Geet  stared at the maid very curious to know the whole truth behind last night dinner.
Go ahead..she demanded to her seeing her getting nervous. 
Yesterday it was our guest’s order that there should be veg food for dine as he wanted to eat veg only .as the words escape from her mouth. Geetanjali stumble a few steps being too much shock on her revelation
Mr.Khurana?  She asked though she knows the answer as he is the only guest who is residing recently in there Palace.
Ji..the maid responded and few tears spilled out from her hazels. .it was totally over reaction from her but that little light and its importance only could be known by the prisoner living in dark room.
Her whole shiver with the realization as she remember all the happenings from yesterday. His care ..
You can leave..she order her once and closed the door shut before cascading down sticking to it.
Her body shook with her hard sobs but she cant able to control fill her with new zeal on finding that little happiness today..
But it will remain same and she has right to take it..? And why she is going on the moon’s just maybe he wanted to eat it.his favorite as well..but then it’s not the need for him to take that food for her to her room at late night..just for she is hungry when others never cared for her that she slept empty stomach .
Or there was his motive behind that fake concern..FAKE ? It was not .her heart responded as quick as possible but her wounds deep within never let her believe on her fragile heart.
His eyes roam all around in search of his women but she was not anywhere in his sight.
Do you need anything?  Rajmata question seeing his looks.
Nothing ..where is the King?  He responded as calm he appear but from inside he was mad at the old lady. She seems had her eyes as of eagle. .his fist tighten reminding  Geetanjali ‘S sad face yesterday. 
He should be now on his way back from his some work.Rajmata responded coming face to face with him.
You should take a seat as it will be pooja today for the local people and the kingdom and its growth. .
Oh..the i can..he sat in his own style impressing Rajmata with his manners. 
You can Mr.Khurana. .I have to bring Rani downstairs let me ..saying so she started to upstairs to bring the Queen down whereas maan ,his expressions changed at once into anger fir Rajmata  and tension for his women.he rubbed his forehead knowing this women could only hurt his Rani.
Geet woke up with a startle to heard so loud banging on the door and that followed the voice of her disliking women.
She stand up suddenly wiping her face quickly .her waist pain a bite and just as she glance at it to see his finger marks on it.she hided it in her saree and opened the door hearing yet again loud knock on it.
Were you sleeping again ? Rajmata taunted at her seeing her eyes but she fail to realized the pain and tears in her hazels. 
Off course. .what else can I know ? Geet taunted back at her being so furious on her mother in law.
What can expect from you ? Let’s move down are going to seat in the pooja beside Samrat.
Geet nodded feeling tired of her nonstop taunting. 
Before coming down you can just make over yourself Rajmata said angrily before storming from there and geet bang the door shut frustratingly as her eyes well up again. 
As she descended down the stairs four pair of eyes widen to catch her flawless beauty in there hold.his eyes turn furious red to see the King taking so steps towards her to take her down. 
May I?  Samrat offered her hand and she being obliged gave him his right to hold her .her cheeks turn pink shed to see the admiration in his eyes.
But soon enough her hazels met up with furious chocolate brown eyes and she shivered a little clutching his hand tight.
Are you fine ? Samrat asked feeling her shivering.
Ji..geet stutter nodding her head slightly. 
Is your foot fine now Rani ? He asked further to her astonishment to which she smile brightly getting this much attention from the King and just nodded slightly. 
He chuckle asked bite seeing her adorable face to which she went more red.
GEETANJALI ! She heard his loud voice and come back to her senses.she was going all crazy dreaming about how will her life be happy..but that was just a dream and she is facing now is just the reality. 
As she glanced at his face she do see there was admiration in his eyes for her but her cheeks didn’t turn pink nor she felt any enthusiasm now at least today..she us disturb very much to feel his attention today which she longed from the beginning. 
Let’s move fast rani.we ate getting late ..came again us command and she hurried further thanks to Mr.Khurana .her foot was all fine today but to her dismay she stumble upon few steps and going to fall again but King was fast enough to hold her.
She as a reflex clutch onto him hell scare.her heartbeat was high .
Why are you doing this ? Don’t you have to just take it calm as One Royal should do ? Again came his angry Barking and few tears spilled from her eyes as they met with his concern one.her heart filled up to see that much needed concern for her in strangers eyes..she just wanted to ran in his arms but her gaze broke as he jerk her away slightly bring her back to her senses.
Where are you lost ? I can not understand what have to do with you ? He gritted his teeth his voice was low dangerous that she flinch a bit. 
Let’s move..he said between his teeth grinding them so frustrated on her clumsiness. 
Geet nodded silently controlling her all emotions caging them in her hurt however her insides burn feeling so vulnerable today under his gaze.he was never there before her no one..but today seeing him there her all inside made hustle bustle to broke down her all barrier in his arms like yesterday. .she gulp hard the knot in her throat gazing at his furious eyes.she wonder are this for her only like Samrat .
Both sat down for the pooja and it was again not bearable sight for him as he watch her placing his her soft hands on the King’s hands for the rituals that pandit ji told them to do.
However there have to be the local people around for the pooja in Palace but there was no one and that is big mystery .

14 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 8

  1. Ohh 😯 Just longing for MAANEET moments and it came to an end !
    The most beautiful part of this update was the feelings of Rani when she has started to find someone with true concern for her. The comparison of ray of light in a prisoner’s life was a wonderful one.
    Please update soon about the situation of Mr Khurana as well.
    It’s now a rutine to check for new updates from you, dear😍

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  3. Awesome story n I love each part of the story n how he get married with geet n being a queen she doesn’t not get what she desire n no one care about her likes n all want her to perfect in royal family but they don’t care about her pain n her own husband not care about her being hungry or if she had her food or not but they want her to adjust in their royal family n maan being a third person but he care about her n make her have her favorite food n maan can’t bear any one with her n maan start to feel for her n nxt update soon n pls send me pass word also pls

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  4. This chapter truly highlighted Geet’s turmoil
    how a stranger like Maan cares and is always concern for her
    from the time he is there
    while her husband always makes her feel like she is in a cage
    Rajmata told Maan the locals were there at the puja but there was none
    is she trying some kind of trick or playing some game

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  5. Amazing update. Wonder why Samrat is so ignorant abt his Rani’s feeling n hurt. Not even out of humanity he is concerned for her, she is just like a show piece for him. Very well written Dear.

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