Part 14


Geet couldn’t believe yet what just happened ? How could that be ? She thought restless with the same thing.

Geet ..

She heard his voice just behind her calling her and not soon enough there was sound of closing of the door.

She turn around angrily giving him accusing looks , stood still waiting for him to approach her.

I am sorry..

He whispered near her ears standing so closed to her, her anger vanished at instant while her heartbeats raise manically.


His hot breath tease her senses , her hands went on his shoulder pressing it firmly while Maan looked at her getting lost in him with her eyes drooping .

But next moment Geet pushed him angrily glaring at him and turn to go but Maan pulled her back in his arms harshly .

Ouch.. she wince slightly frowning at him angrily.

I asked sorry from you..he mutter furiously caging her in his arms from behind pinning her hand back .

Leave me.. Maan..she moan in pain.

He was furiously looking at her but seeing pain in her eyes and hearing her painful voice he left her instantly.

She was rubbing the area painfully pouting her lips.

He quickly fetch antiseptic tube from dressing table and come near holding her wrist softly in his hands.

Geet didn’t struggle this time seeing his concern ,her heart flutter madly feeling his soft breath as he was blowing on her wound softly.

Tear drop fallen on his hand and he looked up to see her crying silently.



His heart twitch in pain seeing her hurtful face.

What happened ,darling?

He cupped her one cheek dearly wiping her tears and she threw herself in his arms which she was longing from yesterday.

Geet..he was startle with her sudden outburst as she weep silently on his shoulder.

Where were you…yesterday.. she whispered on his shoulder crushing him in her soft arms.


His hold tighten on her understanding where she was referring to, his anger increased multiple on Rohit. How dare that guy ? That incident must have shaken her but it seems she didn’t confront with anyone apart from me now , that thing make him happy though.

He parted her softly and looked at her tear stricken face now , it has became red with her crying.


He kissed her forehead then her both eyes one by one, Geet was feeling goosebumps with his sensuous touches , she hold him closed , while his hands were holding her waist firmly ,his hold was Possessive on her.

Next he kissed her both cheeks lovingly making her blushed furiously,she felt shiver in her whole body .

Maan.. soft moan escaped from her beautiful lips taking his attention towards it.

He rubbed his thumb on her soft lips furiously wiping off her lip gloss but in actual wiping off that Rohit’s touch from her lips.

Geet opened her eyes which she had closed lost in his arms.

Maan..she moan again this time feeling pain with his roughness and saw him burning in pure rage.

She clutch his shirt in her soft fist wincing in pain slightly and tried to stop him.



But next moment he shut her by locking his lips with her. She gasp feeling bliss with just his lip lock. Her hands rolled back on his body pulling him more close.

He almost tilted her head back kissing her deep and wildly. Geet was breathless at the end she punch him softly to let her go but he was so lost in his own passion and fury .

She pushed him hard and he come to his senses, he instantly left her .

Geet cough badly inhaling sharp breaths .

He curse himself for making her condition like that in his anger.

He took her in his arms suddenly making her startle again with his move.

Maan.. put me down..what are you doing. She tried holding him from his nape . It was almost half an hour now they are here in her private room.

But he didn’t utter any word instead he sat himself on the couch placed there keeping her on his lap.

Maan..it’s late.. we must leave..

She tried again  but he was not ready to leave her today , it’s been only one day away from her and he missed her terribly.

Geet felt next moment his hands going inside her top feeling her soft skin.

She hold his hands not letting him to move further.

He jerk her closer harshly not liking her denial and dip her face in her neck kissing her crazily.

Maannn.. she moan out clutching his back of hairs in her fist.

Plz.. Maan.. she whispered trying to pushed him away.

Maan was turning mad with her constant denial that he pulled down her top harshly baring her upper part that was clad with her lacy b** .

Geet got up instantly seeing him lost . She couldn’t let him move further knowing there limits.

It was not good.. her mind warned her as she tried to take her top but he quickly take hold of it giving her his devilish smirk.

Her heart flutter in joy seeing his playful side only with her. She crossed her arms on her half bare chest seeing his passionate gaze .


