Geet, her eyes widen in shock , she sat up in a moment as she got those flashbacks of blood..her name…written with his blood..

Her whole shook hard in terror, as she clutch the phone tight , she could still remembered the day when he had sent her those red roses stating it’s from your Aashiq. She had ignore back then but not soon when she glance those letters spread with his blood.

She had realized it smelling dried blood which she had thought was color.

You?? She mutter gulping her saliva in fear, her throat went dried , not sure why she was feeling this much scared from this unknown person . She was pulled back from her reverie hearing the other person’s laughing sound.

Oh …darling…..

He spoke between his melodious laugh ,

Maan ?? She was hell shock hearing him .

For a while she stay calm getting back her breath, she left a long sigh of breath making him stop and heard her.

What happened?

He was soft , worried hearing her from the other side.

She lay down back on the bed totally at ease , excited , happy on getting his call .

Umm.. she didn’t utter a word kept on listening his rag breaths.

Missing me ?? Was his next question making her smile , she blushed turning on one side.

Miss you too , Jaana..he whispered huskily sending shivers down her spine.

I didn’t said , I missed you..?? She whispered back making him upset or somewhat angry.he knew she was teasing him yet he couldn’t stop getting angry.


Alright ..bye.. saying so he was about to cut the call but she stop him at instant.

Geet was shock with his sudden bye. She didn’t liked it at all. Already she was not in a good condition , and his call was like ice on her burning heart.

I missed you… terribly.. she whispered , if that what makes him happy to hear her openly, last words tremble on her lips as she hold her cries back reminding the incidents.

His heart flutter in joy hearing her confession, she missed him too , his feelings were reciprocating , he thought happily but her last words, that trembling didn’t go unnoticed by him.

What’s the matter? His voice was serious, demanding her answer but she was totally in control to not to trouble him with her worries or hurt him in a process.

Nothing..Maan.. I am fine..she whispered gulping back the lump in her throat.


You are fine?? Really?? He was damn sure now something had definitely happened behind his back..he was frustrated because she was not ready to opened her mouth.

Geet kept her mum, just her soft breaths could be heard.

Ok..then go to sleep, you must be tired..

And her replied was at instant this time knowing he was going to cut the call.


She whispered urgently..

Plz..she again whispered turning on her back.


There was just silent on both side for a while , after sometime Geet’s heartbeats raise manically , hearing him kissing her through the phone.

She shivered , blushed with the effect..

She pushed her cell down on her cheeks , he kissed again, she troll it down on her chin and heard him kissing there through his phone.

She shivered, feeling tingling sensation in her core, her breaths turn high, throat went dried as she slip the cell more down on her neck , he continued to kissed her through his cellphone while she pushed it more down on her cleavage.

He kissed again and stop for a while hearing her so loud heartbeats, he kept back the phone on his ear hearing her heartbeats, his eyelids turn heavy making him drown in beautiful sleep ever , he was drown in the beautiful dreams of hers , there togetherness.

Geet clutch the bed sheet fighting her both palms , taking high breaths,after a while she put her cell on her ears only to heard his soft rhythmic breaths which teased her senses, tingling as if on her cheek making it go red.

She smile through her tears, how much she wished , he should be here beside her sleeping peacefully and she could adore him , admired him silently without disturbing him.

She wished to cradle him in her arms to sleep , putting his head on her lap , massaging his head.

She wanted to see him , here beside her.

She turn restless, why those urges, yearning ,she never knew , just sometime before she was so calm but he made her restless again with just his one call.


Morning was not so good for Maan as soon as he read that news , he turn on the TV only to fumed more.

Dream Girl Geetakshi & RK caught in Dreams studio sharing lip lock..

It was the scene of upcoming Movie AASHIQ.. or there is really something going on between both.

We are still not sure is it scene or it was behind the scene.

We try to get the info from the people from the studio.

They were going on and on stating each info about the scene and movie..

