Rim jhim rim jhim
Rum jhum rum jhum
Bheegi bheegi rut mein
In the season of rains
Tum hum, hum tum
You and I, I and you

Maan walked near her standing behind her , watching the pouring rain silently.there was only sound of rain coming nothing else, as it was late night .Maan heard the song playing somewhere far in mid voice .

Baadal ki chadarein odhe hai vaadiyan
Sheets of clouds have wrapped the valleys
Saari dishayein soyi hai
The whole world is sleeping
Sapno ke gaaon mein,
bheegi si chaanv mein
In the damp shades of the village of dreams
Do aatmayein khoyi hai
Two souls are lost

he watched her feeling the rain drops on her palms catching it as she stretch her hand out of window .


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He smile seeing her happy , knowing she can’t go out in the rain in this condition she never complaint but enjoyed the small moment of there togetherness .
he was overwhelmed with her unconditional love for him or there unborn child. she is pure at heart , he continued to stare at her without disturbing her moment.
Maan..aayiye na..she called him sweetly turning to face him but again after giving him call turn her attention back to her favorites rain.
the song which was playing before and started other one soon.. as he decrease the distance between them , his hands wrap around her petite form securely while one hand stretch out snaking her one feeling the rain drops with her.

Badal yoon garajta hai
The clouds thunders in such a way that
Dar kuch aisa lagta hai
I feel scared

yeh humara manpasand gana hai.. she blurted out of no where and all of sudden threw some water on his face giggling along seeing his shock face.
Maan didn’t get what she meant when he heard the song again and smiled at her childish behavior. she was totally in playing mood , he took her sari corner in his hands and wiped his face with that looking at her teasingly , Geet blushed furiously seeing his teasing gaze.when all of a sudden both heard loud grumbling sound of clouds making her damn scared.
she frighten and at instant turn in his arms hugging him tight.

Badal yoon garajta hai
The clouds thunders in such a way that
Dar kuch aisa lagta hai
I feel scared

Maan wrap his arms around her holding her securely in his arms.
she just closed her eyes tight next hearing  that loud sound which skip her heartbeat. and next moment there was huge lightning in the sky making her snuggle closer in his arms.


Chamak chamak ke lapak ke
It will shine and strike
Yeh bijli hum pe gir jayegi
This lightning will fall on us

Maan..Hume bahot..dar lag Raha hai..she told hiding herself in his chest, Her voice so soft and low making him hard just with her touch .


Maan heard the song lines and chuckle with the same situation they are in now.he hugged her more tightly , loving her each antics , for sometime before only she was enjoying the rain and now getting scared like a small puppy .
Geet..let’s have’s already too late. he walked her near the table and both sat down to have it.
before both could start lights went off making her condition worse.
Maan..she was damn scare now, she cradle closed to him and grasp his hand in her own getting it.
it’s alright Sweetheart.. lights will be back , you relax. he took her in his arms , she snuggle closer almost coming on his lap.
Hume dar lagta hai maan. she clutch his shirt in her fist resting her head-on his chest.
I am’s ok..he tried to calm her down, she again turn hyper, ready to cry out..he patted her head lovingly but she at last cried which he couldn’t bear.

Geet..plz don’t..he cupped her face lovingly wiping off her tears , and next moment kissed her passionately in a intention to make her forgot her fears and it happen as she hold him from his nape kissing him back hungrily. he was loosing it as he careers his palms on her bare waist area making her snuggle closer in his warmth.
her stomach grumble in a food need and both parted breathing heavily.
Geet was red with shyness , she hide her face in his chest through it was dark still.
Maan wanted to go out or asked from servants about the light problem but he couldn’t take a risk of it knowing Geet needs him now and if Rajmata got to now it she will make her life hell.
He fetch out his cell and switch on the battery , Geet left a sigh of relief , she got up from his lap and fetch some candles in a room.
getting it she lighten the whole room with it feeling satisfied with her arrangements she looked at him only to see him adoring her seating on the bed.
Maan watched her doing her work while she was glowing more in the lights of candles, he thought.
both walked towards each other from either side and once reaching near Maan lift her lovingly in his arms making her heart flutter crazily with his gesture.