She whispered only to be heard for him.

What darling..?? He teased her taking steps further towards her like a true predictor while Geet, her heartbeats raise with his each steps

Maan.plz.. don’t.she take few steps back , at the end banging her back on the huge mirror behind.

She stick to it while Maan placed his both hands on either side of her on the mirror behind there by caging her between mirror and him.

You can get your thing back on one condition. He whispered huskily burying his face in her neck , he left hard smooch there.

Geet just closed her eyes shut feeling the intensity of his touch. Her chest move up and down making her look even more sensuous.

His eyes got hook on the heavenly sight before him as he pinned her both hands on the mirror behind sticking his own body length on her fragile own.

Maannn.. she moaned only to ignite his desires further .

He press himself more on to her her chest crushed hard on his own making him groan in desires.

Never before he felt this burning passion or this feel to make her his ..as his body becomes hard in desires there by giving her hint of his hardness that poke below on her pants.

She shiver with the effect , her mind alarmed as next moment she felt his both palms cupping her assets making her insane with his raw passion.

His head was still dipped in her chest nipping her soft skin making the area wet and red with his assault.

Next moment she hold his hairs in her small fist before pulling him apart.

Maan jerk her in his arms holding her soft waist.

Which condition..she whispered lost in his passionate touches, as he continued to feel her bar body by roaming his hands here and there on her bare parts.

 A date with you. He whispered back , his breath tingle her senses, as he lick her lips intending to kissed her again.

But she pushed him apart taking hold of her shirt again but he pushed it back along with her that she landed back in his arms , her hairs fall on both of them.

He slide it back ,his fingers tingle down on behind her ears, going down on her neck , giving her goosebumps , she tilted her head to give him more access,

He smirk seeing her again lost, it gave him courage to go further and his hands rolled down shamelessly on her chest feeling her softness.

Geet tried to take control on her loosing senses..

Next moment she just hugged him to make him calm as well as herself.

Hx19Q (1)

She knew he was still keeping that thing in his mind which Rohit tried to do with her, that’s why this eagerness in his each act and touches..she somehow feel it.

Maan hugged her back as a reflex trying to feel her more, his hands roam on her bare back furiously .

I am ready to come with you..she softly tell him feeling his wet kisses on her neck .

Hearing her , he parted and left her though reluctantly. But he is happy for the upcoming evening he is getting with his dream girl.

Maybe further night..he smirk with the thought and saw her ready to go out now.

He peck her forehead again before rushing out from the back door of her room.

Geet smiled looking at his back and went out as well with front door .

But as soon as she went out she came face to face with Rohit.

She clinch her fist tight to control her anger, Geet turn her face away from him not in a mood to see his face .

Itni narraz ho muzse?



Rohit asked , her turning away like this hurt him deep.

Geet without speaking anything tried to go from there but he hold her wrist from behind.

Rohit plz lea…she just turn back and her words remain in her mouth as her eyes widen in shock .

to be continued..

Precap :- knife & target is…..????

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14 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 14

  1. Another awsm update
    The precap is lit,wt is in store for us

    Loved the update

    Poor she ,how will she handle him,looking forward to their date,wt is he planning for her

    Their moments r 🔥

    Always some suspense is there in this ur story,it gets hooked readers

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wowww this part was passionate filled with possessiveness….loved the way maan calmed down her anger and asked for date…u depicted their emotions with beautiful gifs…I so loved them…now why was geet shocked turning back did Rohit did something stupid or maan is back…the precap makes me curious do continue dear ❤😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Superb update dearie. Is Rohit the villain? What did Geet see that her words froze? Loved Maaneet’s moments of love and passion…The way he was asking forgiveness and loving her at the same time..and asking for a date with his Geet:):) He realised how badly Geet needed him when the nasty incident took place…Love them so much:):):)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lovely update.
    Thank god maa trust on her.
    Like maaneets romantic moments.
    But this rohit !
    I dont like…
    Dont know , what will he do with her ?
    Very excited to read about their date.
    Update soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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