Geet screamed seeing him ready to punch Rohit on his face.


Maan stopped hearing her scream, he looked at her furious for why did she stopped him.

Geet rushed forward near him , Rohit ,are you ok ?? She asked worriedly holding his arm which He liked , small smile comes on his lips but that thing trigger Maan’s anger and he just drag him holding his neck  pushing him on the wall behind ,

He almost strangle him pushing him hard on the wall behind.

His anger was bursting like a volcano to see even his sight.

You stay away from her, or else I will kill you !!

Maan..leave him..


Geet screamed from behind, she was just horrified to see the sight , for god’s grace there was no one around as it’s been late hours of night now but security outside got alert hearing her scream and rushed inside.

Till then Maan had left him to slip down on the floor, he was almost going unconscious taking high breaths.

Sir..what happened..mam what’s the matter, security asked from already frighten Geet who don’t know what to answer them. She just rushed forward to help Rohit while security help her to took Rohit to room aid him.

She left one dreadful glare at his way before going inside while Maan who was standing cool till now after strangling him , again turn furious seeing the sight.

After a while Maan was waiting for her in his car when saw her walking out with Rohit that just trigger his anger.

His hold tighten on the steering wheel while eyes blazing fire ready to burn both alive.

I will go now , take care you, Geet softly said to Rohit before turning to go . She don’t want to stand a minute with him to infuriated Maan more, God knows what he will do more , she couldn’t took risk .she was worried for both , Maan and Rohit.

But Geetakshi..


Geet turn around looking at him.

Are you sure? You want to go with him ?


Rohit was furious on MSK as well but knowing his power he had to just keep mum for a while non the less he had not forgiven him a bit .

And now he was worried for Geetakshi,for her safety with MSK.

I am sure, Rohit. I am fine with him.

Geet told firmly giving one glance towards Maan’s car.

Rohit could argue much he silently turn to go and left from there while Geet turn and walked towards Maan’s car.

As soon as she was inside , Maan speed up the car furiously till they reach lonesome area.

Geet left a sigh of breath keeping her hand on her chest, her heart was beating fast .

What was that??

She gave him accusing look.

What was he talking about??

Maan asked despite giving her answer ,

It’s nothing..


Geet..I don’t like to repeat myself.spill it ..I needs to know..he gritted his teeth all the while looking at the lonely dark road ahead while burning in pure rage.

Why do you needs to know. ? She dared to asked him back gawking his expression.

Maan wildly turn to face her and jerk her closer that she falls on his chest , her hairs comes ahead teasing his senses.

He slide it back tugging behind her ears , and bite her earlobe sensuously breathing hard in her seductive aroma .

I needs to know every damn thing related to you .

He Whispered huskily holding her waist , his hands went inside her top feeling her soft skin underneath.

Why?? She whispered lost in his doings, her hands went around his back holding him tight , she pushed herself more to his chest, her anger was long forgotten now.

Don’t asked me questions, answer me , he jerk back her holding her bunch of hairs in a fist that she moaned out in pain.


He left her instantly turning his face away from her feeling guilty for hurting her like this.

He was not sure of me going with you .with that Maan turn around to face her again ,his anger started to raise again as the words make its senses.

But I told him I am damn sure about it..

She spoke softly while small smile tease her lips which lighten his heart.

You know how much I was worried for you , what was the need of that stunt..

There are cameras you know ??

Geet pouted her lips sadly confessing him while she rest her head on the back of seat pouring her heart, she closed her eyes feeling tired.

Maan, he just gap at her hearing her sweet confession again, his heart flutter in joy . His all anger vanished making his heart at peace knowing she was worried for him.

He quickly make a call to his men to look after this matter and shut it down.

Geet opened her eyes hearing his convo on the phone, it actually surprised her .

You don’t have to be worry about anything now..

He sweetly told her leaning on her body , her heartbeats raise seeing him coming close , her chest heave up and down making her look seductive for him.

He left a huge sigh before speaking as he dip his head in her half opened cleavage.

What have you done with me ?

He whispered licking her skin there teasing her to no extent. No words register in her mind after his this sin.

She just pulled his face more into her chest, he slide down her dress from both her shoulders , pressing her below his weight.

Maan.. she was breathing high with his assault,

Maan took her her lips in his own pulling up her body towards him.

He sat back on his seat taking her on his lap.

Geet completely lost it as he kissed her passionately ,devouring her sweet mouth.

Her nails scrap through his back of hairs , fisting it .

After a while both broke apart , panting heavily.

Gosh I have never before tasted this much Sweetness.

Maan commented huskily wiping his lips giving her his passionate glare.

Geet was all red with his comment , she pushed him on his chest playfully trying to get up but he hold on to her.


Maan..she called him softly as he deep his face in her chest again breathing into her soothing aroma.