I don’t want to clarify anything on this , I don’t know about them if there are in relation.

He heard Dhanraj speaking to reporters , his anger was blazing high, eyes had turn red in extreme fury.


It will be really amazing thing for both of their fans if it is really true.

There chemistry is already creating fire ..

And he just threw the remote on the screen breaking it into million pieces..


Geet was surrounded with media people finding it difficult to answer there stupid questions.

She was really upset with Rohit, because of him she was stuck here in between this mess.

Just then there attention turn toward the car just entered , all rushed towards it , his bodyguards were trying to control them .

Rohit got out from the car , cameras started flashing..he rushed from there near Geetakshi .

Media follow him like a bee,

Geet glared him furiously gritting her teeth , he could only smile at her.

Her anger seems to sweet as well to him , he was falling for her madly, he concluded.

What is going on between you two??

Can you explain..??

We just got the footage of your lip lock off screen..

Is that true sir..

Mam is not ready to speak anything on this matter ..


Reporters goes on with there questions making her more frustrated , she just wanted to shout loudly on their faces, that there is nothing between both but mess has already created by RK.

She glared at him again just standing calm on her place.

It was only scene we were shooting from our upcoming movie Aashiq.

She tried once , but nothing could work when they had got such a spicy news.

But we had got the news that something is going on between you two..

Is this true..

We could clearly see it was behind the cameras.

For her misery they show her the klip of there kiss. She was devastated seeing that with her own eyes, her eyes widen became teary , she control herself quickly before people.

I told you it is just a scene nothing more..

No more questions please..

And she excuse herself from there leaving Sad Rohit behind.

He doesn’t want to go against her and corrupt her image before media and her fans ,so he let it go and excuse himself as well .

Dishearten he entered inside Dhanraj cabin where all were seating.

Rohit , take a seat . Mr.khurana on its way,

Hearing his name Geet became cold with shock , she doesn’t want to make him upset because if if .

He must be so upset ,she remembers  there last night call, his questions, she felt more miserable for hiding those things from him and he get to know like this.

Why didn’t you clarify before them , Dhanraj .she asked after a while as she remembers he didn’t make a effort to clarify that there is nothing between both but it was just scene , he could have told this to media people.

What ??

About that fiasco which I even don’t know. He asked

Geet was not sure how to answer him on this , she steal few glances on Rohit and look away really upset.

It was not her fault Dhanraj , I was just..

Rohit tried to clarify not really knew how to explain his act.

When I said there is fault of hers..you guys can be couple.

What ??

DHANRAJ !! All heard his roaring voice from the door.

to be continued..smiley15

Precap :- someone is blazing in fire🔥smiley7


And someone or all have to face it now..smiley2

Again my half of part got deleted, seriously yaar..I am fed up..typing again the same thing reminding it in my memory..smiley18

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10 thoughts on “AASHIQ PART 12

  1. Awsm update
    It’s maan who called,he gets angry when she said that she not missed him and he becomes happy when she said she missed him
    They both need each other,the way both slept peacely by hearing each other heartbeats

    Now all should face the burning terror MSK
    Rohit too loves her,wt will happend to him when MSK comes in action
    Eagerly waiting for next

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  2. Super awesome update dearie. Maan is really erupting in anger…I think now he has an idea of what was troubling Geet when he called last night…He must also be hurt that she did not tell him…be it about what happened with that crappy Rohit nor the Aashiq calls she received…I hope that Maan sorts this matter out for good and gives that Rohit a kick where it hurts most for not clarifying things and clearing Geet’s name.

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  3. OOPS 🙊 Why does the delete key does this emotional attyachar to all of us ? I was really hoping for more. It finished so early ☹️Btw it would be very nice to see our MAAN to be jealous .Angry MAAN is a sweetheart 💖

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  4. I’m getting nervous for geet… Hope maan don’t get angry on her.. Wish she had come clean with him when he asked her the problem… What will happen now 😬


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