He looked at her wondering what happened to her suddenly. .his expressions that somewhat worried. And soon enough she rushed outside to omit. .his gaze travel back to the King and Rajmata who seems to much more angry looking at her direction. His hands fist on the spoon he was holding almost braking it.

As she came back almost tired , the King got up angrily, marching to her.


Maan , he was ready to stand from his seat that’s when he heard Samrat’s next words.

Arhhh..I Am so sorry Mr.Khurana on behalf of My wife..for..but before he continued maan broke through his conversation gesturing through his hand.

It’s alright..Mr. Ranavat .it’s unintentional. .he throw the words controlling his rage.

Are you fine Ra…arhm…Mrs.Ranavat.he spoke more out of concern for his women.his words that were so soft opposite to his first lines..that hit her heart as she looked up at him.there was that respect fill up in her eyes as she Blink her lashes to control it.she just nodded silently.


Hum. ..I want to go to room..she said out meekly under the spitting gaze of Rajmata.

He kept on looking her way till the time she goes vanished from his sight.

Queen maybe tired or something else..? Maan Asked out intentionally hoping to get his answers. is..nothing else..Samrat said casually continue to eat his lunch neglecting the fact that his dear wife is hungry.

Unhe toh mansahari pasand nahi. (She don’t like to eat non-veg ) as soon as the words left from maid mouth the due darted one angry glare that she rushed from there.

But it was enough for maan to get his needed info.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani - Episode 14 Watch Full Episode Online (HD) for Free

It’s our Royal food.she has to be used to it. Rajmata added finally in her own Royal voice.

The lunch got over with maan all the time trying to concentrate on the King’s word though back of his mind there was Geetanjali.

Mr.Khurana shall we proceed for The SHEESHMAHAL today.

Maan have nothing to decline to this so he accepted his wish.

Both of them started there journey to SHEESHMAHAL.


Subpost 5 - _heart_eyes__heart_eyes__heart_eyes__heart_eyes_ - nandini - silsilabadalterishtonka - drashtidhami @dhamidrash

She continued to weep angry on her so called family to keep her hungry.

It was late evening still she didn’t eaten anything and the reason being that nonveg. They know well she is vegetarian can’t even touch nonveg still they can’t arrange a proper food for her.instead they are insisting her to get habitual of that Royal food.

She yet again tore one of pillow and buried her face in her puffy bed.

No one came to her room to monafy her or at least made her eat something nor her husband whom she desired the most.she is that dumb to expect anything from his side when he always supported with Rajmata.

It turn dark night.the maid came to called her for dinner when she was sleeping empty stomach.

Yeh kya Rani ji..hume sab saaf karna hoga.maid utter in worry.

Ji bilkul bhi nahi..aap haath bhi nahi Lagayegi kisi cheez ko.

But..RANI. .

Didn’t you heard what I have said ? Go from here.

Your dinner. .

I not going to come downstairs for any just go from here..yet again she blasted her anger on maid and maid just rushed from there worried for her Queen.


It was late night that she went in the garden to get some peace there atleast.

- Repost from @santosh_makeupartist - nandini - silsilabadalterishtonka - drashtidh

She was damn hungry but whom to said before sometime she is the one who decline that but what was the guaranty that dinner was vegetarian only.

She pouted sadly looking at the moon shining bright in dark night.

There was no one in the garden side, all security was on other side of the Palace as per her was the only best thing the King had done for her giving her privacy. He himself had never interval in her place. She sigh in peace as cold wind touch her cheeks making her smile a bite.

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi - Ep. 123 - Geet does not reveal Dev_s name ( 720 X 1280 )_1363

She sat near the small pond there looking at her reflection. Her hairs were blowing in soft air .her pallu kept laying on the grass below .

That’s when all of sudden someone came from behind and she saw his reflection floating in the water.


Her body freeze as the reflex .as she remember his furious kiss yesterday, her body shiver as cold wind blown passed her.she continued to stared at his amazing persona.

As soon as he caught her gaze she diverted it downwards again.

Aap yaha kya kar rahe hai ? You must be sleeping right now.she added standing up from her place.

I would  like to asked you the same question Geetanjali. His voice that husky that made her turn around and met his intense gaze that hold her captivate for a moment.

You are hungry, aren’t you ? That question from him made her come out of her lost state.

Ji..?she asked not sure what did he said.

Let’s come with me.he simply said her holding her soft hand.

She startle looked at his hold so did he.but he never mind .he can not hide anything from her atleast.

He tug at her hand again hoping her to come with him but she stand still letting him knows her unwillingness.

He looked at her intently before he pulled her harshly towards himself that she bang on his chest.


Ouch..what are you doing.? She hold onto him feeling dizzy all of sudden in her hunger.its been whole day she didn’t eaten anything that was making her weak already and now his action gone beyond that made her dizzy.

He can feel her body going weak in his arms.he looked at her face that was hiding in her curls.

As he slide that only to see her resting on his chest.



Geetanjali..what happened to you ? Are you fine ? He asked concerned for her caressing her head he kept on holding her protectively in his arms.

Ji..hum thik hai…Bas thoda chakkar. .she utter softly trying to make herself stable coming out of his arms.

But soon enough he take her in his arms and made his way towards her room as per his yesterday experience.



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  1. Awwwwww 😍😍😍 the way maan cared for geet was so beautiful I loved each and every scene..maan was so stubborn just adore him..hate this rajamata.. I m sure maan will make geet have her food… waiting for the update do continue 😘😍❤

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  2. MAAN is always the best when it comes to take care of his beloved.But awww!the sequence I liked the most was when GEETANJALI was sitting by the waterside and the shadow of MAAN falls there in the water. It was so charming 😘

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  3. Rajmata and Samrat are getting angry that Geet is vegetarian
    instead they were suppose to ensure that she gets the food she likes
    she is the queen yet she is been treated like an outsider
    while Maan is concerned and now he too realizes that Geet only eats veg
    I totally loved the GIF where Geet is by the pond and Maan comes to her
    Maan once again is taking Geet to her bedroom

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