He didn’t reply to her instead hold on to her like a small child while Geet don’t know what to do.he seems lost , she just massage his head in a soothing manner while his breaths continue to tease her senses making her weak.

His hold was getting more tight on her waist but she never mind , infact she loved it , still unknown of the reason why is that so?

After a while he pulled apart not before showering hard smooches on her neck and cleavage making her breaths high.

She had her eyes closed feeling the pleasure, he looked at her beautiful face and keep on narofyinng her innocent Beauty for a while .

Geet opened her hazel eyes feeling his lips kissing her forehead.

After that he let her go , she sat back reluctantly on her seat , small smile teased her lips feeling surprised on her own reluctance .

Both were silent after that whole drive feeling the moment. Maan keep on giving her teasing looks now and then while his hand was holding her softly not wanted to really go but couldn’t put his feelings in words before her.

Geet was blushing silently in his hot gaze, on that his holding her hand , he was rubbing it softly making her mushy mushy.

It was totally new for her , she was so reserve type and professional that couldn’t have anyone this chance to get this much close.

Still she wonder what is it with Mr.khurana , that she crossed those all lines with him .

Her thoughts broke with the break to the car. She looked out of window to see they had reached at her mansion.

Again she was reluctant to go away from him , Maan could clearly see her reluctant the way she was making futile attempt to open the door .


He bend forward coming near her , she turn her face towards the door while his breaths fall on her soft cheeks ,he unclasped the lock all the while looking at her red face.

Before pulling back he give her a kiss on her cheek making her smile sweetly and she got down .

He didn’t got down nor looked at her again in fear that he wouldn’t able to make it to his own Mansion if he even gave her a one glance .

Geet was waiting for his one glance , she thought he will got down to bid her bye .

But she was left shock and heartbroken as soon as she saw him speeding up the car on the lonely road.

She don’t know why she was so upset with it , without thinking much of her broken heart she rushed inside .


Maan broke all things in his gym , working out furiously thinking about her sad face which he had a glimpse in the rear view mirror .

He was furious because he himself not wanted to leave her, why those wild urges..he knew it’s only his wild attraction bit then why this much restlessness seeing her sad face..seeing her tears ..

Reminding that again flashes those moments in his mind..followed that why she was crying on the first place, then comes in mind that guy..

His anger increased multiple rendering about Rohit.

He just wanna killed him.

Just his phone rang showing Dadima’s no. And it helps him to forgot about other things and his anger.


PRECAP :- DATE….smiley27smiley27


Again it went too long, can’t cut short maneet moments which I never wanted my self..smiley37  I want to include each passionate moments and romance here without any limit..

Hope you guys are fine with it..offcourse you will be after all you are just as crazy for them as me..

Don’t you..smiley2smiley2

14 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 15

  1. Superb one

    her sweet,simple confession make him at peace,he is happy to hear it,it makes him calm

    Rohit gets really a blow from him

    She is all the time worried for him,as there r cameras

    Then their moments

    Ohh she is sad that he doesn’t tell her bye

    Loving it, waiting for more

    Liked by 2 people

    Don’t cut it short, as you are too good to draw the pictures of their togetherness with your words 👌
    MAAN is too angry with Rohit.I’m scared whether he is going to bear with it.
    The most fascinating thing is that they’re feeling attracted to each other but yet to realise their true feelings for each other.
    Waiting for the romantic date😍

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  3. Yes dear we are mad and crazy for their hot chemistry ever just loved the update geet is in btw both man’s hope this Rohit stays out of it before he regrets y can’t that fellow see their love…if he mess again don’t know what maan will do him the way geet answerd Rohit by defending maan loved it ❤😘😘 continue dear

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  4. Part 15

    thanks for the pm!

    dynamic update! well written!

    can understand Maan’s anger!!! liked Geet’s reply to Rohit!

    fabulous Maaneet moments!

    Maan did not want to leave her! ahh Geet sad that he just leave without saying anything!

    hope Maan realises his feelings soon!

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  5. Wonderful update. Maan and his anger. Rohit would have died in hands of maan, if geet wouldn’t have stopped maan. Seeing rohit stopping geet he became more angry and asked geet why he stopped her and when geet tells him that she told him that she is fine by going with maan. He is at peace. I just love this demanding passionate maan and loved their romantic moments together. Can never get enough of them and always want to see more😜 maan drops geet and doesn’t wait to say goodbye because he doesn’t trust himself around her but geet gets disappointed and maan sees that and vends out his anger in his gym. Still not clear about his feelings for geet. Eagerly waiting to see what will happen next in their very first date😆😜

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  6. Loved maaneet moments.. I wonder why maan is considering it just an attraction.. Hope he comes to know of his feelings soon.. I was waiting for the precap scene.. But u postponed it 🙁

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    1. Thank you 😊
      😁😁 Precap scene is in next few updates..I guess..you have completed reading it till now..😁
      Thanks for comment 😊


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