he kept looking at her face all the while as he sat on the bed edge taking her on his lap like a baby.
Geet blushed but loving each moment with him , she snuggle in his warmth feeling cold , he started to feed her lovingly while Geet fed him back blushing half of the time seeing his passionate gaze on her face.
clouds were grumbling loudly making her scared a bit and she hold him closed hugging him tight.

Yeh deewani shaam,
yeh toofani shaam
This passionate and stormy evening

Aag barasti hai saawan mein pani ka hai naam
Is starting a fire in the rains

Sweetheart..he whispered feeling her breaths on his neck making him hard, he hold her tight and started to shower her nape and neck line with his hungry kisses.
Maan..she moaned with his passion,he pulled apart for a while , she was reluctant though but left him, he come back taking her medicines in his hands.
Geet made a face seeing it , but his one glare was enough for her to gulp it down.she make a yukky face with bitter medicines and looked at him pouting her face like a small child.
kya hua.. he chuckle standing before her .
Sara taste bigad’s so bitter..she whine turning her face away from him angrily.
Maan smirk before going near her, Geet turn towards him only to see him towering on her , her eyes widen to think what he is gonna do next.

Bas kuch bhi ho sakta hai
Anything can happen
Arre bas kuch bhi ho sakta hai
Anything can happen
Dar kuch aisa lagta hai
I feel scared

before she knew he hold her both hands in his own pressing it on the mattress below on other side of her head and he lower down himself on her , there faces come closer to each other.

GHSP 221_0254

Maan..she breathed hard in his aroma and next moment he capture those complaining lips in his own ,kissing her sweetly, he was slow and passionate making her dizzy, he was sucking her lips like sweet candy as if wiping off the bitter taste from her mouth, his tongue entered inside enjoying her sweet bitter taste of her mouth, Geet was on fire , she struggle in his hold to let go her hands and he oblige not torturing her further, she instantly hold him back , roaming her both palms on his back sensuously ,


she kissed him back giving him more access if her mouth.her hands went down on his shirt buttons and she tore it feeling his front tone body under her soft palms, Maan increased the pressure on her list feeling her sweet touch , he felt bliss just with her small touch of authority on his body.
he left her after a while finding her breathless.her chest heave up and down , eyes closed ,curls messy spears on the bed, few tendrils were on her forehead teasing her, lips swollen with his passion, face was red , all in all she was looking damn sexy.
Maan thought checking her out , he unwrap her sari from her body leaving her only in her blouse and skirt.
Geet blushed furiously and her hands on its own accord reach to his vest , she hesitated for a while feeling shy

Tauba husn-e-yaar badle rang hazaar

My beloved beauty is changing colors

Sharm kabhi aati hai aur kabhi aata hai pyar
At times I feel shy and at times I love you

Maan hold her retreating hands looking at her shy face.
you have all rights on me , Sweetheart are my would be don’t feel shy or even hesitate, Geet.
he told her pulling her closer and he himself pulled out his vest baring himself to her.
Geet was mesmerized as always with the view of his tone body.she softly caressed his abs and chest lost in him but her innocent touches burn the fire inside him.
and he jerk her closer thereby pulling her out of her lost state.
Geet blushed seeing his burning eyes which were only oozing passion and love for her, she got up and went towards the open window to closed it as wind was blowing continuously making loud sound of window panes .
Geet looked at heavy rain lost for a moment when felt him behind her , she couldn’t stop blushing with just his closeness


Maan come closed behind her back sticking his body length to her, her breaths turn hyper, feeling his hands snaking on her waist coming front of her, he pulled the window doors closed with his both hands from behind her and shut it .

his face dipped in his curls smelling her, he pushed her all hairs on her front sticking her on the glass at front , raindrops were cascading down on the window pane making the atmosphere more sensuous and romantic that both couldn’t stop today from loving each other .

