herself.

Her friends teased her endlessly which she at fist loved the most being it first time but as the time passes it was so irritating. Even Lisa’s mum and women from her family as well join in a teasing session.

Finally the games begins and all girls joined in the fun.

First was wedding ring toss with pretty glass bottles and metal rings arranged cutely in a wood crate. 

She was trying to throw the ring in the bottle when suddenly felt his hot gaze on her. She turn restless , started to search him everywhere around but couldn’t found him . Girls started to shout at her to begin the game. Finally she gave up her search and soon get lost in the game.

Next it was shower activity then, the game was like each guest have to write their favorite ideas for fun dates on wood blocks and place them in a pretty jar.it was needed for the couple in future.

Geet was thinking , actually there were lots of ideas in her mind . She was lost when felt him behind her . She felt tug on her back and she turn back and followed the voice going little far from the crowd.

Maan..she gasp finding him there infront of her.

What are you doing here??it’s girls party. She pouted .

How can I stay away from you ??


He pulled her in his arms while she smile hearing him . He pulled the blocks from her hands when she said.

A horse ride.

He looked at her teasingly , she bound her both arms around his neck sticking to his body.

With my BODYGUARD !! She added teasingly..

And..?? He grasp her small waist more tight giving her goosebumps.


a walk through a botanical garden 

And …

Martial arts training..from my Bodyguard..aka Boyfriend.

She giggled adding to her list..


he make a face before replying.

Do you really think you need one ? He smirk referring to her feisty fights .

The one with the thief.

He added making her fume , she stomp her foot on his angrily making him wince in pain.

Hippo..!! She mutter angrily before turning away from him .

Baby .yeh toh leke jao..

Maan called from behind smiling at her antics.

Geet rushed back angrily before pulling those blocks from his hands harshly giving him a glare.


He pouted his lips signaling her for peck at least.

Geet melted half , half furious she pulled him harshly holding his collars and actually took hold of his lips making him shock.

Before he knew she bite him hard almost drowning the blood from his lips .

Geet pulled out from him only to heard the laughter of her friends.

Gosh..she was so mad now on her friends for making fun of them , for making fun of her Maan.

Don’t dare guys!!

She show them forefinger angrily shutting them all and rushed from there.

After she went all burst in sweet laughter teasing Maan , Maan couldn’t help but smile back


Good punishment Bodyguard for breaking in the girls party.

They laugh irritating him now, he rushed out from there .

Once party come to its end , Lisa bring out the pink cake as per the tradition .

Everyone get the cake and Geet got a thimble from it. She was surprised unaware of this thing.

She called out to Lisa who smiled in return confusing her further.

What is it??

Lisa called out to everyone who make circle around both of them.

Guys..guess…Guess..next to be bride..

She spoke loudly and everyone around hooted cheering for Geet as they guess whom Lisa was referring.

My dear friend, The twist in tale is here that the cake was supposed to have a thimble buried within, and the saying goes that the girl who gets that piece of cake which has that thimble in it is, you guessed it, the next to be married.

As Lisa clarified her cheeks burn red imagining her man’s Maan’s wedding. She was so happy , dimple smile appear on her cheeks listening all cheering and hooting sounds.

After that all girls dance crazily laughing off speaking something about there respective boyfriends and there crazy things.


It was late evening , Garden was esolated with decoration still on.

Geet sat on the one of floral swing placed there waiting for him , she knew he will be there soon.

Babydoll ..


He called her softly from behind holding the swing , his breaths teased her senses sending shivers down her spine.cold breeze started to teased her.

When she felt him pushing the swing from behind to get a swinging motion.

Soon she found herself going up a little, flying in a cold breeze, she smile softly then giggle , the broke out into loads of laughter.

His heart fill up with her musical laughter.

He couldn’t held back his own smile seeing her so happy.there was new glow on her face today.

Oh..Maan…stop….get me…back..plz…she shouted in between her loud laughter.

He pushed her for some more time before stopping the swing..it turn right and left before she stopped it with her foot.

She was breathing high when Maan came infront and sat beside her.

Subpost 9 - Morning all...Love u gurti @dhamidrashti @guruchoudhary @maxi_maneet

After a while both were on the swing swinging slightly with a cool breeze.he engulf her cold body from behind while she submerged herself completely in his warmth seating infront him , half on his lap.

He buried his face in her curls sniffing her scent , Geet closed her eyes feeling his warmth. She hold on to his hands which were wrap around her body as he continues to kissed her on her neck pushing back her all hairs at one side of shoulder.

You looks more beautiful..when you are happy.

He whispered his appreciation while going below on her cleavage ,Geet turn around giving him more access .

She sat facing him on his lap  by putting both her legs on either side of him tangling them.

Maan pulled her from her waist continuing his task.

Maan...she hold his nape pulling him more close.

He shower wet kisses on her half opened chest.

