Uski aankhe kuch ajeebsa dard de gayi 
Uske labo ki wo hasi ek sukunsa dil  me bhar gayi..
(Her Hazel eyes left that weird pain on my heart 
& that smile of her Petal lips fill that satisfaction in my heart)
-written by me onlyEmbarrassed
He looked at her beautiful face as he continued to walk towards her room .taking her in his arms it’s nothing but the most beautiful feeling he felt in this world.
Her eyes that laid half open star at him continuously still wondering on the fact of what is she doing in his arms..he being a stranger to her does she is letting him to lead the way towards her room.
Suddenly he rushed behind one of the pillar as they came across the corridor. 
Aah..she wince slightly getting crushed in between his chest and the wall.
Oups sorry. .he murmur as he continued to look from behind that pillar where they were hiding.
While she continued to stared at his each features. .being this closed with the man apart from her husband it’s something new for her..
As he turn his attention back at her he saw staring him continuously and he did like that.
Something interesting?  He asked in his husky voice giving her waves of she diverted her eyes from him going embarrass. 
Nothing..she murmur softly as her hands rubbed on his nape clutching him tightly..
Can you please put me down now ? She asked from still her face was turn away from him.
Nahi Rani ji’s not the right time now..he smirk seeing her red face.something he like it very much..
Ji..Aap hume ..but before she complete her words he pulled her closer again in making her gasp at his behavior. 
I can call you whatever I wish ..I CAN..he press his demand firmly seems serious now that her eyes remain wide open hearing him. 
He looked that there was no one now.she and he make his way fast towards her room.
Ouch..she moan out in pain as her foot slightly bang on the bed.
It’s not fine yet ? He asked making her seat on the bed.
She didn’t answer but her nostrills fill up with the smell of her interest. Her tummy grumble loudly in hunger making him chuckle.
Hasiye aur Hasiye. .aap toh khud ka stomach fill karke Aaye hai na.. humari kisko chinta ho rahi hai ? Hum khaye bhi ya bhuke pet rahe..her voice turn heavy as she remember from the morning no one come for asking her dinner. Few tears rolled down on her cheeks and his fingers touch her wet cheeks to wipe them ..feeling the warmth in his gesture her eyes well up before she broke in sobs. 
Geetanjali ..pls don’t cry.
he cup her face but that gesture was enough for her to get that needed shoulder to cried her heart out which she long from the time of her marriage happened. 
She hugged him tightly crying her heart out while he was so shock with the turn of events didn’t get what should he do or console her..knowing nothing about’s been just one day he had come here and met her.but that pull was so strong to come into her bedroom and now…?
His hands went on her body wrapping her in his protective arms as it’s became unbearable for him to hear her crying.
Aren’t you hungry now ? He said after a while pulling her out of there hug .
She nodded wiping her nose making him smile at her cuteness. 
Par hum woh..before she spoke he added making her surprise. 
Nonveg nahi khati ho .he offer her a glass of water. 
And she sip silently wondering on the smell in her room.
Let me..he stand up and went beside the table to get her plate of food.
Your favorite dish..aren’t it Rani ? He asked unwrapping the parathas before her.
And her eyes widen in happiness and she grab it like a child and started to stuff inside her mouth forgetting him for the while.
He looked at his women in wonder .her style of eating..and her choice of food.her way if eating is not in any way looking like Royal . .but her looks had that charm he added in his mind as he continued to stared her beauty.seems she us so hungry.he thought seating before her on the bed.
Why aren’t you eating ? Take something she said after sometime seeing him but she continued to fill her tummy much to his amazement. 
He cross his hands on his chest and continue to gaze her each gesture.while she finished up whole plate he saw that little curry left over on her corner of lips.
His hands went on her lips and her whole shiver with his touch.she look at him .her eyes turn dizzy as he rubbed his finger sensuously on her petals wiping that Curry away his thumb stuck inside her lips and she suck the curry from it sending current down his body.
How do you manage with your figure Geetanjali?  He asked out of blue making her come back from her lost senses.
Ji..? Aapne kuch kaha .she try to stabilized her self as she wipe her hands with napkin.
I asked how do you managed with your figure  ? As his question came across her whole burn in shyness. She turn red as she saw his gaze roaming on her bare stomach as reflex her hands wrap the saree on it much to his disappointment. 
He shamelessly kept glue his gaze on her stomach behind her see through saree material. 
She turn vulnerable didn’t get what to do suddenly stand up from the bed.
Aren’t you going to sleep tonight?  She asked turning hyper with his gaze.
No..I Am in mood to do  something else,  he husk coming from behind her as his breath touch her bare nape area sending shivers to her.she clutch her saree pallu tightly,  her breath stop for a moment. 
It’s should. .
Why are you pushing me out after your stomach is fill now ..Maan said naughtily pinching on her belly as his hands went inside her saree pallu.
She wince back slightly but his hands didn’t goes away instead he kept them as it is on her bare tummy.he rubbed there sensuously making her breaths go hyper.she didn’t get what is happening with her.her eyes lids became droopy. It’s first time she felt man touch so close on her body..the new feeling raise inside her .her chest started to move up and down. Her throat became dry .she clutch his hands tightly on her stomach pressing them more onto her bare’s gave her unsatisfied pleasure she cant able to named it.
Maan on the other hand observe her each gesture and something in him told him he is going on the right path..but something was still there which he have to know.thinking this he press more onto her bare waist and she moan out loudly. .
MAAN..that words seems so magical and new for him they came from her beautiful mouth .in the desire to heard that more he rubbed on her more sensuously that she moan out again his name giving his heart that unknown satisfaction .
He turn her towards himself caging her in his arms that she hugged onto him tightly whereas his hands went behind her bare back.he started to caressed her while back passionately going lost in her femininity that his hands soon reach her Dori of blouse and he pulled that string opened …

8 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 6

  1. Woww this part was so romantic…the way he carried her secretly was lovely..her favorite dishes made her tummy full..the way he takes care of her need…her cute complaint…was superb..the passion was on peak..but you pulled it doesn’t by stopping it…love the way you carry the story…do continue dear 😘❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maan’s actions now towards Geet is concern and yet at the same time
    he is very curious
    but his attraction towards her makes him possessive too
    Maan has brought Geet’s favorite food at least he cared that much to ensure she eats something
    Maan getting closer to Geet and he sees his touch does effect her
    and he wants to hear more from her his name

    Liked by 1 person

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