Dekhen kaun theharta hai
Let’s see who stops
Arre dekhen kaun theharta hai
Let’s see who stops
Dar kuch aisa lagta hai
I feel scared

Chamak chamak ke lapak ke
It will shine and strike
Yeh bijli hum pe gir jayegi
This lightning will fall on us

He started to shower wet and demanding kisses on her bare back not putting much pressure on her body, Geet could just writhl under him feeling his wet kisses.he opened the dori of her blouse on her back with his teeth giving her goosebumps her small nails scratch down on the glass making small sound.
she turn around feeling her dori opening , he pinned her behind in the glass as soon as she turn and attack her bare front with his wet kisses.


he nipped her soft skin.he pushed down her blouse from the shoulder but it was having hooks on her front which irritated him to the core. he wanted to feel her desperately, it’s been really long ..he thought opening her hooks one by one.
Geet all the while stood at his mercy doing nothing but closing her eyes and enjoying the moment .
he pulled out her blouse from her arms making her gasp. but she was as if drugged didn’t shy but live his authority on her.
Maan was gaping  her assets shamelessly which were bounded in her red lacy *** making her look even more sexy. it was hiding nothing but the sight was looking more gorgeous he thought shamelessly pinching her one ni**** on her cloth.
Geet started to shiver in cold that she opened her dizzy eyes and threw herself in his arms feeling cozy in his warmth.
Maan just then realized what he was doing when she is in fragile condition.
he felt her body has become so cold. he hugged her tight worried for her now , he lift her delicate body in his arms and went towards bed.

Geet was shivering now , her teeth almost clutter together making him scared for her health now.
Sweetheart.. his voice was mere whispered coated with his worry for her as he kept her down on the bed , she was not ready to leave him feeling cold and fetching his warmth.
Maan.. don’t leave me..plz.. she whispered in half conscious .
I won’t sweetheart.. I promise. he peck her head lovingly assuring her he comb back her hairs caressing her cheeks while she smile pulling him close , he willingly slept next to her taking her Shivering body in his arms and wrap the blanket on both them.
Maan… he heard her soft voice and looked at her , she was sleeping snuggling in his arms taking the warmth of his body.

he smile lovingly gazing her face ,  he kept on rubbed her bare arms trying to warm it.
while on the other side it was hard for him feeling her assets crushing on his side of chest making him hard.
he crushed her soft body in his arms caressing her whole body madly to quench his thirst.
after a while both slept off …

Precap :-

Raat baki…
aur morning bhi baki..


off course for romance Image result for romance emoji gif Image result for fire emoji gif

or something else. ???Image result for devil emoji gif

finally updated.. it was electricity problem… network problem.. so low data.. i was trying to update it from last 5 days.. can you believe guys.. last 5 days..?? ? smiley3

now i expect lots of comments and likes from you because i didn’t either made it pwd protected for you.. .. smiley14

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  1. It is full of them,their moments
    When he is there,she has nothing to worry
    Awsm update
    This update is full of their togetherness and happiness

    Is there any trouble in the way

    Hoping kuch bi ho,they can be able to fight against the hurdles together
    Always he is there for her sweetheart and baby naa

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  2. Superb update dear…
    And very romantic.
    Maan was carving for geet . But he realized her situation….
    He is taking care of geet…
    Precap is superb… with
    Lots of shades
    update soon dear

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  4. how d devils u the writers are when its coming to the twist 😜😉😊………so i guess romance with something else…….will waiting fr dat twist also………..

    romantic update……………

    loved it……….

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  5. Such a beautiful update filled with purely Maaneet & their love for each other:):):) I love the way Maan is truly taking care of Geet in all ways possible…From her food to sleep to her fears and insecurities:):):) I am eagerly waiting for them to get married:):):)

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