Maan roar like a injured lion hearing him, how dared he.

People inside the cabin shook literally on thee seats..all stood up including Geetakshi who was terrified hearing high pitch of voice more than that his burning rage.

Maan somehow control his rage seeing everyone’s shock faces, his gaze landed on her who stood terrified seeing his anger which he didn’t liked.

Geet looked at him , she could find betrayal and pain in his hot gaze.


She silently shook her head in negative looking at him asking him silently that believe her.

MK !! Dhanraaj called him seeing his calm down now.

What  is all this going on?

Maan asked taking his seat as all members sat back again on there chairs.

His gaze was on her asking that question while she steal her gaze from him.

Dhanraaj narrated him the part he knew while Geet was getting more restless with each passing seconds hearing his each lines and reminding the incidents.

Maan was just glaring her continuously while his blood boiling to no extent .Rohit was drown in own guilt looked at her upset face and thought to break the ice , he will face the consequences but not her sadness because of him.

But before he could opened his mouth he heard MSK’s hard and tough voice.

Geetakshi !! He called her , his gaze turn soft seeing her hidden struggle as always to keep her emotions in control, but she couldn’t hide anything from him.he smirk.

Geet looked at him hearing his voice ,


Would you mind telling the truth behind all this fiasco.. he was straight and stern with his approach.

Geet felt shiver ran down her spine just with his hot gaze, she downcast her eyelashes while just shook her head in acceptance before glancing at Rohit for she knew he will become more angry if she refused to open her mouth now.

I.. yesterday..we.. she tried but fail miserably seeing all looking at her waiting for her ..

Rohit realized her state of mind , and tried to interval..


But Maan just glared at him sharply not letting him to open his mouth , Rohit gulp hard seeing his gaze. Maan show him his palm indicating him to stop and let her speak.



Geet again tried and fail miserably..while Maan lost his all patience now .

Will you now speak up..he shouted making her and everyone startle with his sudden scream , he stood up and bang his palms on the table before them making her jerk back..


Yesterday what..dammit..?? What the hell happened??

Mk..you just calm down.. take easy man , it’s normal..everyday things like this happens ..

Dhanraaj tried to make him understand while offering him glass of water.

Maan gulp it in one go closing his eyes trying to calm himself down.

When he opened his eyes again only to come in a contact with her painful Hazels which were moisten showing him pain and accusing him.


He regret the moment for yelling at her like that in public.

Geet turn away her face for she was hurt , couldn’t bear more insults that she got up from her chair and rushed out angrily.

Geet..Geet..Rohit tried to called her but she was long back gone.

Maan was only burning in rage to see Rohit .

You shouldn’t have shouted on her , Mr .Khurana. spoke Rohit only to infuriated him more.

Don’t you dare to Tell me what should I do or behave !! Maan glared at him furiously.

MK , Listen… Rohit tried to argue with him but Dhanraaj gesture him to stop .

You tell , Rohit, what had happened ?? Dhanraaj changed the topic and now Rohit was already to speak on it and take the punishment for his deed.

I just got lost in the scene and kissed her ..he clarified in small voice making everyone present there gasp in shock.

What!! I thought you both are really in relationship.. dhanraaj was the first one react.

Maan was burning like volcano ready to irrupt on him but he knew his limits now .he tighten his fist controlling his urge to smash his face.

Mr.Kapoor , you know what are you speaking ? Is it the truth ?

One of member of production house speak asking him .

Rohit just bend down his head in shame.

Yes I know what I am speaking, it’s the truth, I tried to ..

Misbehave with her finding her alone..


Maan complete his sentence , glaring him furiously.

No it’s not like that , MK..I can’t do that..it’s just in my flow of emotions..I love her.

Now that was a big hit ,Maan furiously stood up in rage hearing him .

What!! You can’t give justice to your this act. Dhanraaj spoke, he couldn’t still believe.

I am sorry .. really ashamed.. I am ready to asked her forgiveness..I had tried once but she is not ready to listen to me. Rohit clarify drowning in his own guilt.

Replace him, throw him out of this film.

Maan spoke after a while , his voice was low dangerous sending shivers to everyone.

Rohit was guilty couldn’t speak much against this decision..he could have but not after remembering her sad face, he would take it as punishment.

No..that can’t possible now , Mk.

Dhanraaj spoke disapproving his decision .

Why can’t ?? It’s my order, you can’t keep him in this movie now. Maan bang his fist on the table in front and facing him angrily.

Listen MK , already public are going mad on there chemistry just listening about that news, it should be beneficial for us , for film.

Not for me..  Geetakshi’s dignity  matters to me more than this profit..and MSK don’t need this profit when he can gain more in billions with his own business.

Maan spoke in total rage listening him.

But MK.. listen to me..his character is going to die just in few scenes..

But Maan was not ready to listen .

My decision is final Dhanraaj, just replace him .

You think it’s so easy task to done ? Dhanraaj was angry now though he know he couldn’t go against him knowing his power and wealth , he was the one who was investing money in this film . They had sign the contract as well that he had to listen to him now.

It’s easy for you, isn’t it??

Maan smirk devilishly but behind that his anger was reflecting.

Dhanraaj couldn’t looked into his eyes knowing he was also at fault while Rohit continued to looked at both there argument.

Then why don’t you replace him MK?

What the hell are you talking , Maan backfired ..

I asked you to take his place in the movie, it’s not easy to find some other actor so fast replacing him, already this film is taking so much time in other scandal.

Dhanraaj clarify furiously while Both Maan and Rohit stood dumbstruck hearing him ,

Rohit couldn’t believe , he looked at MSK.. somewhere he didn’t liked this idea , thinking about Geetakshi in mind.

While Maan couldn’t believe himself what he just heard.

Are you out of your mind..how can I ??

He shouted just then Geet return back and stood dumbstruck hearing there argument.

That’s not possible , how could he..


She will not able to control herself around him and today she was somewhat upset with him that she didn’t liked the idea.

Maan stop himself seeing her, suddenly something strike him with her presence.

Yes he have the golden opportunity, how can he missed it.

It’s his huge profit in this movie that is Geetakshi!!

He smirk devilishly while looking at her shock face.


to be continued..

Well…well…well…this was what you guys wanted to heard , wasn’t you??smiley2smiley2  It’s just started now, picture Abhi baki hai my friends smiley15

Precap :-

Maan strangle him pushing him on the wall behind.his eyes were spitting fire.

You stay away from her , or else I will kill you !!

Maan..leave him… She scream from behind..


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12 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 13

  1. BRAVO 👍

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  2. Mind-blowing one
    Really liked the update
    Story is getting better as each update passes
    Is he going to replace Rohit,
    How will she manage now,
    She is hurt as he shouted on her
    Waiting for next
    Precap is interesting
    Mee curious to know wt will happen now afterwards

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  3. Finally the truth is out for all to know!!!! Poor Geet how hurt and humiliated she felt…And Maan was so angry & rude too…It just killed her…That Rohit deserves to be thrown out ya…But Maan replacing him? Its an opportunity for him to be with Geet but would that stir up more trouble for him & her? I am worried for Geet…How she is going to handle his anger & possessiveness…The precap is very scary yaar…Excited to see what happens and how they progress:):):)

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  4. Aww.. It’s getting more interesting.. Good that rohit atleast had the courtesy to tell what exactly happened.. Geet is angry on maan.. Wonder how maan will manoyfy her..

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