Part 7


As he opened her strings she came back to her senses .her eyes widen in shock..what she is doing in his arms..she shiver realizing there position as his hands ran all over her bare back.she moan out loud again his name..
He grasp her more closer in his arms if that possible as his fingers print on her fragile skin and she hissed in pleasure and pain.

Hume chodiye..she suddenly started to struggle in his strong grip getting scare  of all the situation she had landed herself.

Her face reflected her trouble that he leave her at instant.

Ouchh. .her foot pained and his gaze landed on it to see its bleeding again..

He at once take her in his arms despite her fragile attempts to go out of his hold.

How did this happened. It’s the same wound from yesterday isn’t it Geetanjali? 


He asked, his gaze piercing through her soul as if .she diverted her teary eyes from his face.he continued to stared at her face along with doing her dressing.

She looked all disturb maybe with there closeness they shared just now..maan felt the bliss ran through his whole just reminding her closeness. 

He looked at her to see her lost somewhere her eyes getting droopy. 

You should sleep now..we will meet tomorrow. .saying so he rushed outside not before covering her with blanket. 

Arey..suniye..she try to called him but he was long gone.

Humne toh unhe thanks bhi nahi kaha aur unhe humare pasand ke bare main kaise bata chala ? She looked confused but the thought itself fill her with happiness .her cheeks burn red remembering there moments but was it right… was not..hai na..? She asked herself but to this question answer didn’t came from her inside instead her whole body started to ached to feel his touch again..

Ji bilkul bhi nahi …hume lagta hai hume ab so jana chahiye. She clutch the blanket closed to her neck but that was not helping .she felt his gaze roaming on her body..her stomach and as a reflex she arched it inside feeling so new feelings inside her she started to smile on own reaction. .

Hume kuchh ajeebsa lag raha hai…she concluded hiding herself completely in her blanket in hot summer .


Maan stood under the shower for a long time thinking about the Queen who seems not the Queen anymore to him..she is mysterious women though not still.he frustratingly bang his both palms on the wet wall of the bathroom.

He remembered that how she was melting in his arms, his passion. His desires were burning like hell..he want her more but he stopped that time on seeing her wriggling which was right time he thought. .because he himself want to take this slowly not making her hurt in anyway..

He has to know more about his women ..he smirk on his own sentence. Yes he don’t know anything about her apart from that her’s been just a one day and she is making him crazy but the main fact is  she has became his desire. .his possession just in a one day..


Rani ji..hume maaf kar dijiye ke hum aapke khane ka intzam nahi kar sake ..the maid said out being guilty for yesterday where Rani had to remain hungry whole day.

Geet didn’t said anything  as she remember her yesterday night with Mr.Khurana. .small shed of pink appear on her cheeks. 

Are ha hum toh aapko batana hi bhul gaye ke kal raat ko toh aapne khane se inkar kiya.. (i forgot to tell you that you denied yesterday to take your dinner) on that geet glared at her from the mirror. The maid silent for a while but geet thought that she wanted to told her something.

Ji kahiye aap kya kahna chahti hai ? Geet asked from her being little bite suspicious about her further information. 

Ji..aap ne kal khane se mana kar diya par there was veg management for you to dine..

That sentence of the maid left Geetanjali shock for a while.she gasp and stand from the chair being so frustrated and wanted to hear full. .what she have to say..

to be continued. .

Will Geetanjali come to know the whole truth…?

And what is the whole truth. .?

Will they able to meet  again alone..?


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