Geet pulled up his face to her level, both were burning in passion.


I am always happy when you are beside me.

Her reply left him speechless as he could only star at her beautiful face.

Before he knew she pushed her beautiful lips on his own kissing him passionately.

He was lost in her charisma , when she bite him taking his attention, her tongue entered inside his mouth taking him to surprise non the less he loved it.


His palm fisted upon on her hairs tilting her head to get the level and he kissed her back more carnally.

Both kissed for a long..taking middle breaths but couldn’t left each each other.

Her hands went inside his shirt feeling his burning skin.

Oh..baby ..he groan assaulting her mouth leaving her he pushed down the straps on both sides leaving her shoulders bare, and dip his face into her cleavage kissing her madly.

Geet hold him tight with her closed eyes twitching her neck from left to right giving him more access.

His hands went inside her tiny dress , he ran his fingers on her bare thighs before reaching to her hidden spot which was wet arousing him further with the contact.

He pulled out suddenly knowing where it could lead them further.

Geet pouted cutely not liking his sudden distance.

Jaanu…she hold his collars pulling him closer again.

Before she speak further he lift her in his arms walking inside towards her room.

can i sleep in your room today?

She asked cutely looking at his face for permission while her hands bound on his neck supporting herself.




Don’t play innocent..

Geet turn face feeling upset then suddenly an idea struck her mind and her eyes widen in delight as they reach near her room.

Maan was looking at her curiously when she spoke again.

If you not let me then.. dekh Lena..I will not let you come close to me again..

She made her point clear still not facing him.

You can’t ..


He jerk her closer making her to face him, his face was looking hard showing his Possessive side which she loved and added to burn it more.

Yes..I can baby.. so now let me down.

Geet said in attitude twisting her lips playfully.

But to her surprise he entered inside her room keeping her in his arms only.

Her face was worth watching, she was so damn frustrated now , on the verge of crying.

You can’t..

She whine like a small baby making crying face while holding on to him tight .

Yes I can..he repeated her words back then smirking to see her face.

He was trying to slip her away from his arms on the bed but she was not ready to let go of him, she hold onto him tight even her legs flied in air but didn’t touch the bed.

Geettt.. he was irritated now with her childish behavior.

You can’t do this with me..she whine facing him .

He strongly pulled her apart leaving her heartbroken.

Alright.. she pushed him away angrily.

Maan stumble back looking at her astonished.

Now don’t dare to touch me..


She was damn furious now pointing her finger at him.

Baby..try to understand..he was hurt to see those tears in her hazel eyes.

No..I don’t want to understand anything..

She shouted throwing pillow on his head which he dodge .

Get out right now..

Listen baby..

No.get out.. she scream again.

Maan don’t want everyone to wake up and see there usual fight, so he decided to went out now to let her cool down then.

You can never understand me..!!

She shouted from behind seeing him now going out leaving her alone.

Maan closed the door before he hear her cries.

He bang hard his hand on the side wall before rushing back to his room.

to be continued..

Precap :-

Now again Bodyguard have one work at his hand and that is to manofy his babydoll.

2. Wedding.

3.back to India

4.Maya.. ??


Now want lots of comments and likes to this one..

Look this has gone so long with lots of things so I want lots of comments to this one.



  1. Superb it is

    Function is good,so she is the next to be bride as of signs,as she get that

    She is blushing thinking about marriage

    Then their moments,the swing,set up is lovely

    She wants to be with him in his room,but he said no

    Then as usual his baby is angry

    Waiting for next💓

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Super fabulous update dearie:):):) I love the way Maan & Geet are expressing their love so freely…And I want this for them always. I hope when they get back home Maan could have a heart to heart talk with Maya about Geet and their love for each other. I am hoping that Maya won’t be someone with the typical mindset on status & society etc…And I also hope that Maya tells him the whole story about Geet’s past so that Maan could protect Geet better. I loved the way Maaneet were teasing each other with their love and intimacy…LOLOLOL:):):) Now Maan has to manofy his angry bird baby doll…He does not want to cross the limit but Geet is yearning to be loved and love him to her heart’s content…Super excited to see how Maan is going to manofy his baby doll:):):)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful update and beautiful moments between geet and maan. Wether it was geet teasing maan or the wedding functions or the signs that geet will be the next bride making her blush or maan hiding and watching his baby doll. Their swing moments, then geet wanting to sleep in maan’s room and maan denying it because he can’t control his own emotions in front of his baby and geet is hell bent in testing his patience. Geet gets angry and tells maan that she won’t let him touch her now which is not possible both know but for now the baby is in the angry mode and the bodyguard has a big task to manaofy his baby before they go back to India and face the reality or maybe maya who might never aporove of their match. Lots of things going to happen but I really wish that they never separate from each other ever. Continue soon and thanks for the pm.

    Liked by 1 person

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